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thezillaman 10/24/2013 1:14:55 PM

 I just have that feeling this will be better than TDW, ..

thezillaman 10/24/2013 1:15:28 PM

 I just have that feeling this will be better than TDW, ..

redvector 10/24/2013 1:27:05 PM

Go to YouTube it plays better than iTunes. Much better picture and sound. iTunes has always been buggy to me, slow loading even with a fast connection or won't play at all. Or you get a great picture with no sound.

BoldlyNoted 10/24/2013 2:04:03 PM

 I don't see any naysayers new. This movie looks incredible. Marvel has made a great choice in stepping it up after the Avengers. Action. Espionage. New technology. This looks like a comic book movie. 

millean 10/24/2013 3:04:29 PM

Looks like I agree with everyone else.  Really looking forward to this.

They showed the majority of the elevator scene at SDCC.  If the rest of the movie is as good as that was, then it will be just as good as what the trailer makes it look like!

Duckbeaver 10/24/2013 3:19:53 PM

 hanso: Hell yeah!  Sneakers is a fun flick!  It's funny you mentioned it, too, because back in the day, I could've definitely seen the late River Pheonix as Bucky in a Cap film.  Though Sebastian Stan looks pretty intense as Winter Soldier engaging in a knife fight with Steve Rogers in civilian attire!  Bad. Ass.

I'm really looking forward to this now.  Thor: The Dark World still looks to be a fun fantasy/adventure epic, but the wholesale destruction, action and espionage they're showing for Winter Soldier is definitely more my cup of tea!  Good to have you back, Cap!


ignitethepages 10/24/2013 3:43:56 PM

One word...Epic!


Was anyone else introduced to the Marvel characters through the Fleer Trading Cards set?  

I ask that because everytime I see Captain America level an elevator full of dudes or Thor smash a monster with one swing of his hammer, I think of the images on those cards and my inner child screames "hell yeah!" 


Shogunn2517 10/24/2013 4:10:00 PM

 Okay, I think I have my question answered.  Yesterday with the teaser, I was wondering who is the MAIN villain.  I know GSP is Batroc.  I know Winter Soldier is in it, but they are just that.  Soldiers.  In the Winter Soldier storyline even Bucky is controlled by someone else.

But I think I figured it out.  And with it the storyline.

Robert Redford I think is playing perhaps a "Councilman", one of the ones we saw from Avengers that guide SHIELD.  Robert Redford wants SHIELD to step up it's mandate to something more authortarian, which Fury goes along with but disagrees with.  RR ultimately uses The Winter Soldier to attack the foundation of the United States to show that SHIELD is not doing it's job and with that he'll be justified in replacing it and Fury(perhaps with HAMMER).  Captain America comes in to save SHIELD from a worse alternative and to stop WS.  This is why he goes back to his traditional costume, as a nod to what SHIELD is and was and not what RR wanted it to become.

So Robert Redford IS the villain.  I think this is it.

Looking forward to it either way.  I'm glad Falcon looks like such a character would make sense in this world. I'm glad Winter Soldier looks EXACTLY how he looked in the comics.  I'm not fully impressed with the changes in Captain America's suit(s), but it's a minor gripe.  Especially if it's in the vein that I imagined it above.


wish 10/24/2013 5:30:53 PM

I just want to say again how thrilled I am that Chris Evans is Captain America, I've always liked that dude a lot and he's as awesome in the role as RDJ for Iron Man in my opinion!  It looks like he's going to do really really well with the cranky/out of place approach to this character.

Great looking trailer, as they usually are, but I really liked the first film and even though this is new director(s) I certainly have faith that they can't go wrong here!

almostunbiased 10/24/2013 5:40:19 PM

Oh and I didn't mention it, but Redford in this is cool as hell.

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