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Can Aquaman Ever Be Cool?

Plus: Death! Underpants! Secret Identities! This one has it all!

By Chad Derdowski     June 17, 2009
Source: Mania

Comicscape: Can Aquaman Ever Be Cool?
© Mania

Welcome back to another Comicscape, where we try not to think about the infinite possibilities that comic books have to offer; we stick to the industry’s bread and butter, baby. All superheroes, all the time. Usually I like to devote my time to one simple topic, but this week I’ve got a lot on my mind and believe it or not, none of it is going to fill an entire column. Normally I can ramble on for what seems like days on end, but sometimes I like to keep it short and sweet.

So this week is gonna be like an old Marvel Two-in-One or an Ace Double for you sci-fi fans. You pay for one but I’m givin’ you more. Four, to be exact! So let’s get down to business and see what’s on my mind…


Superheroes Go Commando

The new Robin is too serioso to wear trunks, but the new Batman still favors some black underpants on the outside

For years now, detractors of our favorite genre of sequential art have referred to super heroes as people who “wear their underwear on the outside”. And yeah, I guess I can see where that might seem a little odd to some folks. Unless we’re talking about Borderline-era Madonna, most of us do wear our undergarments beneath our clothing. Of course, most of us don’t parade around town in spandex and capes, but that’s beside the point. Most of the time when people criticize superheroes, I just shrug my shoulders and recount that old adage I saw on a Harley Davidson t-shirt “If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand.” But in the case of wearing underwear over your pants… okay, I see where they’re coming from.

And it seems I’m not the only one. Have you noticed the recent trend in superheroes going sans-underpants these days? Green Lantern, Wolverine, Captain America – they used to wear their Fruit of the Looms on the outside but these days, they’re just wearing pants. Even Robin, who used to not even wear any sort of pants at all, is keeping his briefs under his trousers these days. Could it be that comic book creators are finally realizing that if you can’t beat ‘em, you have got to join them?

Hal Jordan's green onesy is now more like a T-shirt

Look, it’s one thing to suspend disbelief; I do believe a man can fly. I am willing to believe that someone might wear a cape and fight crime and I can even believe that if I take off my glasses and stand up straighter, people won’t be able to recognize me while I’m doing it. But to believe a man would wear underpants on the outside of said tights? Preposterous!

I believe this trend is simply a sign of the times and another step toward mainstream acceptance. After years of trying to convince people to take us seriously, we’ve finally given up and given in and started wearing our pants overtop of our undies.


Absence Makes the Fanboy Grow Fonder

What do Hawkeye, Blue Beetle and Martian Manhunter have in common? No one gave a flying fig about them while they were alive but the moment they bit the dust, comicdom rallied behind them and raged against the machine that is mainstream comics. It doesn’t matter how unpopular a character is, the moment they die, fans come out of the woodwork to let the world know just how important they are to the shared universe they inhabited.

Why hide it? Animal is about to die!

I’m exaggerating a bit (obviously, every hero or villain has their loyal fan base and I’m not sure that anyone cared when Martian Manhunter died), but for the most part this seems to hold true. Really? Blue Beetle? Hey, he had a sweet costume and I loved him in the Giffen/DeMatteis-era Justice League, but did his death really call for a public outcry complete with grinding and gnashing of the teeth? Did anyone really care that much?

Could it be that DC is hoping to stage some sort of pre-emptive strike with their new Animal Man series? The title of the book is The Last Days of Animal Man. Perhaps by announcing this C-list character’s death six months ahead of time and actually putting it in the title, DC is hoping to drum up a little interest in old Buddy Baker. “What? They have the audacity to try to kill Animal Man? I’ll have Dan DiDio’s head on a platter!” Next thing you know, a website pops up (FOAM – Fans of Animal Man), letter writing campaigns start and BAM! DC has a top-seller and a rejuvenated hero.

Or maybe I’ve just been listening to too much Art Bell?


Chickens of the Sea

There are two kinds of superhero fans out there: The ones who think Aquaman is a loser and the ones who feel that he’s simply a challenge.

