Captain Jack Harkness Joins Arrow -

Captain Jack Harkness Joins Arrow

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Captain Jack Harkness Joins Arrow

From Torchwood to the CW

By Robert T. Trate     August 16, 2012
Source: Entertainment Weekly

John Barrowman is joining the network’s new fall action-drama Arrow.
The Doctor Who and Torchwood star has signed for a recurring role in Arrow’s debut season. Producers are not saying much about his character, only revealing that he will play a “well-dressed man” who is “as mysterious as he is wealthy… he is an acquaintance of the Queen family and a prominent figure in Starling City.”
Hmmm … one suspects the character is from the Green Arrow comic mythology. Philanthropist Stanley Dover Sr., perhaps? Unless they’re doing a new twist on Brick or the Green Lantern?
Barrowman is a choice that’s sure to rally fans of his Torchwood work. The actor was also cast in Shonda Rhimes’ recent ABC pilot effort Gilded Lilys.
Arrow recently drew raves during a pilot screening at Comic-Con. The show debuts Wednesday, Oct. 10 on The CW.

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tallman 8/16/2012 7:17:47 AM

Not a bad actor, now lets see what he can do apart from Capt Jack!

ElBaz13 8/16/2012 7:39:46 AM

Maybe they should cast him as Alan Scott?

Wiseguy 8/16/2012 7:54:16 AM

LOL ElBaz, he's flamboyant enough.

My cousin recorded the comicon coverage from g4 where Barrowman co-hosted a show, I saw it earlier this week to catch up with comicon news since I missed it and this cat is out there. He was making me uncomfortable, not even women act like that on tv. I think he must've been drinking and just having a gay old time.

monkeyfoot 8/16/2012 8:06:44 AM

LOL, ElBaz & Wise! Yeah, he does seem to act waaaay out of the closet in public appearances. But hey, he's got enthusiasm at least. I really liked Torchwood and him in it. Too bad it has run its course, unlike the Face of Boe which will still be here at the universe's end.

ElBaz13 8/16/2012 8:56:06 AM

Oh yeah, he's pretty much out there. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

ElBaz13 8/16/2012 9:07:28 AM

Holy crap!

Wise, if you were referring to the "Nerdest Podcast with John Barrowman at comic con 2012" then that stuff is far out there. Hope there weren't any kids in the audience.

Gay men love big boobs. whoa. Again...that is way out there.

redhairs99 8/16/2012 10:23:28 AM

 Yeah, he was very "up" during that g4 comic con coverage.  I don't think that white belt of his was the only white line he was doing that day.

Anyway, I guess this means no more Torchwood from Starz?



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