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aegrant 8/17/2011 9:24:49 AM

Haven't looked at superherohype yet but the local news here in Cleveland shows cap fighting on top of these cars but I couldn't tell who he was fighting, looked like hydra types though.

IMO the suit on Cap looks pretty good.

I agree with what has been said about TDKR so far but I trust it will turn out alright. but for next year I am really looking forward to seeing this Avenger's movie because of all the tie-ins to it. I think we can all agree that Marvel has their act together when it comes to these movies (would be even better if they hadn't sold Spidey and the X-Men). That is why I think this movie will be gang busters at the box office - maybe even Harry Potterish.

ThrillerSam 8/17/2011 9:40:41 AM

I'm amazed by all the doubt about TDKR.. AMAZED. Post will do wonders.

wessmith1966 8/17/2011 9:43:39 AM

I like the update of the costume. The one image showing Cap pointing looks just right. I can picture him barking out orders to the rest of the Avengers. I think back to an issue of Daredevil during the Born Again story arc. The Avengers make an appearance and there's a pannel that says something like "A voice that commands a god." I can't wait for that moment when Cap's calling the shots for Thor and Iron Man in battle, and of course the moment he yells "Avengers Assemble." I'll have a smile from ear to ear.

The images look pretty cool and I especially like that there are practical explosions. I'm sure there will be plenty of CGI effects, but I still like that there will be some real booms, bangs, thwaps and cracks.

I know everyone's ramped up for Nolan's last Batman movie, and I'm looking forward to it as well, but Avengers is the movie that I'm looking forward to the most next summer.

Pendragon0 8/17/2011 10:05:30 AM

Old suit does look better.

Higgy 8/17/2011 10:28:04 AM

For me it's just the helmet that looks goofy.  The rest looks good from what I can see. 

violator14 8/17/2011 10:29:12 AM

*possible spoiler alert* Ya i have to agree it's Loki and the Skrulls. It would have to be a pretty huge threat to earth if they need all the Avengers to Assemble. Cap's suit does look cheesy in these shots, but that's what cinematographers are for! I bet Avengers will be one of the top grossing films of all time!!

samson 8/17/2011 11:06:58 AM

I'm glad they try not to post spoilers. I'm one of those people that can figure out almost any twist in a movie from one or a few images. And, if I know the plot, I don't enjoy the film as much. Unless the film has some really great visuals. But, even then, I want to cleave to what little elemtents of surprise that one can find in today's movies.

wessmith1966 8/17/2011 11:07:31 AM

violator's right...once Cap's suit is lit properly and shot properly it'll look good. Set pictures always look a little off because of the lighting. I noticed that unlike most super hero movies where the hero wears a mask, the skin around his eyes wasn't darkened. I remember watching the original Batman movies and The Phantom. The skin around the eyes was black, but where the mask came off, it was skin-color again. That is a pet peeve of mine.

ElBaz13 8/17/2011 11:28:30 AM

All I have to say is just seeing these pics have me anticipating this movie more and more.

And to think, flashback 21 years ago. I’m watching the straight to video Cap movie on VHS after I had just watched the The Trial of Incredible Hulk TV movie with Thor and think “good God, I will never see an Avengers movie in my lifetime”

But now it’s actually happening.
Never been this excited since Lucas started to work on the prequels or LOTR was in pre-production.

I could see the division between the TDKR and Avengers fans. I'm a Marvelite therefore look forward more to the Avengers. Batman has been done before. There are so many incarnations of this character. The 60s, the cartoons in the 70s, the 80s/90s movies, etc...So seeing the footage, I'm like "'s Batman again"

Avengers. All new. Well, except for TV Thor or straight to video Cap.

tallman 8/17/2011 1:25:47 PM

@aegrant POSS SPOILER..... the people he's fighting on the cars are wearing blacked out sort of suits with motion capture buttons (or whatever) on them so maybe not hydra mate?

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