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Wiseguy 1/25/2014 1:04:57 PM

Ha! Love it and love the Japanese guy's voice, they should dub his voice even to the American trailer

Miner49er 1/25/2014 1:19:57 PM

Winta Souljaaaa!

shac2846 1/25/2014 1:44:36 PM

 Winter is coming! Fuck yeah! Get here April!

jedibanner 1/25/2014 2:16:52 PM

This next movie looks so awsome, can't wait.

Now on another matter, this site is officially infecting computers as from work AND from home, i'm getting messages of something trying to hack into the computers.

Somehow was able to log in from an tablet which isn't mine so, this is Jedibanner signing off Mania for a while because I can't deal with viruses on my computer anymore.

This was fun, will miss it here but, tired of getting error message and things not working on my computers (and yes, I have all the latest protection, that's why it's a problem since it keeps blocking this site because of spyware).

Adios Mania, it's been fun.

violator14 1/25/2014 4:19:40 PM

 Peace out Jedi banner. We might all do the same soon if this bs continues

xenomorph 1/25/2014 6:41:19 PM

 Yeah, I keep getting malware warnings.

BunyonSnipe 1/26/2014 3:39:33 AM

I still want to know if the other costume he is wearing is supposed to be the one he wore in 'The First Avenger', because it clearly isn't...

BunyonSnipe 1/26/2014 3:40:09 AM

Maybe it's been modified... but why?

kennynine 1/26/2014 4:06:23 AM

 I am close to signing off this site. Malware on a brand new mac not cool.

blankczech 1/26/2014 9:01:03 AM

 Still can't understand why the folks at Mania haven't addressed this situation with the Maniacs...we're all threatening to go away and they aren't telling us what they are doing to rectify the situation...makes you wonder if they are complicit.  The website has steadily been going downhill...days behind other similar websites with genre news and not enough writers to cover all the cool stuff going on out there.



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