Aquaman from 'Batman: Brave and the Bold is winning friends by being a super lout

The first group likes to point out that Arthur Curry’s only real power is that he talks to fish. That’s really all he does. These people enjoy mocking his orange (chainmail?) shirt and the fact that he rides around on a giant seahorse. Personally, I’ve never understood this as an insult, as I find regular-sized seahorses to be pretty impressive and giant-sized versions to be proportionally more awesome. So in that respect, I find their arguments against Aquaman to be pretty weak.

The other, pro-Aquaman group will always remind you that while there are a million superheroes on the land, there’s only one who protects the ocean and the ocean covers ¾ of the earth. They also like to point out that Aquaman can survive in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, a fact that proves his strength and all-around mightiness. If he can survive at the bottom of the ocean, he must be really strong, right? Because there’s enough pressure down there to crush a submarine. He’s also a king and a Golden Age character, which apparently makes him doubly special.

As usual, I do my best to see both perspectives and for the most part, I’m in the second camp (though I do like to make fun of Aquaman behind his back). When I wrote a list of New Years’ Resolutions for Dan DiDio, “Make Aquaman cool” was one of them. He’s an icon and a Super Friend and a former leader of the Justice League. He deserves better than being the butt of a million jokes. He deserves respect, dammit!

Folks… let’s just admit it. It’s not going to happen. We can rant all day about how there are no bad characters; they just need the right creative team. It might be true, but it won’t change a thing. We can suggest different writers and we can write all the fanfic we want and a lot of it might be great… but it isn’t going to sell books. Let’s face it: Aquaman is always going to be the guy who gets picked last when the superheroes get together to play kickball. He’s always going to be the guy that Green Arrow makes fun of the minute he leaves the room. It’s over. Aquaman lost. And it’s okay.

But Aquaman can rest easy in the knowledge that Sub Mariner can’t support an ongoing book either, no matter how much cooler he is. And even though Aquaman is never going to be as cool as Sub-Mariner, at least he isn’t running around practically naked. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what makes Namor so sweet? I mean, if you’re willing to fight supervillians, you must be pretty brave – but if you’re willing to do it in nothing more than green underwear and a belt? That takes balls, my friends.

Aquaman, take note: sometimes wearing your underpants on the outside does help.


The Ring is the Thing

Real subtle, Jordan. Wear the ring everywhere.

One last thing before I go, Maniacs. It concerns secret identities and the suspension of disbelief. Like I said earlier, I can believe a man can fly. I can believe that a million tiny high-tech gadgets can fit inside a man’s belt. I’m convinced that a loser who can’t hold down a job can marry a supermodel and then, despite the fact that he’s always stood for being honest and upright, would make a deal with the devil and choose his elderly aunt over that supermodel wife. All of this and more can be accepted using a simple superhero suspension of disbelief technique that I have mastered. But here’s something that’s always seemed a little weird to me:

Superman just puts glasses on and acts dopey and nobody knows he’s Superman, right? That’s acting. It’s actually pretty believable if you’ve ever seen Superman II and/or read Birthright (and I highly recommend you do both). But why is it that no one has ever noticed that a man who exactly matches Green Lantern’s physical description is walking around with a Green Lantern ring on?

Maybe I’m overreacting. I know there’s a lot of people in this world and I know that a lot of crazier things go unnoticed day in and day out. But seriously: guys, put on a HUGE piece of jewelry (maybe a gigantic piece of turquoise) and walk around at the mall for a few hours. I know I’d look at you funny. And it’s not like Green Lantern’s mask really even covers that much of his face. I think he’d be pretty recognizable.

Yeah, yeah… you’re right, I’m overreacting. I’m being nitpicky. But Hal Jordan’s a slacker and one of these days he’s going to be out in public with Barry Allen (wearing his own ring emblazoned with an enormous Flash logo on it) and somebody’s gonna catch on.


Sequential Ink

I’m an obsessive fan. Here are a few folks who are even more obsessive than me!

