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By Rob M. Worley     April 15, 2010
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Comics2Film: Hayley Atwell and CAPTAIN AMERICA
© Mania

'Captain America' gets its leading lady. Plus: A 'Kick-Ass' round up. 'Iron Man 2' nuts and bolts. Sony denies 'Green Hornet' problems and more! Its shadow the only thing that walks beside it, it's your Comics2Film 10.4.15!





Superhero Hype has some photos from construction of a New Orleans set for 'Green Lantern'. They're building what appears to be the top of an air traffic control tower. Click through for a look.



Bendis Not Involved in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Toon

Marvel announced this week plans for a new 'Ultimate Spider-Man' cartoon show to air on Disney XD. The show would be based on the long-running, modernized, youth-oriented, alternate-universe take on the web-slinger developed by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley.

Bendis had previously been a producer and head writer on the CG-aniamted 'Spider-Man' cartoon that Marvel and Sony developed for MTV immediately after the feature film hit. However, after the announcement made the rounds, the writer jumped in with his two cents on Twitter and revealed he's not involved with this direct adaptation of his work.

"Don't have much ['Ultimate Spider-Man'] cartoon news," Bendis wrote initially. "[I'm] Not involved with it at the moment. Working on 'Powers' TV and 'Fire' movie for Universal. and comics :)"

'Powers', based on Bendis' creator-owned cops and heroes comic currently published by Marvel (Icon) is in the works at the FX Network. Kevin Falls of 'Journeyman' fame is the show runner on that one. 'Fire' is another creator-owned graphic novel detailing a CIA program to recruit college kids into the spy game. Bendis is writing the script for it and Zac Efron is attached to star.

On the subject of the 'Spider-Man' cartoon the comics creator also tweeted, "I do know the pitch and it sounds pretty, pretty , pretty cool. (larry david voice)."

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.



Sony Denies HORNET Rumors

Yesterday we reported on an unsourced rumor that the chiefs at Sony Pictures were very displeased with Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen's 'Green Hornet' movie, with one unnamed insider calling the movie "a disaster."

IGN checked in with a Sony for comment. Predictably, a spokesperson for the company made a futile rebuttal of the story stating, "the rumor is complete garbage. The footage is mind blowing and we love what we've seen."

C2F calls it futile because, if the rumor is true, the studio would obviously deny it anyway. Add to that, in the very recent past, Sony has issued denials which proved nothing more than PR posturing just weeks later. Throw in the fact that the internet at large is already pre-disposed to hating this movie and you've got a picture of futility.

C2F remains open-minded but realizes the best way for Sony to counter the current negativity against the film is to release some of that mind-blowing footage.



KICK-ASS Kick-Around

With 'Kick-Ass' opening tomorrow there's the expected final publicity push with new stuff appearing online all week. Here's a sampling.

C2F took a look at real-life characters who have decided to don a super hero suit and change the world in Mania's 5 KICK-ASS Real World Heroes feature.

Mania's official movie critic of record Rob Vaux saw the film and rendered his review. Did he love it? Did he hate it? Click through for his thoughtful commentary.

Last week C2F wrote its own mini-review and we said, "The make-or-break factor for most people will be whether you find the vulgarity and violence of Chloe Moretz's Hit Girl amusing or repellent." It turns out noteworthy film critic Roger Ebert was in the latter category, scoring the movie a dismal 1 star based primarily on his discomfort of the depiction of the violence as it relates to Hit Girl.

Ebert is in the minority though. Rotten Tomatoes is tracking the movie at a healthy 76% positive with 90 reviews counted at the time of this writing.

MTV Splash Page has an amusing video interview clip in which Chloe Moretz reveals that she routinely lays the smackdown on Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

And finally, since Nic Cage admittedly looked to Adam West for inspiration for his Big Daddy superhero persona in the movie, Jay Leno decided to host a Batman trivia face-off between the two actors on the Tonight show. You can watch it now on Hulu. Enjoy!



IRON MAN 2 Nuts and Bolts

The Hero Complex blog has a couple of interview features with 'Iron Man 2' director Jon Favreau. In the first he talks about the impact Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow has on the story.

"She is not what she presents herself as, but I don't want to say more," says Favreau. Comic fans know well that Natasha Romanoff was introduced into the Iron Man comics as a Russian spy, but was later converted to the side of good. In the trailers and publicity photos we can see that she wears a S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem on her costume.

"It's fun to keep people guessing. Part of the comics is the mystery surrounding character and then the sexual dynamic but also the cold-blooded efficiency like the spider," Favreau said.

