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ztigr 5/8/2012 11:16:27 AM

Cameron always has amazing visuals, but his stories are misses sometimes.  T2 was just okay, Abyss was abysmal and Avatar was pretty good but not spectacular.  Aliens still remains my favorite of his works. The problem with fire works is after they blow out, there's nothing left.

wish 5/8/2012 11:46:42 AM

James Cameron is quite possibly the smartest man to ever get into filmaking, so whatever he does we can all be assured that it'll be great and worth paying attention to.

Tevii 5/8/2012 11:53:11 AM

"Abyss was abysmal???"

Did we see the same movie? that movie was GREAT. T2 was a fun ride but part 1 had a better story. Aliens is STILL my favorite movie of all time!

I cant wait until Avatar 2 comes out.  Cameron is a single minded person. When he sets his sights on something, its that 100%. So once he is done with avatar, I wouldnt be sruprised if he felt compelled to do something else.

Either way, he gave us a GREAT library of movies

DarthoftheDead 5/8/2012 12:09:06 PM


Thank's! I needed a good laugh.

hanso 5/8/2012 1:36:25 PM

We need you Cameron.  Hell, I need you.  I'm a mess without you.  I miss being with you, being near you.  I miss your smile, I miss your scent, your musk. When all this gets sorted out I think you and I should get an apartment together.

SarcasticCaveman 5/8/2012 2:15:42 PM

I'm usually an Avatar hater on here, so I won't comment on the article itself...would anybody get pissed if I made a couple of George Lucas jokes?

McQuestion 5/8/2012 2:21:50 PM

 I wonder what story he'll rip off this time. Another Costner flick, perhaps? Instead of Avatar: Dances With Aliens, it might be Avatar: Waterworld?

SarcasticCaveman 5/8/2012 2:25:11 PM

 LOL...nice reference there, Hanso.

SarcasticCaveman 5/8/2012 2:27:27 PM

 Tevii, I loved The Abyss when it first came out, and can occasionally watch it still...provided that it's not the awful Director's Cut...if that was what ztigr was talking about, then I have to say, I totally agree.  Director's cut of The Abyss gets almost as preachy as Dances With Smurfs.

Flyincloud 5/8/2012 2:36:45 PM

 If one of these future Avatars BOMBS, he will start taking scripts.

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