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By Rob M. Worley     January 05, 2011
Source: Various

© Marvel Comics

Captain America spoilers online. PLUS: Spider-Man set photos show Garfield, Stone. Smallville poster promotes Superman debut. X-Men's Emma Frost talks sexy costumes and more! It's your Comics2Film 11.1.5!




X-MEN: FIRST CLASS' Emma Frost on Costume, Powers

Hero Complex chats up January Jones, who appears in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class movie as Emma Frost.

Jones said she went straight from her Mad Men work to the mutant movie. On the AMC TV series, she's discouraged from working out or having a Hollywood super-bod so as to look more like a typical woman of the time period. Of course, the comic book Emma Frost's revealing costumes and abs of steel stand in sharp contrast to that image.

"It’s a lot of very body-conscious stuff. If you look at the comic book, she’s barely dressed. She’s got quite the bod, which is very intimidating," Jones told Hero Complex, adding that the timing of the two shoots didn't help matters. "How am I gonna get buff in one day? I’m a petite person, so I didn’t want to go into a strict workout and eating regime. I would have disappeared entirely, and she’s very busty, very voluptuous, so I didn’t want to get rid of any of my curves."

She also revealed that, like the character's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this movie's Emma Frost will make use of the "diamond form", which transforms Jones into an all-CGI creation.

Jones also revealed that she did her homework, reading the Emma Frost comics which reveal the character's origins. She did this in part because she's mindful of X-Men fans who she hopes she won't disappoint.

January Jones and X-Men: First Class arrive in theaters this June.



SMALLVILLE Season 10 Poster

DC's official blog The Source has revealed a cool new poster teasing the final leg of the final season of Smallville. With the slogan "Destiny is Now", a giant Superman shield in the background and the familar reds and blues reflected below Clark's feet, can there be any doubt where this is going?

 SMALLVILLE season ten home stretch trailer


SPIDER-MAN Set Photos Online

Just Jared (and numerous other paparazzi sites) have posted a series of photos of actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone from the set of Marc Webb's Spider-Man relaunch.

The photos feature the pair sitting together and making out in what looks to be high-school football bleachers. We're not too sure about Garfield's Pattinson-esque hairdo, but Stone looks perfect as Gwen Stacy!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on the set of SPIDER-MAN

 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on the set of SPIDER-MAN



C2F Quick Hits

  • If you need to get geared up for the new Green Hornet movie, SyFy will be running a marathon of the 1960s TV series (which featured Bruce Lee and crossed over with the Batman TV show) on January 11th.
  • The official website for Green Lantern has been updated. It now sports video and photo galleries, the film's official synopsis and wallpaper downloads, although truthfully there's nothing there hat we haven't seen before.
  • Thanks to Wiseguy for the submission.




A new round of Marvel movie spoilers have hit the web, this set focusing on Captain America: The First Avenger. Unlike the Thor spoilers from earlier in the week these come not from an anonymous source, but from production designer Rick Heinrichs who chatted up the French movie mag  L'Écran Fantastique. You can find the French-language spoilers at the Les Toiles Heroiques blog.

The Daily Blam have translated the spoilers to English and they're summarized below. If you don't want to experience spoilers, you can stop reading this column now. Otherwise proceed pat the SPOILER barrier...











Here are the spoilers presented by Daily Blam:

  • The movie is primarily set in the 30s and 50s, with modern-day scenes bookending the beginning and end
  • The opening scene involves the discovery of a giant bomber frozen in the Arctic ice.
  • The first proper story scene finds Hydra troops lead by Johann Schmidt (the Red Skull) attacking a Norwegian village. Schmidt is there seeking "the Cube."
  • The Red Skull has become disenchanted with the Nazi party and created a splinter group in Hydra. He plans to use the Cube to bolster his own power. The Cube can open portals to "other dimensions of space-time."
  • Though the Skull appears human, his flesh face is revealed to simply be a mask that hides his monstrous true face.
  • Chris Evans' pre-super soldier body will be digitally recreated to make him appear scrawny and weak. Steve is already friends with Bucky Barnes, who has been admitted into the army and is preparing to start his tour of duty.
  • Rogers and Barnes visit Howard Stark's "World of Tomorrow" exhibit in NYC and witness the inventor's anti-gravity boots.
  • Captain America first becomes a morale-booster in the USO, but when he learns Bucky was captured by Hydra he goes on a rescue mission. The rescued team becomes known as "The Invaders."
  • Major Spoiler: The Red Skull's master plan is to build an airborne aircraft carrier from which he'll release squadrons of bombers on London and New York. The movie's climactic battle happens hear and ends with the bomber crashing in the Arctic.
  • Heinrichs thinks a sequel will likely blend past and present events, a la Ed Brubaker's "Winter Soldier" storyline. Hydra persists into present day and is the main enemy of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry and CaptainSigma for the submission.



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CaptAmerica04 1/5/2011 7:23:10 AM

 Okay, those spoilers weren't too bad.  I was able to resist reading the Thor spoilers from the other day, but this was too much.  LOL.  When do we get a trailer?!?!?

As for Smallville... "can there be any doubt where this is going?"  Have you seen the show, Rob?  Yes, yes, there can be doubt.  Lots of it.  HUGE dumptruck loads full of doubt, heaped on an audience that has been teased and disappointed more times than a 50-year old virgin with an addiction to prostitutes.  Do I still watch it?  Yes.  I'm a masochist.  But I have SOOOOOOO much doubt.

SyFy is just sad at this point.  Who runs that channel?  Seriously.  It's like their programming is decided by dart throw into a pile of the worst ideas in history.

As for Spider-Man, I just can't seem to give a care about this "re-boot" plan.  Partly because I never liked the character much, and partly because I'm over seeing Spider-Man on screen.  Been there, done that.  It's too soon to see it all again.


monkeyfoot 1/5/2011 7:44:08 AM

Like the Thor spoiler article, I'm not reading anything here, not even the comments. I prefer to go in knowing as little as possible.

LocoLobo73 1/5/2011 7:51:34 AM

so most of this I saw yesterday, but thats cool

Love the Smallville poster, the reflection of the suit is great.

Cap rumors , i wont comment for those who chose not to read them but everything sound pretty much like what I would expect from a Captain America Movie, cant wait to see it.

SpiderMan : well, what can be said .... hmm yeah real exciting pics of of Pete and Gwen. cute gloves though stripes and finger less, are those still style anywhere thought they went out with Judge Nelson and the Breakfast Club 

Xmen : First Class, just annoys me , now i would like to see January Jones in costume and thats about as far as my intrest in this movie goes, I am so expecting a train wreck its not even funny. This movie just depresses me everytime I think about it .  the real problem is that when this finally blows up in Fox's face and they finally let go and it falls back to Disney we may only get parts of the franchise back, cause if Wolverine turns out great we may never get him back from Fox, Not that I would want to see a Xmen movie with out Wolvie, cause I would love to see a true first class done right, With Scott, Jean , Bobby, Hank, and Warren taking on a Koroka the living Island, lol well maybe not the Island but i would rather than a bunch random x characters that have no relations. Honestly I cant understand how X fans have not really torn this movie apart I mean we have Scott's little brother Havok in this movie, now correct me if Im wrong but would'nt that make him about the age of what Scotts dad would be....



Wiseguy 1/5/2011 8:37:02 AM

January Jones doesn't need to get any more buff to look like Emma, she can pull that off fine. The problem here is that nowadays buff or in shape equals to skin and bones by Hollywood standards which isn't the way any females are portaryed in comic books. We heard something similar about the women in Thor to the tune of they not wanting them too skinny, I hope they keep up the trend. Skin and bones ain't sexy. Looking forward to this movie big time the more I hear about it.

