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Captain America Movie Cameos We'd Like to See

You gotta stand tall if you're gonna stand with Cap...

By Chad Derdowski     December 02, 2010

Captain America Movie Cameos We'd Like to See
© Mania/Robert Trate

As much as we love watching Tony Stark don his high-tech armor or the Hulk smashing tanks, we have to admit that the real icing on the cake was Captain America’s shield in Stark’s workshop or the Super-Soldier Serum references in Incredible Hulk.  It’s these little touches that strengthen the bond between films and send our little geek hearts into furious palpitations.  This is what fanboys live for when we make our Wednesday visits to the comic shop, so you can imagine our joy when we see it play out on the big screen.

With the Captain America film on the horizon, our minds immediately turn toward the cameos.  The Marvel Universe is a big place with a long history – who’s gonna show up onscreen with the Star Spangled Avenger?  Here’s a few we’d like to see.


The Howling Commandos

With Nick Fury and Dum Dum Duggan confirmed for the film, this one is actually pretty likely.  But we don’t want to just see the Howlers depicted as a generic band of Army Rangers; we want to see Gabriel Jones blowing his horn, Percival “Pinky” Pinkerton’s trademark scarf and red beret and “Happy Sam” Sawyer giving Fury his marching orders.  It’s pretty certain we’ll be getting the Howling Commandos; we just hope they don’t skimp on the details.


Baron Zemo

The Red Skull and Arnim Zola might be the villains, but Baron Zemo was a major player back in the day.  Actually, he’s still a major player today (at least, his son is) and lest ye forget, Zemo is the guy responsible for Captain America being frozen in ice.  We don’t expect the movie to follow the same storyline as the comics and we realize that for film purposes, the Skull will likely be the culprit.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t see some newsreel footage of Cap punching a dude in a fancy pink mask before the credits roll!


The Invaders


Speaking of newsreel footage, it would be a shame if we didn’t catch a glimpse of Cap’s wartime companions somewhere in there.  It’s unlikely that we’ll see the Human Torch with the rights to the Fantastic Four being held by a different studio (even though it’s not really the same Torch), and we’re afraid that might extend to Namor as well, considering his history with the FF.  But this is World War II we’re talking about – the Golden Age of Comics!  To not include at least a brief cameo of some of the heroes who stood tall and fought the good fight against the Nazis would be a disservice to the genre. 


Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Stan Lee gets a cameo in every Marvel movie: it’s only right that one of the co-creators of Captain America would get a guest spot in this one.  We’d love to see Simon depicted as one of the designers of Cap’s costume or maybe as a scientist working on the Super-Soldier Serum.  Or how about a scene in a foxhole somewhere on the battlefront where Captain America rescues two young Army privates by the names of Simon and Kirby?  No matter how you cut it, these guys deserve to get their due in this film.


Bob Hope

Remember how cool it was when Forrest Gump met all those famous people?  It’ll look even better with 2010-era special effects.  According to director Joe Johnston, Cap’s iconic costume comes from a tour with the USO and no one represents the United Service Organization better than Bob Hope – but we’d settle for Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Martha Raye, the Andrews Sisters, Ray Bolger or the Marx Brothers.


Isaiah Bradley

Inspired by the Tuskegee experiments, Truth: Red, White & Black introduced us to the dark underside of the Super Soldier formula, namely the fact that when the Unites States attempted to recreate the formula that gave the world Captain America, they tested it on a whole bunch of black soldiers not knowing what the effects would be and not bothering to ask them whether or not they consented.  Isaiah Bradley was the only one who survived and we think there might be a place for him in the Captain America movie – perhaps Steve’s discovery of the experiments could be a catalyst which inspires him to serve the people and ideals of America rather than the whims of the government or military?



Like the Simon and Kirby cameo we suggested earlier, it could just be a quick shot of a hairy fellow named Logan in the trenches or maybe a newspaper clipping showing Cap side-by-side with a sideburn-sporting soldier storming the beaches at Normandy.  We know they can’t get away with calling him Wolverine, and they might not be able to call him Logan either, but couldn’t they just have Hugh Jackman make an appearance?  There’s got to be a way to work Logan in… like a mention of failed super soldier experiments, including an adamantium-bonding process that “would only work with the right specimen”?


