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Campbell to play SPIDER-MAN 4 Villain?


By Rob M. Worley     September 14, 2009
Source: Various

Bruce Campbell is rumored to have a major role in 'Spider-Man 4'. Plus: Chris Evans talks 'Fantastic Four' reboot. Sexy new 'Surrogates' trailer online. Morgan wants to be 'Lobo' and more! Swooping in like Kanye West to crap all over your big moment, it's your Comics2Film 9.9.14!



Box Office: WHITEOUT Debuts Low as G.I. JOE Exits the Top 10

We have two movies in today's C2F box office mini-report.

First up is 'Whiteout', the antarctic thriller starring Kate Beckinsale based on the graphic novel of the same name. After being held back by the studio for over a year, the film debuted this weekend to rotten reviews and a meager box office take of just $5.1 million. That's enough to rank it #7 for the weekend. We expect it to drop out of the top 10 next week.

Speaking of, 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra' did exit the top 10 this week, it's sixth week of release. That film brought in $2.5 million to make it the #11 movie. It gave up spots to the four new openers ('Whiteout', 'Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself', '9' and 'Sorority Row') but gained a spot back against the disappointing 'Halloween 2'.

While it may not have met expectations for Paramount, 'Joe' is a box office winner, gathering $283 million worldwide. This week's tally moves it into the ranks of Top 200 All-Time Domestic movies, landing at #199 behind 'The Fast and The Furious'. 'Joe' is likely to gather a few more million in its run which will bump it up a few notches on the chart.

Check out Mania's in-depth look at the weekend box office.



New SURROGATES Trailer Online posted the new trailer for 'Surrogates', the comic-based movie starring Bruce Willis and directed by Jonathan Mostow. The film opens on the 25th. Check it out!

And, if you're like C2F and find the clips from the film intriguing, you may want to check out the 'Surrogates' comic, which can be had for a low price on the iPhone and iPod Touch via the iVerse media and iTunes store (anybody sick of the iPrefix yet?).

iVerse has announced that 'The Surrogates' by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele, is their first “graphic novel” app. You can download it for $0.99 with the first 2 issues of the comic series included. If you like the books and would like to read the rest of the series they can be purchased inside the app for an additional $0.99 an issue. It's a five issue series, so the whole thing will run you $3.96.

Or, if you already have the iVerse app installed, you can get the first issue of 'The Surrogates' for free. Presumably you'd get the other four issues for $0.99 as well, so the cost is the same.

Thanks to ponyboy76 for the submission.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan sizes up LOBO

Having starred in 'Watchmen' and currently appearing in the DC/Vertigo comics adaptation 'The Losers', actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan apparently has a taste for playing comic book characters. The actor recently told members of the press that he'd like to star in the just-announced 'Lobo' movie.

"Lobo would be very cool," Sci Fi Wire quotes Morgan as saying. "I don't think that I'm as big as Lobo is, but if you could, like, transplant Mickey Rourke's body onto my head, that would be just great."

It's hard to say how serious the actor is being at that point, but it's clear he has a growing affection for comics and graphic novels.

"Every time I kind of hear about something, I go out and get the book or I look it up on one of your guys' sites. We'll see. You're always looking for material that's kind of smart and fun, and this seems to be where it is right now," Morgan said. "The studios are really gravitating towards it. More than I've ever seen them gravitate towards anything in a long time. Comic books are really the thing right now, and I don't see that going away for at least the next couple of years."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry and Matador for the submission.




Also chatting with reporters from the set of 'The Losers' is actor Chris Evans, who already has two comic book characters under his belt. He's best-known to fans as Johnny Storm in the 'Fanstastic Four' movies and recently wrapped a bit in Edgar Wright's comic-based feature 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'.

Evans told that he counts 'Scott Pilgrim' shoot as one of his best experiences as an actor.

"It was fantastic, man. You always say this and I want to say it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a movie, but it’s probably that’s it’s the most recent movie and it feels like it was the most fun. But if that’s an indicator so be it," Evans said. "The only problem was that I only worked for 3 weeks. That movie was 5-6 months and it was just heart-breaking having to leave."

He credits the cast with making his stay on the set enjoyable.

"Just so nice, you know what I mean?" he said to Collider. "I know it sounds obvious and basic but just nice people. And they’re incredibly successful, phenomenally talented-everyone. Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman and Kieren and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. They’re all just amazing people and just the kindest, funniest most wonderful people to work with and they just wrapped."

