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VioLatorr 5/30/2014 8:07:35 AM

 Damn, August 19 is an eternity away!

ElBaz13 5/30/2014 8:22:52 AM

Day 1!

Don't think it will be a GoTG one-shot. Usually the one-shots are based on a prior MCU movie.

Thor TDW had the Mandarin story from Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 had the Peggy Carter story from Cap 1.

nemesis1_57 5/30/2014 9:03:22 AM

 The cover pic looks bad and not in a good way maybe if Cap and Winiter Soldier had a stare down or back to back would have been better


wvugopher 5/30/2014 9:17:12 AM

So like with thor they will not have the Blue ray-dvd-digital copy combo pach , asshole disney.

BunyonSnipe 5/30/2014 11:27:41 AM

 I think it will be a Collector one shot...

Which ties into both Thor:TDW AND Guardians of the Galaxy..

hanso 5/30/2014 12:40:25 PM

Yeah, it sucks the digital copy will be only with the 3D version but on the other hand I think the Thor 2 version was like $25 which isn't bad so hopefully the same price point applys to Capt 2.

Also, Best Buy will have an exclusive steelbook for Capt 2.

jimvo99 5/30/2014 9:12:33 PM

I really want to see this movie again I loved it so much.

Miner49er 5/30/2014 9:53:54 PM

Day 1 for me. I also want to see another Hulk movie in theaters with Ruffalo.

domino2008 5/30/2014 11:30:41 PM

 Im happy that the movie will be in stores by August ,  Winter Soldier is now playing at our second hand movie theater for just $ 6.50 , I would like to view it again on the big screen . As for the new Disney combos, nota happy camper , so I guess Ill hang on  my rearview mirror with Thor2 

kinetoscope 5/31/2014 7:25:39 AM

 This should come out the Tuesday before the 4th of July... 

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