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Captain Quirk

Halfway through his second season in command of ENTERPRISE, actor Scott Bakula still manages to take his TREK one day at a time

By Eric Moro     February 05, 2003

There's no doubt about it. Manning the captain's chair for any of the STAR TREK properties can be quite intimidating kind of like wielding a lightsaber in any of George Lucas' STAR WARS films. Not only does said performer (male or female, as Kate Mulgrew demonstrated with VOYAGER) have some rather big shoes to fill, but he or she must also be willing to dedicate at least seven years the average lifespan for a series in the franchise to the project. So how is the starship Enterprise's latest commanding officer (in the like-titled series) handling the pressure? Quite matter-of-factly, to say the least.

"I know the franchise is bigger than all of us, and I appreciate that, but [with] the way that television is, I don't take [anything] for granted," notes STAR TREK's latest leading man, Scott Bakula.

No stranger to fan-favorite series, Bakula has had a rather storied career in Hollywood, making the transition from the stage to the small and then big screens with the ease of a true professional. Perhaps best known for playing an "out of time" adventurer in QUANTUM LEAP, the actor has played leading man (NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, LORD OF ILLUSIONS) and guest star (MURPHY BROWN, AMERICAN BEAUTY) for projects ranging in both genres and mediums. Perhaps that explains his rather cautious attitude toward the lengthy run anticipated for ENTERPRISE.


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