He also discussed the purported similarities between his character, skate-punk-turned-actor Lucas Lee, and Bryan Lee O'Malley's inspiration for the part, skate-punk-turned-actor Jason Lee.

"I don’t know Jason but someone actually mentioned that. The thing about Jason is although they do have the similarities of skateboarding and acting, Jason-from the interviews I’ve seen-seems like a very modest, down to earth guy and he’s incredibly funny and incredibly likeable," Evans said. "Lucas Lee is kind of a guy you’d want to smack in the face. He’s a horrible actor. Jason Lee was hilarious. Jason Lee is a phenomenal actor. Lucas Lee is like the Steven Segal school of acting."

Collider also did due diligence in getting Evans to comment on the just-announced 'Fantastic Four' reboot. Evans said he's all in favor of fans getting a fresh take on the franchise and cites all the various examples of where it's worked out. But would he return to the role if asked?

"I guess it would depend. I’m never against revisiting genres or character types. If I played a doctor in one movie I wouldn’t be against playing a doctor again if the director was the right director. I think at the end of the day you’ve got to work with the directors. I do what I do because I like making good movies," Evans said "If a good director offers you a chance to make a good movie, you take it even if you say well I just played a character like that. Who cares? You’re a great director. 'Scott Pilgrim', I played characters similar to that guy but no fucking way I’m going to say no to this guy. I’m doing your movie. So if 'Fantastic Four' got rebooted and Christopher Nolan was going to direct it and said do you want to play Johnny Storm again, I’d be in those blue fucking tights."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry and Matador for the submission.



Sylvain White to do Miller's RONIN in 3D?

Here's another story from the set of 'The Losers'. reports that the director talked a bit about the filmed adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel 'Ronin'. White has been attached to the project for years now.

The director says he expects the film to be a “big-budget, big blockbuster” and would "love to do it in 3D." He just read a new daft of the script a week ago and says the project is looking promising. However he doesn't see adapting the book as ultra-faithfully as 'Sin City' and '300' were.

"The fortunate thing is that 'Ronin' is some Frank’s earlier work. What’s great and what for me works in the graphic novel, aesthetically-speaking, is the design of Aquarius…the design of New York. So I would pay homage to him more in the production design versus the actual frames," White told Collider. "The frames in 'Ronin' are some beautiful frames, and some I would go with, but what’s beautiful to the production design and the character design and the colors that are used."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry and Matador for the submission.



Megan Fox vs the TRANSFORMERS Crew

It's been said in the comments threads in various places here on Mania that actress Megan Fox could benefit from talking less.

Case in point is her new interview in Wonderland Magazine that's created a bit of controversy. The Amy Grindhous blog gives some highlights of Fox's comments, including a dig at her 'Transformers' director Michael Bay.

"[Michael Bay] wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for," Fox is quoted as saying.

Well, the comparison between Bay and the most notorious war criminal of all time did not set well with the crew of the 'Transformers' movie. Three crew members wrote a scathing response which was temporarily posted on Michael Bay's official website. The letter was apparently posted by webmaster Nelson, and not by Bay himself.

Here's the text:

This is an open letter to all Michael Bay fans.   We are three crew members that have worked with Michael for the past ten years.

Yes, Megan has great eyes, a tight stomach we spray with glycerin, and an awful silly Marilyn Monroe tattoo plastered on her arm that we cover up to keep the moms happy. Michael found this shy, inexperienced girl, plucked her out of total obscurity thus giving her the biggest shot of any young actresses' life. He told everyone around to just trust him on his choice.   He granted her the starring role in Transformers, a franchise that forever changed her life; she became one of the most googled and oogled women on earth.

Wait a minute, two of us worked with Angelina – second thought – she’s no Angelina.  

We know this quite intimately because we’ve had the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox on both Transformers movies. We've spent a total of 12 months on set making these two movies.   We are in different departments; we can’t give our names because sadly doing so in Hollywood could lead to being banished from future Paramount work.   One of us touches Megan’s panties, the other has the often shitty job of pulling Ms. Sour pants out of her trailer, while another is near the Panaflex camera that helps to memorialize the valley girl on film.

