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Mania Grade: B-

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  • Platform: GameCube
  • ESRB: Teen
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Players: 1-2
  • Online: No
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Suggested Retail: $39.99
  • Graphics: B-
  • Sound: C
  • Gameplay: B-
  • Replay: A
  • Fun Factor: B
  • Reviewer's Wild Card: B


A fighting game with super-simplified controls

By James Stevenson     October 12, 2002

The most fondly remembered arcade game of all time is easily STREET FIGHTER 2. While the STREET FIGHTER series had lost its luster since the 16-bit era, the CAPCOM vs. [INSERT RANDOM GROUP HERE] series had revitalized the 2D fighting genre.  This series of games takes all your favorite Capcom characters (Ryu, Ken, E Honda etc.), and in this situation pits them against the SNK crew. While still a set of games best played at the arcade, the home versions have gotten to be quite good.

It's odd that Capcom decided to bring this game, of all of their games, to the GameCube. As any fighting game fan will attest to, the GameCube controller isn't quite suited to fighting games. The main reason for this is the size of the D-Pad. That size isn't exactly conducive to massive combos in a fighting game.

Capcom figured a way out though. First, take the GameCube's C-Stick and map every character's most powerful moves to the different directions and pressing it harder will result in more powerful moves. Slap "EO" (Easy Operation, I believe) on the title and call it good. For gamers who have never gotten into fighting games, this has to be the greatest thing ever. But for the rest of us, it's thrown a great game completely out of balance.

Alright, I'll admit it, you don't have to use the GC-ism. You can switch the game to AC-ism, which maps all the typical weak, medium, and strong punches and kicks to six buttons on the controller. This brings the game back to a port of the arcade version. The problem with this is that the GameCube controller still isn't really suitable for a fighting game. The button layout is weird, the D-Pad is too small, and in this game you have to push the shoulder buttons all the way down for it to register.

Everything else about the game is great, as it's a perfect port of the arcade version. There's also a cool groove editor. Grooves give you certain special moves (air block, etc.), and determine how you charge your special move meter. With the grove editor, you can pick your own ways of doing things.

The multiplayer is good, as long as you're both set to the AC-ism mode. Otherwise, the game simply dissolves into two players slapping the C-Stick around as fast as they possibly can. The GC-ism mode isn't fun for anyone with fighting game experience, period.

Graphically the game is somewhat outdated. While it is a perfect port of the arcade game, this same game was imported flawlessly to the Dreamcast. Quite simply, it just doesn't look that good on the GameCube, and I would have liked to see a high-res mode, or something to sharpen the graphics up a bit.

Sound wise it's also a perfect port, along with all of the grunts and sounds of a punch hitting someone. Not much to say here; the sound is typical fighting game fare, and you're more likely going to hear your buddy's insults of your playing skills over the music.


CAPCOM VS. SNK 2 EO isn't a bad game by any means, as long as you use the AC-mode. While outdated, it's still the best (only?) 2D fighter for the GameCube, and worth a rental.


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