Tobey Maguire

When Captain America gets thawed out of the deep freeze in modern times, there’s bound to be some press coverage, right?  And how perfect would it be if Tobey Maguire had a scene where he portrayed a bespectacled photographer taking pictures for a prominent New York tabloid that shall not be named for fear of a lawsuit?  It’s not like he’s playing Spider-Man or anything these days (nor would he be in this movie)… his schedule is free, right?

We know we’re going to get some cool cameos when Captain America: the First Avenger hits the big screen in July.  We just hope they wind up being as cool as the ones we’ve come up with.  What say you?  Have we missed any major Marvel megastars who deserve a spot in the Captain America flick?


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kinetoscope 12/2/2010 12:26:39 AM

Once again another list that I can really appreciate. Well done.

But what about Matt Salinger (1990 - movie) and Reb Brown (1979 - 2 made for TV movies). Some kind of cameo for them would be good trivia.

kinetoscope 12/2/2010 12:34:53 AM

Once again another list that I can really appreciate. Well done.

But what about Matt Salinger (1990 - movie) and Reb Brown (1979 - 2 made for TV movies). Some kind of cameo for them would be good trivia.

BunyonSnipe 12/2/2010 2:00:49 AM

As far as Wolverinbe goes, this is the Marvel Studios version, so they should go with the look from the comis...

Short and a bit on the ugly side, with thick hairy arms and HUGE mutton chops!

As far as your avaerage moviegoer is concerned he's just another soldier, but WE know better!

Darkknight2280 12/2/2010 4:27:33 AM

I would say this list is 50% good..some of its a real stretch and bordering on CHEESY! Like Jack Kirby and Tobey McGuire,....i mean really? Sure you want to see it happen im 10000% sure it wont cause if they did it would make the movie retarded and borderline Salinger esque. Wolverine, howling commandos and Baron Zemo make the most sense.

Totally agree with BunyonSnipe! If they do the ole' Knucklehead they need to to it marvel comics style!

madmanic999 12/2/2010 5:36:48 AM

Winter Soldier and U.S. Agent... that is all.

SgtTechCom 12/2/2010 5:54:26 AM

Reb Brown was great he was cap !

littlemikey979 12/2/2010 6:04:01 AM

What no love for Bucky. Come on with him being Cap for a bit I think he deserves some sort of cameo as well. Although like Nolan they are probably not going to add in the kid sidekick. But it would be cool to see him as a camp mascot like he was in the comics.

ElBaz13 12/2/2010 6:46:32 AM

If Sony was smart and to build up their Spidey reboot, they should loan Andrew Garfield as the photographer instead of Maguire.

It would be a start in the reboot and would make the skeptical fans of this reboot very happy.

Again...if Sony was smart. This is the same Sony that did not approve Maguire appearing as Parker or Empire State University in the Incredible Hulk (Leterrier had asked Sony and they said no)


Wiseguy 12/2/2010 7:06:12 AM

Agree with littlemikey where is Bucky on this list or are we taking it for granted that he's supposed to be in the movie

I like the Wolverine idea. How about Cap calling some short hairy face soldier "runt", that's enough of a nod without violating Fox's license

The other I'd love to see is the Invaders but more specifically Namor. We already some cool sub that's going to be featured in the film so have Cap pilot it and spot some "merman" Namor in the distance or something. That is if Universal's license for Namor has reverted back to Marvel

Lastly Isaiah Bradley is the other I'd like to see hinted at at least. And maybe even prep it for a future solo film. We know we're still short on black superheroes and Bradley and his grandson would make for a nice franchise IMO. It's Capt America from the other side of the tracks

LocoLobo73 12/2/2010 7:11:10 AM

Little Mikey , Bucky is in the movie, Like the list otherwise, and i really do think they should do a nod toward kirby and Simon, even if its one like they did in Dare Devil using the boxing posters. As for Wolverines cameo they should handle it like they did in the Avengers: EMH just a solider sitting on the side of a fox hole smoking a cigar, and all you hear is a "yeah, Bub".


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