Megan knows how to work her smile for the press. Those writers should try being on set for two movies, sadly she never smiles.   The cast, crew and director make Transformers a really fun and energetic set.   We’ve traveled around the world together, so we have never understood why Megan was always such – the grump of the set?  When facing the press, Megan is the queen of talking trailer trash and posing like a porn star.   And yes we’ve had the unbearable time of watching her try to act on set, and yes, it's very cringe-able. So maybe, being a porn star in the future might be a good career option. But make-up beware, she has a paragraph tattooed to her backside (probably due her rotten childhood) easily another 45 minutes in the chair! So when the three of us caught wind of Ms Fox, pontificating yet again in some publication (like she actually has something interesting to say) blabbing her trash mouth about a director whom we three have grown to really like.

We actually don’t think she knows who Hitler is by the way.   But we wondered how she doesn’t realize what a disgusting, fully uneducated comment this was?

Say what you want about Michael – yes at times he can be hard, but he's also fun, and he challenges everyone for a reason – he simply wants people to bring their ‘A’ game.   He comes very prepared, knows exactly what he wants, involves the crew and expects everyone to follow through with his or her best, and that includes the actors.   He’s one of the hardest working directors out there. He gets the best from his crews, many of whom have worked with him for 15 years.   And yes, he’s loyal, one of the few directors we’ve encountered who lowered his fee by millions to keep Transformers in the United States and California, so he could work with his own crew.

Come on Megan, we know it is a bit more strenuous then the playground at the trailer park, but you don’t insult one of the very best stunt and physical effects teams in the business!

She is very different than the academy nominee and winning actors we’ve all worked around.   She’s as about ungracious a person as you can ever fathom. 

We work to make her look good in every way, but she's absolutely never appreciative of anyone’s hard work.

We’ve heard the A.D’s piped over the radio that Megan won’t walk from her trailer until John Turturro walks first!

Never expect Megan to attend any of the 15 or so crew parties like all the other actors have. And then there's the classless night she blew off The Royal Prince of Jordan who made a special dinner for all the actors. She doesn’t know that one of the grips daughters wanted to visit their daddy’s work to meet Megan, but he wouldn’t let them come because he told them “she is not nice."

On our first day in Egypt, the Egyptian government wouldn’t let us shoot because of a permit problem as the actors got ready in make up at the Four Seasons Hotel. Michael tried to make the best of it; he wanted to take the cast and crew on a private tour of the famous Giza pyramids. God hold us witness, Megan said, "I can’t believe Michael is fucking forcing us to go to the fucking pyramids!"

So this is the Megan Fox you don’t get to see. Maybe she will learn, but we figure if she can sling insults, then she can take them too. ... It's sad how fame can twist people, and even sadder that young girls look up to her.

Hopefully Michael will have Megatron squish her character in the first ten minutes of Transformers 3. We can tell you that will make the crew happy!


Pretty harsh, especially considering that it ran on the Michael Bay site itself and the three amigos are hiding behind the veil of anonymity that emboldens many on the internet.

Perhaps it was this basic unfairness that prompted Michale Bay himself to expunge the note from his site. Of the redaction, Bay wrote:

I don’t condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don’t condone Megan’s outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm. The fact of the matter I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3.



To her credit, in her interview Fox also admits to Wonderland Magazine, "I definitely have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is." She later says, "Part of my product is being outrageous and outspoken so even when I’m not being that way I’m going to be sold that way."

And such is the latest chapter in the drama machine known as Megan Fox.



Campbell has a "Major Part" in SPIDER-MAN 4?

Access Hollywood is reporting that Bruce Campbell will appear in 'Spider-Man 4'. That's no big surprise. The actor has appeared in all the Spider-Man flicks to date, not to mention numerous other films by director Sam Raimi.

However, what's noteworthy is that the actor told Access that he's going to have a "major part" in the next one, although he hasn't yet been told what it is.

Fans have long speculated (and indeed teased) that Campbell will play, or perhaps already has been playing the villain Mysterio. He's a master of illusion and one storyline dreamed up by fans has Campbell adopting disguises throughout the series since his first encounter with Spider-Man in the original.

Of course, another web-slinger villain who adopts disguises is The Chameleon. Could it be that Bruce is playing this character? This could explain why actor Michael Pappajohn, who played the burglar in the original, has also claimed he's returning for part four.

Could the Chameleon dredge up the burglar persona as a way of tormenting Peter Parker? Could Bruce Campbell be the man under all the Chameleon masks?

What do you think, Maniacs? Post your comments below...


