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Cameron/Cousteau Project Update

Still some time ahead before shooting starts on undersea project.

By FRank Kurtz     July 25, 2001
Source: Army Archerd/Variety

Uber action maven, James Cameron

Jean-Michel Cousteau has been talking about the current barriers that remain in his partner project with James Cameron.

While talking to Variety columnist Army Archerd, Cousteau explained that there is still work being done in advance prior to actual shooting staring on the project. The oceanographer revealed that James Cameron is currently at work testing underwater filming equipment at the sites where the Titanic and the Bismark rest. He adds, "As soon as he (Cameron) returns, we'll know the success of his high-definition cameras and technology allowing us to be submerged 6-10 hours at 1,000 meters. All my life I've been limited to average depths."

The team is looking to get all this sorted out by October so that the filming teams from ABC and Imax can come in.

Cousteau also candidly admits, "We've run into some financial difficulties."

The project has also been split to cover two areas. First, we'll all get a look at the two infamous ships sitting in their deep sea graves. Secondly, Cousteau says, "I'm not a shipwreck guy. My mission is something else: alive under the sea. The next step is to discover marine life never before seen and studied -- the giant squid, the six-gill shark, the elephant fish of New Zealand, where the spiny lobsters go -- all kinds of life we gave never seen all over the world, starting in the Atlantic and continuing in the Pacific."


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