Loco, the continuity, chronological order of events and team make-up of the X-men has been ruined by Singer already from the start. I have already learned to live with that which is why I don't scrutinize the team makeup much, at least not as much as I used to. I just have accepted this reality of the adaptation of the X-Men so until they reboot the franchise I'll accept the movie's universe order of things even if it is or was to my chagrin and learn to enjoy it :(

Now I'm really pumped for the new Spiderman movie :) I really am looking forward to this too. Just so much that was left off the original trilogy that can now be explored.

Love all the spoilers. Anyone that has read Capt America can pretty much guess the overall plot of the film so the spoilers really ain't that bad. The changes seem fairly minor IMO. Can we get a trailer please, pretty please


8man 1/5/2011 8:56:46 AM

Ms. Jones, we eagerly await your splendor!

I'd like to see Clark finally "cut loose" this year and Darkseid is just the guy to do it against.  C'mon kid.  Let's see you punch that ugly troll all the way back to Apokolips.

When I first heard of the planned Cap movie, I knew it had to start in WWII and I was hoping that the sequel would spend a little more time in that period as well.  Then I heard about the Avengers movie and knew that the first Cap film would go much like the effort in 1992.  One mission.  Climactic battle with the Red Skull.  Get frozen. Yada yada yada.  So I'm encouraged, and actually hoped for, flashbacks in the Avengers and upcoming sequels.  I mean what better way to introduce Baron Zemo?  Anyway it sounds good.  It'll be epic.

And yes, Emma Stone is looking very "Gwen-ish"  Love it.  This reboot may work for me, since I wasn't crazy about the first three.  Just stick to the John Romita stuff, they'll be fine.  And oh, don't kill anyone.  It's comics.  No one has to die.

And finally to all OF you haters, "LET'S ROLL, KATO!"

OmegaDean 1/5/2011 9:30:07 AM

I'm not overly impressed with January Jones as Emma Frost.  She's already skinny and petite...something Emma is not so for them to talk about buff.  Well let's just say I agree with you WiseGuy about Hollywierd's impression.  Also as you stated WiseGuy the continuity has already been screwed by Singer so what the hell.  I just look at any of the movies set in the X-verse as what if stories and take them for what they are worth. So far not much...

Captain America... I can't wait.  And yes where is our trailer already

Smallville... well let's just hope those rejects over at the WB step up their game and give us something to talk about... and I don't mean how bad this final season is.

Locolobo: its Peter Parker. Nerd, Geek, and perhaps a little fashion-ly challenged. I don't think I care for his hair cut either. Stone looks spot on as Gwen. It's Spidey so I can dream that sony won't screw the pooch on this one.

8man I will probably watch the marathon on SyFy, but that movie looks horrid.  I'll be there though so I can tell everyone just how bad its.

Badger 1/5/2011 10:36:10 AM

One thing that is encouraging to me is in looking at the wallpapers for GL, the 1600x1200 version at least, the mask looks much better than it did in the trailer IMO.

I kicked myself for reading the Thor spoilers.  Those of you who could resist, have a ton more self control than I do.  These spoilers however, weren't too surprising.  Pretty much what I expected.

I'm actually looking forward to the Spiderman reboot, since I was only margianlly pleased with the first go 'round.

Hobbs 1/5/2011 12:07:05 PM

I only glanced at a few of the Cap spoilers...I agree with Wise, we need a freaking trailer for this thing.  It's already January for God's sake!

I have no interest in Spiderman reboot and it would take an awesome trailer for me to see it on the big screen.

Badger!  Love the avatar, the Badger is one of my fav super heroes of all time.  There was a time I would have loved to have had him in the marvel universe but they would have made him PG-13 instead of the R rating his is, especially nowadays. 

swisshammer 1/5/2011 12:12:20 PM




I'm not sure I'm too fond of the fact that the Red Skull isn't a Nazi. That's kinda lame.

kentmid 1/5/2011 12:29:19 PM

Nothing about either Spider Man or Cap sounds good to me.  Nothing.  I hope I am wrong.....

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