The Clown Prince of Crime

Ragin’ Cajun

Jack Kirby + Wally Wood = Sky Masters!

Black suit Spidey

That’s all for this week, Maniacs! I’ll be back next Wednesday with more news, reviews, rants and raves. Stay tuned for The Spinner Rack and Ben’s 10!



The Spinner Rack

by Ben Johnson and Chad Derdowski, but mostly Ben Johnson

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Ben: Never read any of these. Are they any good?
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Venus Versus Virus GN Vol 6, $9.99
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Ben: Does ‘SC’ stand for soft-core?

Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 11 Phantom Fleet, $22.95

Salems Daughter #1 (Joe Benitez Regular Cover), $2.99
Salems Daughter #1 (Al Rio Variant Cover), AR
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Tales From Wonderland Cheshire Cat (One Shot)(Cover C Eric 'E-Bas' Basaldua Varint Chase), $3.99



Ben’s Ten

Very Marvel heavy this week.

10) Young Allies Comics #1 – Bucky, Toro and friends rise again
9) Salems Daughter #1 –
Zenescope has been a fave for awile.
Cable #15Enjoying this story.
7) Destroyer #3 –
This one as well.
Invincible #63
5) Ultimatum Spider-Man Requiem #1 –
Very curious how this is going to go.
4) Punisher #6 –
Love this book.
3) Mighty Avengers #26
2) Invincible Iron Man #14
1) Captain America #600 –
When Brubaker says nothing will ever be the same I believe him.


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lister 6/17/2009 12:43:12 AM

Oh course Aquaman can never be cool. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the character (errr... except for all that threeboot business) or his powers. It's that there are enough comic "fans" out there who actively dismiss him. By hating on the Big A, they get to show how cynical and jaded they are. Putting down Aquaman is now shorthand for "look at me... I'm cool."

Be back for Ben's 10 later...

EvilMonkey 6/17/2009 4:05:07 AM

Aquaman is pretty cool in my book. I mean come on they cut off his hand and gave him a hook / harpoon (I was never sure) to replace it.  It doesn't get any cooler than that.


I think the problem is that DC has never been able to nail down what his charater is.  Different writers gave him to many different personalities.  From happy go lucky adventurer to brooding King to mutated mystical being and all in between.

BlackRab 6/17/2009 9:53:44 AM

Personally, I always liked Aquaman but only when the stories are happening in Atlantis or his underwater kingdom. You have so many characters on land, why can't they have more stories happening underwater ? Since there's a whole continent of people underwater, don't tell me that they don't have criminals, diplomatic situations, etc.

I always felt the same about the Silver Surfer. I always liked him but only when the stories were happening is space or during a cosmic crisis. Look at what Jim Starlin did with all those space stories, just find a writer that can write interesting stories in an underwater kingdom. Maybe Jim Starlin should try writing Aquaman.

It reminds me of the movie "Masters of the universe". I was so looking forward to seeing the world of Eternia with He-man and all the other characters from the cartoon show but they went ahead and brought him to Earth ? What was that all about ? It seems to me that writers always want to bring characters that are from a different to Earth and get that Stranger in a Stange Land type of story instead of trying to work with the world where the characters are from.

lister 6/17/2009 1:09:14 PM

Wow. Nothing from DC for me this week... Lessee about Marvel. Jinkies, not too much to get excited about...

Cable #15 -- Just 'cause I want it to be over (Deadpool ugh) and we still have one more whole Messiah to go (sigh).

Captain America #600 -- Apparently not just a crap-fest anniversary issue.

Captain Britain and MI 13 #14 -- I knew it wouldn't last, and I've found it lackluster. But I used to be a big fan of the very original Excalibur and I like the Black Knight. Countdown to cancellation.

Dark Reign Fantastic Four #4 -- Issue #3 was filler, but the first two were promising. Hoping this has some seriously fun Val and Franklin smackdown action.