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Darkknight2280 9/14/2009 8:30:38 AM

I sure do hope Bruce gets a huge part in spiderman 4. If hes the villian that would be great. I think Bruce has paid his dues 1000 fold. Its time He has a HUGE role in a HUGE the rest of the world will know the awesomeness that is BRUCE CAMPBELL!!

littlemikey979 9/14/2009 8:47:26 AM

Hell yes, been waiting for the Campbell to have a bigger part in the Spidey movies. I hope they come up with something better than him being the Chameleon or Mysterio the whole time, i mean it'd be cool for him to play either but i would hope they would have better disguises than that.


xenomorph 9/14/2009 9:05:03 AM

Bruce Campbell was probably just implying that he will be involved in a major scene in Spider-Man 4. Like when he played the ring announcer in the first film, and gave Spider-Man his name.

SgtTechCom 9/14/2009 9:05:26 AM

Mysterio is the better well known villian and i hope he's playing him. Bruce is great.


Lsn22s 9/14/2009 9:32:42 AM

@ lttlemikey979...

i actually think that would be a swee twist if it was mysterio....its fairly predictable so thats probably not whats gonna happen, and i agree that mysterio would definitely have had better disguises than slighly different hairdo's and a mustache....but cool concept tho...

savagelee 9/14/2009 9:42:50 AM

 If Bruce Campbell has a large roll in Spidey-4, I suspect it will be as "Kraven: The Shark Jumper." 

An in-joke of letting Bruce have a line or two is a lot of fun, but the campiness of the Spider-movies repulses me, and the larger Bruce's roll is, the more campy the movie is. If Sam wants to make home-movies with his friends, don't c*ck up the Spider-franchise to do it. The casting on those movies is terrible and gets worse with each sequel. Don't cast your friends just because it's funny. People have to watch this garbage.

MEANWHILE... Megan Fox is clearly an idiot, but if every crew member complained about every dumb-ass hot-girl on-set, there would never be another movie filmed in hollywood. Which might be a good thing. You don't like your job or the people you work with? Quit. But quit trying to generate sympathy on-line by whining at me about how hard it is for you to get paid.

Hobbs 9/14/2009 9:47:49 AM

Bruce deserves it and why not, he's good friends with Sam and its probably their last Spiderman movie together.

As for Megan Fox...did anyone really think she was a scholar?  In fact I think she even said the reason she got movie roles was because of her looks.  If anyone is looking to Megan Fox to learn anything, other than how to be pretty, has lots of other issues to worry about.

Whteout doesn't surprise I said in the BO weekend section.  The director did a horrible job.  50 below zero in the artic and he has them walking around like its a mild winter day.  ugh...

Wiseguy 9/14/2009 9:55:07 AM

Glad to see Megan getting a bit of a smackdown. Too bad regular folk have to keep their identity private or else risk not working on any major productions while airheads full of shit with big egos and a Marylin Monroe complex can spill their nonsense freely. I'm praying for her films to bomb and Bay needs to have her killed off for T3

Looking forward to I, Robot I mean Surrogates. I love Bruce Willis so I don't want to spoil the film by reading the comic now.

Campbell playing either Chameleon or Mysterio is cool but to go back now and say that was him in the first three would be pretty questionable. How do you make the link without sounding completely absurd. If it had been thought out from the beginning you could've done it, having the restaurant, the play and the wrestling match be "scores" for him. But we know nothing happened at the play or the restaurant.

Dean can definitely pull the Lobo look but his size is going to need some help ala Xerxes in 300

Matador 9/14/2009 10:03:48 AM

Happy for Bruce deserves to be recognized and hopefully be a pain in Spidey's career.  Here's hopeing he dons the Mysterio suit or Electro be cool too.

And here's hopeing Megan Fox gets sucked up by Devastator in TF3. Everyone would benefit from her untimely end or maybe Ravage will get her tongue it will be a noise free zone among Bay's chaos.

JDM is a cool actor not sure for Lobo unless its a CG flick like Beowulf then it could work.

Chirs Evans will be to old for Human Torch if it's going for an FF reboot. Don't see a nessary for a reboot just pickup where they left off and bring on better stories. Both movies weren't as bad as Roger Corman version of the FF now that was hilarious.

monkeyfoot 9/14/2009 10:23:18 AM

Hopefully, Campbell gets more that a cameo in the next, but his comment could be taken in a number of ways. Wait and see.

Can't say if Morgan is right for Lobo. 'Nuther wait and see.

Megan Fox: This doesn't surprise me at all. Most every still photo I see of her she looks attractive to me, but whenever I see her act or especially on a talk show there is defintely an obnoxious bitch attitude about her.This personally turns me off to her big time.


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