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CAPTAIN AMERICA: Red Skull Concept Art?


By Rob M. Worley     January 11, 2011

Comics2Film: Red Skull
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Captain America: Potential concept art revealing Red Skull appears online? Plus: Ponyboy joins Spider-Man. ABC wants more Marvel after AKA Jessica Jones and Hulk. An Oscar for Jonah Hex? Sure. Why not? It's your Comics2Film 11.1.11!




ABC Prexy Talks Marvel's HULK, JESSICA JONES and Beyond

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee addressed the press at this week's TCA event. Inside TV at has posted his comments about plans to bring Marvel characters to TV.

"I’m thrilled we have Marvel within our family, it’s a superb opportunity for us," he says. "If you’re going to bring back a franchise, it’s easier to launch a well-known franchise, but what really distinguishes these are the showrunners — we have A-list showrunners."

We already knew that plans are afoot to bring two Marvel characters to live-action TV, those being The Incredible Hulk and AKA Jessica Jones. As far as A-listers go, Hulk is being developed by fan-fave Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica chief David Eick. Jones, based in the Alias comic by Brian Michael Bendis, is in development with Dexter and Twilight movie mastermind Melissa Rosenberg.

And Lee hints that there's more saying, "We would love to make a Marvel franchise work on the network. They probably won’t be the only two Marvel things we do."

ABC just gave the thumbs down to the highly-attractive David Kelley take on Wonder Woman, due in part to their plans to cultivate shows from Marvel heroes instead.

Thanks to cartersvillevol for the submission.



And Oscar for JONAH HEX?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced yesterday that they've come up with the short list in the competition in the Makeup category for the 83rd Academy Awards. And look which comic-based film is on the list: Jonah Hex. That's right: the movie that was despised by critics and shunned by moviegoers could pull down a golden trophy for transforming leading man Josh Brolin into the improbably scarred DC Comics character.

The other six films are Alice in Wonderland, Barney’s Version, The Fighter, True Grit, The Way Back and The Wolfman.

On Saturday, January 22, all members of the Academy’s Makeup Branch will be invited to view 10-minute excerpts from each of the seven shortlisted films.  Following the screenings, members will vote to nominate three films for final Oscar consideration. Nominations will be announced on the 25th.



C2F Quick Hits

  • Mania Anime editor Chris Beveridge has posted some screen grabs from the Japanese debut of Marvel and Madhouse's Wolverine Anime series. Click over to check 'em out!  The show bows on G4 in the U.S. later this year.
  • The New York Times does a nice job of recapping the varied incarnations of The Green Hornet, starting from its origins as a radio drama in Detroit, and continuing up to this week's big budget feature film starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.
  • Inside Movies at confirm that actor C. Thomas Howell has joined the cast of Marc Webb's currently filming Spider-Man reboot. Little is known about the role, except that his character is named "Ray."
  • Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Giamatti Gives GOON Update

In an interview with, actor Paul Giamatti said there is progress being made on the animated feature film version of Eric Powell's The Goon.

"I believe they now have a script for that and so probably at some point it will happen," Giamatti said.

The movie is being developed by Blur Studio with David Fincher producing. Powell is also intimately involved. So far Giamatti is the only actor attached to the role of Frankie. Last year they released a teaser reel which was screened at Comic-Con and online, which the actor says helped move the project forward.

"But you know, they did this sort of teaser thing. And you know, these things take a while to do. And I think it generated enough interest that they then really worked on the script and now there is a script," he told Collider.

Click through for the complete interview.




Jonah Hex isn't the only award-worthy comic-based fare from 2010.

The Visual Effects Society have announced their own nominations for their February 1 ceremony. has the complete list, but here are the C2F highlights:

The Iron Man 2 team is up for "Visual-Effects Driven Feature Motion Picture", squaring off against formidable competitors like Inception, TRON: Legacy, Alice In Wonderland and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

The Marvel movie also gets a nod for the Stark Expo fair grounds in the "Created Environment in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture". In that category it's competing with TRON: Legacy – Disc Game, Inception - Paris Dreamscape and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Sand Room.

And the Hammer Military Drones from Iron Man 2 were worthy of a nomination in the "Models & Miniatures in a Feature Motion Picture" category. The deadly automatons are battling it out with Shutter Island – Ward-C Int./Ext. Lighthouse Int./Ext., The Expendables - The Palace Explodes and Inception - Hospital Fortress Destruction.

