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Captain America Re-Shoot Report

More from the Los Angeles re-shoot location for Captain America.

By Jarrod Sarafin     April 09, 2011
Source: CaptainAmerica04

© Marvel Entertainment

A follow-up on this week's news that Captain America was doing some scheduled re-shoots in the Los Angeles area. One of our Maniacs, aptly named CaptainAmerica04, was at the scene and while he didn't see much activity from his standpoint, we'll pass it along to you readers to discuss over the weekend. 

Here's what CaptainAmerica04 saw in his own words.

So I was able to go to downtown L.A. this morning and confirm the rumor from Thursday that they are filming re-shoots or addiitonal stuff for Captain America.  When I pulled into the parking lot on the corner of 5th St and Hill St., the parking attendant asked if I was "here for Captain America."  The parking lot was full of trucks full of grip supplies, C-stands, and the other usual filming accoutrement.  I also saw several of the now-famous "StarWaggon" trailers that you always see on film sets.

Unfortunately, filming was being done indoors, inside of one of the smaller office buildings in downtown, located at 555 5th St.  There was a ton of security around and I didn't want to get busted for trespassing, so I was pretty cautious about where I was sneaking.  I was able to get inside and walk through the set-up area where the sound carts, some of the lighting, and heavy power cables were being set up and run from.  I didn't actually try to venture beyond that, since I didn't have an ID badge or a radio to help me blend in better.

As a result, I didn't see any of the major cast members.  What I did see was several men in business suits and a couple guys in military-grade body armor and black BDUs.  The inside of the office building is very modern, so my best guess is that they are filming "modern" scenes with S.H.I.E.L.D. guys, etc.  I did see one woman in full make-up, with her hair done, wearing flat shoes and nylons, so I got the impression she was dressed in a 1940s-style.  I couldn't confirm as she was wearing a heavy, knee-length jacket (it was abot 40* downtown - very cold for Southern California, especially halfway through springtime).

Sorry I don't have more to report.

It's all good, Captain. Maniacs appreciate the attempt at any rate.

The summer tentpole stars Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Toby Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Neal McDonough and Derek Luke. Johnston led the direction, based on a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Plot Concept: "Captain America: The First Avenger" will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America.

Captain America will hit 3D/2D theaters July 22, 2011.

Thanks to CaptAmerica04 for the submission.


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Wiseguy 4/9/2011 12:38:38 PM

I want to boo CaptAmerica04 like Charlie Sheen got booed yesterday at Radio City, ok may not that much :)

But which is it, modern or 40's? you hint at both. Just kidding Cap, I give you a C for effort :) You needed to use some covert skills and if need be knock a couple of guards out to get the 411

If you guys are looking forward to Captain America and liked Team America: World Police google this Captain America FUCK YEAH Trailer #2 PARODY and check out the youtube version


Mossy1221 4/9/2011 1:06:55 PM

 I give you a big fat "A".   Just for making the effort,  taking the risk and for using your gas money.  You said you would try to make an attempt to check it out for us and you followed through.   Thanks.  And now I am gonna try to pin point what could be that scene when I see this movie in theaters. 

CaptAmerica04 4/9/2011 3:04:19 PM

Thanks, Wiseguy.  Next time, I'll be sure to take one for the team.  LOL.

I was pretty sure that it was modern setting, until I saw that one woman dressed up.  That was what threw me.  The only alternative I could think of is that the guys in armor were supposed to be HYDRA, but they weren't wearing any HYDRA insignia, and they looked more like the SHIELD guys from the Thor trailer.  So I'm 90% sure it was modern setting.

Thanks, Mossy!

And thanks to Jared for posting what I sent.  Glad I could contribute to my favorite genre site!


trollman 4/9/2011 3:50:37 PM

uhmm so what?

CaptAmerica04 4/9/2011 5:29:20 PM

 Jarrod, I also took a few photos of the general site around the building. In future, how do I get those to you?

(P.S. Sorry for misspelling your name above. LOL.)

JarrodSarafin 4/9/2011 5:33:30 PM

Hah, no problem. Happens all the time. Just provide your email when you submit a scoop and I'll shoot you an email on it for set photos.


violator14 4/9/2011 6:15:07 PM

LOL CaptAmerica04!! That's hilarious. thx buddy!!  Ill make sure to be the spy and report to u guys as soon as they start shooting Spawn.

goirish83 4/9/2011 8:00:10 PM

CaptAmerica04...............Thanks for the effort Bro !!

jedi4sshield 4/9/2011 8:25:05 PM

While I dont really want to many spoilers beyond the Trailers I have to admit CaptAmerica04 that your Investigating ethic is pretty impressive. Cautious, but not to the point of getting yourself into heaps of trouble, I salute you for your effort Dear Sir.

wish 4/10/2011 1:25:28 AM

Super cool dude!  I could visualize what you wrote!  Big thumbs up!!

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