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Captain America's Shield Throwing

Check out Captain America Thrown his Shield.

By Jarrod Sarafin     March 22, 2011
Source: SuperHeroHype

Scene from Marvel Studio's CAPTAIN AMERICA(2011)
© Marvel Studios

While we have to wait just a tad longer before Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios reveal the first full-length trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, the studio is having fun with fans by providing some teaser looks of the footage courtesy of Entertainment Tonight. Caught by the super-enhanced eyes of the geeks over at SuperHeroHype, you can check out Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) throwing his famous shield in at least one second of footage.

Check it out here.

This feature film look into Captain's world stars Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Toby Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Neal McDonough and Derek Luke. Helmer Joe Johnston led the production, based on a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Plot Concept: The story will center on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America.

Captain America: The First Avenger shoots into 3D/2D theaters July 22, 2011.





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rogue188 3/22/2011 6:08:54 AM

That video was horrible. I am still excited about this movie, though....

Hobbs 3/22/2011 6:42:08 AM

I agree, horrible vid.  Would rather see a full trailer and I have to say I am surprised one hasn't been released yet.  We are almost in April, just seems to me they are not hyping this one like I thought they would.

Wiseguy 3/22/2011 6:56:04 AM

I guess I'll be watching ET tonight

Hobbs, most of the hype is probably going to be geared towards Thor. Thor's succes will transfer to Cap plus Marvel will have a full 2 months from Thor's release to get Cap's advertisement campaign in full gear

swisshammer 3/22/2011 8:04:16 AM

 The video may be poor quality, but the movie looks freakin' awesome. I can't wait!

OmegaDean 3/22/2011 8:49:56 AM

Wiseguy is right... As soon as Thor hits the theaters the Captain America ship will blast in to full gear.  Hell they may really surprise us and segue right into Cap with the ending of Thor.  ET, I'll have to DVR it cause I have school tonight.

But it does look good, even in poor quality video

violator14 3/22/2011 8:50:39 AM

Are u guys kidding me? I loved it!! I love that non-chalant catch of his shield!! Man, the previous trailers really didn't do anything for me to be quite honest, but for the first time, im actually psyched for this movie. It's gonna be pretty sweet from what I saw.

xJokersxWildx 3/22/2011 9:41:29 AM

Chris Evans is steve rogers =) i love how everyone bitched about it haha.

He's great and i can't wait for the movie !


momitchell7 3/22/2011 10:37:51 AM

I didn't see anything wrong with the video... it looks like more of the same stuff we've been seeing.

CaptAmerica04 3/22/2011 10:56:59 AM

The video was fine for me, especially since it's borrowed from another site.

But when ARE we getting a trailer?!  I'm gonna go on record as saying they're waiting for the first few summer movies to start to drop before they start hyping Captain America.  I'm guessing the first Captain America trailer will be attached to Thor.

Darkknight2280 3/22/2011 12:12:29 PM

Trailer will be with Thor CAPT! :)

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