On TV, The Walking Dead and Human Target both scored nods in "Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program". The hit shows from AMC and Fox will have to beat out Undercovers, Boardwalk Empire and the final season of Lost.

Click through for compete details on all nominations.



Is this CAPTAIN AMERICA's Red Skull?

Brazilian site Mundo Hype has posted what looks to be design art for the Red Skull as he appears in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The site can't vouch for the artwork's authenticity, so it's possible it could be bogus. However, the design seems fairly consistent with what we've seen of weaving in Hydra uniform before. It also appears to be rendered in the same style as previous Captain America and Thor design illustrations.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.

Purported Red Skull concept art for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER



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Calibur454 1/11/2011 5:34:37 AM

the cap's red skull look like concept drawings those tend to look much better than the real deal. If you want a great red skull you have to use the same type of things Jim Carrey did with the movie THE MASK that is the only way a red skull charachter would work well on screen. try to toon it up and it will look to stupid...

I'll admit that the sketches do look teally good.

A joan Hex Oscar would be just to weird despite the fact the movie sucked so much. I doubt it would happen I dont think the oscars want to become a laughing stock

I'll wait for trailers on the marvel tv shows to comment

oool to see the goon moving forward I remember the animated trailer that was posted on here sometime early last year- I mock up I think it was and if the movie looks anything at all like that it will do fine

silversurfer 1/11/2011 6:51:49 AM

Calibur, I agree with you on The Mask being a model for Red Skull....Marvel on TV would work, but the problem would be the timing? Is the market already saturated enough with all of the things that are going on with Comic-Books in general? I'm not against it, I'm just hoping that it would be well developed and interesting...unlike The Cape.

6dra6on6 1/11/2011 7:40:56 AM

The Cape... Bwahahaha... When a show has a lame, uncreative title like that I know the content will be just as uncreative and laughable.

VinJoy 1/11/2011 7:50:35 AM

They can do the Red Skull without CGI. Shouldn't be difficult at all. Screw any and all award shows. Could care less who wins.

monkeyfoot 1/11/2011 8:02:43 AM

Marvel on TV: Hope they come up with a great way to do Hulk on today's TV. They'll have to take a different tact then the 70's show for today's viewer. If it's successful I still would love a humorous She-Hulk spinoff.

Green Hornet: A fun NYT article that was quite informative. Never knew about the movie serials. Looking forward to this incarnation.

Red Skull: Of course the concept art looks good.

@Silversurfer, I also wasn't overly pleased with The Cape. While I liked the concept for the origin story, the execution I didn't enjoy. It reminded me of TV superhero show attempts of 20 years ago, like the TV Spider-man show, The Flash and the Rick Springfield Human Target series. It's as if they were made by producers who hadn't looked at a comic since they were 10 years old and figure this is the silly way that stuff should be done.

snoopyrawdogg 1/11/2011 9:17:43 AM

 Hey I liked Jonah Hex!!!...........and Jumper!!!!!!!!!and Ghost Rider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....yeah i said it!!!!

snoopyrawdogg 1/11/2011 9:22:20 AM

 @SilverSurfer   ............100mph&Player's Ball!!! and they turned down Kiss so Prince kept it!!!!!

jfdavis 1/11/2011 10:03:56 AM

RED SKULL: Was someone listening to my fears yesterday? I have no doubt he'll be seen for 15 minutes but I want more than that.

I'd love more Marvel live action stuff since the Hulk has been done and they can very easily play down the Marvel aspects of AKA Jennifer Jones.  Something new and undeniably from a comic book (AKA costumed hero) would be awesome.  

The biggest problem, but, yeah, not the only problem, with the Cape premiere was that they should not have combined the first 2 episodes. It went a little too long.

LocoLobo73 1/11/2011 10:34:36 AM

JF DAVIS it wasnt that it was too long it was that it was horrible, ok horrible is too strong a word, but it wasnt good. It reminded me of Mutant X , Keith david was absolutely the best part of the show. The villians were lame and poorly developed. This is the kinda stuff that gives the genre a bad name. Costumed crimefighters are fine but you have to have a great story to go with the hero, The First episdoe just rushed to establish our hero, and the story suffered for it. I think they did nt want to have a build up cause they are pretty sure that it will not last on the air mainly when it makes its jump to monday nights which is a horrible night for it, but no time slot will save this one.

Wiseguy 1/11/2011 10:53:17 AM

I'm going to nominate the eXiles for a Marvel tv series. Hopping from universe to universe setting things right and getting a wide variation and mixture of characters.

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