Dark Reign Young Avengers #2 -- Not getting the whole thing here... willing to try one more issue. If I'm not hooked, time for some Darque Rain avoidance tactics.

Punisher #6 -- Finally... a book that makes me like the Punisher. Who'da thunk?

War of Kings Ascension #3 -- Meh. Toooo drawwwwn ouuuut. Now Darkhawk is stuck in Daredevil's Tree of Knowledge or something? That thing bored me back in '94. This book shoulda been a one-shot. But I am in the middle of the whole otherwise excellent WoK thing so what the hey. Not sure I can bring myself to pick up the Hulk Jr. tie-in tho...

X-Men Legacy #225 -- What can I say? I like a good train wreck in motion.

I'd include Invincible Iron Man, but it's just indistinguishable from the main title for me, so I don't remember the plotline in this one. Tony on the run, right? Or is that the other one? Or both? Where are these books heading? I am getting a little bit Dark Reigned out.

The only title I am *really* looking forward to this week is Mighty Avengers #26. Go Pym power!

El Bicho_home 6/17/2009 3:13:14 PM

Not to sound like the kid in line to see Santa, but I like Aquaman.  Although I have never bought a single book, I have always found him interesting

everdreaded 6/17/2009 8:02:17 PM

I dont believe in weak characters I believe in weak writers...everytime i hear this thing about Aquaman being a corny character I wanna shake whomever said it...

What Peter David did with Aquaman and hell Aqualad aka Tempest was reason enough for me to give Mr. Curry the nod a s a solid character who can stand on his own. Yeah they kinda took him on the same route Namor took early on, but Aquaman had lost alot and when he came back  with some edge to him. And reasonably so.

Point to be blunt..if you can give characterization to the concept of an alien who flies around with a red cape and powder blue tights with red underwear on the outside you give characterization to anyt concept..if you do it right...

ChadDerdowski 6/18/2009 8:48:39 AM

(chad here)
I'd like to see Aquaman portrayed as such: He's walking down the street one day with Green Lantern and Flash.  Maybe they're going to pick up some hoagies or something.  Anyway, they get stopped on the street by a big baddie... maybe somebody like Mongul or Parasite.  The bad guy looks at the three and laughs.  "Ha ha!  Like these second stringers can even try to stop me... I'm a Superman villian!  Good luck..."

And then Aquaman just flat out levels him.  Punches him and sends him flying through three skyscrapers, picks up his hoagie and walks away without missing a beat.

If Aquaman is gonna be a joke (again, due more to fan response than creator inability), why doesn't DC get in on the joke and use it to their advantage?  Make some lemonade with those lemons!

everdreaded 6/19/2009 6:41:15 AM

i hear yah on that..personally i think when they played th a@@hole card with him he was at his best, they need to go back to that..

kandor@hotmail.com_home 6/21/2009 10:09:11 PM

About Hal Jordan's secret identity...sometimes you have to think abvout the bigger picture: chances are that a lot of people wear super hero memorabilia in the DC Universe, so a guy with a green ring doesn´t prove he is Green Lantern. In any case, I seem to remember that the ring was supposed to make itself invisible while on Hal Jordan`s finger, one, as a reader, can see it cause one should remember it`s always there, it`s very much like when a character shoots beams from his eyes, you are not supposed to see such beams in real life, but they are drawn to create the illusion that a reader can relate to.

dustfarter 7/3/2009 1:07:35 PM

I'm adding this comment 17 days after the article was originally posted so chances are that very few people will read it. But, it seems to me that there may be a very simple reason that some super heroes wear their "underwear" on the outside of their costumes.

These guys are mostly super strong or at least super athletic. Lots of running and jumping and leaping tall buildings in a single bound, right. OK. Doesn't it make sense that most of their outfits are not as sturdy as they are (and this goes for Superman and his costume made from the Kryptonian sheets and blankets from the vessel that brought him to earth)? I think that reason the "underwear" is on the outside is to cover their asses in case they split out the crotch of the spandex in the course of their heroing. It's hard to look heroic with your ass hanging out of your tights.

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