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Canadian university sells off SF

University of Winnipeg sells huge collection

By Mike Whybark     November 06, 2002
Source: CBC Manitoba Web site

The CBC Manitoba Web site reports on the University of Winnipeg's sale of a large collection of science fiction books willed to it in the late '90s by a collector, Robert Stimpson.

The collection, said to number over 30,000 volumes, was sold because the university had not secured proper storage facilities for it. The institution retained about 4,000 volumes.

A spokesperson, librarian Mark Leggott, noted that the University had access to current editions of many of the books: "For example, the first-edition books that were there, like the Dune, the Herbert books, the Asimov, Edward Rice Burroughs they would all be available still today in other editions."

The collection, valued at $250,000 Canadian (about $160,600 U.S.), was sold to U.S. book dealer L. W. Curry for $140,000 Canadian (about $90,000 U.S.).

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