The director also praised Johansson's performance in the film, saying that she approached the role with intelligence and worked hard training for the action beats.

In a second feature, Favreau talked about balancing the priorities of continuing the 'Iron Man' franchise, building into 'The Avengers' payoff and making this movie a completely free-standing and satisfying experience for he audience.

"I want it to be completely self-contained because a lot is going to happen between now and the next chapter. You've got 'Thor,' you've got 'Captain America ' and you've got 'Avengers.' I don't know how all of that is going to impact this little handmade story of ours that we've been doing over the last two films," Favreau told Hero Complex. "We can't leave it like 'Empire Strikes Back' where you're waiting to see it resolved. It's not a cliffhanger. We had to tuck this whole story in. And that be said, we had like eight different story-lines going and opened up the door, especially with both the good guys and the bad guys, for a larger story to be told. That's just responsible film-making. But if you just watch this movie it's self-contained. It's not like 'Two Towers.'"

In related news, the Forces of Geek blog ran what could be a SPOILER about the movie.  We're presenting the story in white text to protect the spoiler-averse. Swipe the text with your mouse to read it.

Specifically, they've been tipped off by "an old, fairly reliable source" as to the nature of Olivia Munn's role in the film. Readers will recall that the the fan-fave G4 host filmed a bit part in the movie last year. Later she revealed that her work had been discarded and she'd been recalled to the set by Favreau to film a completely different part.

Munn has been mum on the details of either her original or re-cast role but the scooper for Forces of Geek is telling them that she plays none other than Janet Van Dyne, better known to comic fans as The Wasp.

And finally, a new piece of the Stark Expo viral is circulating. This time its some spy-cam footage from what looks to be footage an Iron Man style gauntlet (with repulsor ray) at either a Stark, Accutech or Hammer Industries corporate demonstration.


Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.



Hayley Atwell Cast in CAPTAIN AMERICA

Once in a while, all these rumored short lists fizzle out and someone who is barely on the radar takes the part. That's the case with the casting of Peggy Carter in 'Captain America: The First Avenger'. After several weeks of rumors proclaiming Kiera Knightly, Emily Blunt and Alice Eve as likely front runners for the role, Marvel has announced that British actress Haley Atwell will play the title character's World War II era love interest.

Atwell's name was recently tipped as a possibility by E! Online but she hasn't seen nearly as much buzz as the other prospects.

From Marvel's Press Release:

Peggy Carter fell in love with Captain America while they fought together in the war effort. The character will be updated for the feature adaptation. Joe Johnston will direct the film penned by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige will produce the film. Alan Fine, Stan Lee, David Maisel and Louis D’Esposito will executive produce. The film will be released in the US on July 22, 2011 and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

'Captain America: The First Avenger' will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America.

Atwell will next be seen in 'Pillars of the Earth', the 8-part miniseries premiering July 23 on Starz and the TV series 'The Prisoner'.

Two somewhat interesting things from the press release stand out for C2F:

One, Marvel has rejiggered the title so that the movie is now called 'Captain America: The First Avenger'. Two weeks ago, the publicity folks were still calling it 'The First Avenger: Captain America'.

Secondly, neither this press release nor the previous one indicate that the role of the Red Skull has been cast, which may be a refutation of sorts of rumors that Hugo Weaving would land the role.



Whedon Tinkering with CAPTAIN AMERICA too?

The big news this week is that Joss Whedon is directing Marvel's 'Avengers' movie. However, Pajiba reports that the man is also doing some script doctoring on 'Captain America' as well.

Whedon has been employed in the past to polish up dialogue and characterizations in movies. Strong characters and witty wordplay are the man's forte. Aside from his vast credited writing experience he also had an uncredited hand in shaping the tone of the first 'X-Men' movie.

We'd expect that the work he's doing on Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely's script is more about making the characters breath more and less about big changes to the story structure. Whatever the case, at least we know the movie won't end with Cap walking away from a fight.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.


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Wiseguy 4/15/2010 8:11:39 AM

I have a bit of newfound respect for Nic Cage. Sure we all know he had a good comics collection which included the first Superman, Action Comics, but with his money that didn't really impress me much. But the fact that he knew Alfred's entire name gives him some geek-cred IMO.

