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sportwarrior 4/19/2010 5:05:29 PM

ponyboy, I've seen them, yeah. But I've also seen Ghost Rider, Con Air, Windtalkers, Wicker Man, Knowing, Captain Morelli's Madonlin, World Trade Center, Snake Eyes, and the preview for Season of the Witch. Saying he's a good actor is like calling football team good after it finishes the season 4-12.

I suppose calling him not passable is a bit much. The Rock is one of my favorite movies and I didn't mind him in a few others. But a vast majoriy of his roles are eye rollingly bad.

lracors 4/20/2010 8:00:30 AM

The Marvel film-verse continues to get things right... i'm so stoked for this year's IM2 and next year's Thor and Cap... I like the Marvelverse the most and right now it's a fanboy's dream come true to have years of great films to look forward too.... now if only the could get the rights back for spidey, x-men, and FF then the marvel verse would get even better...

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