Always nice to see the mayor of Quahog in the flesh

I hope that Munn rumor isn't true, I really really do. I just don't trust this chick to do the character justice. Plus I don't want them straying too far from the comics, crossing my fingers

Have no idea who Haley Atwell is so I won't complain,besides she's cute, just saw her on IMDB. But couldn't they find an American :)


CaptAmerica04 4/15/2010 9:06:22 AM

I have NO idea who that chick is.  I had to Google pics of her and then look up her list of credits on imdb.  She's not the hottest thing, but she seems like she'll be a good fit as Peggy Carter.  I always support the casting of "lesser knowns."

I am stoked beyond words that Whedon is now involved with Cap and The Avengers!!  I have all new hope for both films.

wessmith1966 4/15/2010 9:21:06 AM

I can see whedon being called in to do a little spit and polish on the Cap script. I read that the Invaders were involved, and Whedon is good with ensemble dialogue, so maybe he was tuning that a bit.

Atwell is not just gorgeous, shapely eye-candy; she can act. I saw her in Brideshead Revisited and Cassandra's Dream and she delivered fine performances. I've waited literally my whole life for this movie (Cap's been my favorite character since I was knee-high to a grasshopper) and look forward to the first trailer.

Iron Man 2 is going to rock, or in the words of one the posters to this site, own, son! I can't wait to see Scarlett slinking around and kicking ass.

Speaking of kicking ass, I can't wait to see the movie. Ebert should realize one thing...IT'S A MOVIE...son! I think it'll be funny watching Hit Girl kick the tar out of the baddies.

Another Spider-Man cartoon? Is the Ultimate version really going to be all that different from the last 10 or 15 Spiderman cartoon series? I'm exagerating, of course, but I've seen so many Spidey cartoons that I'm not really all that excited about another one.

Sony can pour out all the PR BS it wants, Green Hornet has been sprayed with a can of Raid and will be DOA.

Darkknight2280 4/15/2010 10:25:34 AM

What MUNN rumor are you talking about Wiseguy? I dont see anythign in the above stories about Munn ( i may have missed something) and are you talking abotu Olivia Munn from AOTS?

gauleyboy420 4/15/2010 10:35:42 AM

Smart Disney, Stop producing an AWESOME Spidey cartoon, and then re-boot it based on Bendis's work, but leave him out of it. Smart Disney FTM!

I Hate Olivia Munn, That is the problem with fanboys, "oooohhh She's hot, and she's a nerd like us" (BTW, NO. No she isn't she is shillig to geeks and isn't a nerd any more than I am POTUS, I prefer my talent to have , TALENT, not just be some Fukkable chick who panders to fanboys on a geek tv channel)


Gonna go see Kick-Ass again this weekend, SO glad it's finally out!!!1 GO SEE IT GUYS, and GALS! So Good. Nic Cage was sweet in it, for all you Cage-Haters

I'm curious to see Green Hornet, I mean it's only Green Hornet so who cares? but it might be ok , AND I'll bet it's better than a bunch of crap that hits theaters.

The chick from Captain America? good cast no -names and it's a bit part, she's hot, thats all you need to be an actress in Hollywood anymore...


gauleyboy420 4/15/2010 10:37:13 AM

OH YEAH! I'm psyced to see Whedon IS involved in more aspects of the Marvel Movies...

Does this mean the contract for him to direct Avengers is signed? A done deal? I thought it was still in negotiation stage?

jfdavis 4/15/2010 10:41:48 AM

Whedon- The first, X-men movie though far from perfect, was probably the best of the series so him involved with script doctoring is probably good though the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe WWII movie scenes rocked so it's probably the more superhero-y stuff being worked on for Cap.  As for Avengers, could be anything...

Munn- Not knocking her as an actress but not my first choice for that character. Heck, Olivia Wilde would be an improvement.  Here's a thought: In the universe that would cast Mark Valley as Cap, Sandra Bullock should play this part. She'd turn it down but...

Wiseguy 4/15/2010 11:14:02 AM

Darkknight, it's right there in the bottom of the IronMan nuts and bolts piece, you have to swipe your mouse over the blank space while holding it down to view it. Since it's a possible spoiler Rob chose to hide it for the ones that don't want to read it

It's no secret that I've been hating on Rogen's Green Hornet since it was announced that he was the lead but if the rumors of a trainwreck persist I'll probably have to check it out for the unintentional laughs

Flint521466 4/15/2010 12:01:13 PM

Atwell: Chic's got cans.........

Cheesey1 4/15/2010 3:33:38 PM

That Olivia Munn news is horrible.  Yeah I'd give her the business, but I definitely do not want her as a major character.

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