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Mania Grade: A

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  • Art Rating: A
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A-
  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: TOKYOPOP
  • MSRP: N/A
  • Pages: 196
  • ISBN: 1-59182-589-X
  • Size: Tall B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. #02

By Megan Lavey     May 23, 2004
Release Date: October 01, 2003

Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.#02

Creative Talent
Translated by:Mika Onishi, Athena Nibley and Althea Nibley
Adapted by:

What They Say
Sakura Kinomoto seems like just your average fourth grader - loves P.E., hates math - but there's something about her that's not so normal...she can use magic! As the Cardcaptor, it is Sakura's job to use her powers to track down the missing Clow Cards before diaster befalls the Earth. Up until now, she assumed that this quest was a secret to everyone but her and her two closest friends, but there's a new boy in town, Syaoran Li, who claims that the cards are his birthright. According to the Covenant, there can be only one Cardcaptor - did Kero-chan pick the wrong person?

The Review
Once again, the cover itself is simply gorgeous. It is styled similiar to a Clow Card featuring Sakura as the picture in the middle. It's an extreme closeup of her holding her staff and wearing what looks like a blue and purple Tomoyo original. The card itself is in shades of deep crimson and gold. The Japanese cover shows more of Sakura's costume, but I actually prefer the card style of the American cover. The back is styled just like the back of a Clow Card and features the summary of the book in a black box.

The color pages here this time feature Tomoyo singing in the front of the book and then getting ready to shoot footage of Sakura in the rear. The artwork here is still very detailed and contains some lovely full-page and double-page panels. Both backgrounds and characters are drawn in detail here, and as I read back through some of the chapters, I keep noticing little nuances I did not pick up before.

The SFX is untranslated here and the honorifics are kept in. I also noticed something neat on the title page, where TOKYOPOP says this is volume two of six. That's nice to know for those who might be picking this up individually later on. Another nice touch is that the spells Li recites are kept in their kanji format, but with romanji beside them so we know what they mean. There's no English translation here of what the kanji say, but it is available in the back of the book. I can see why TOKYOPOP chose to include it back there rather than on the page, for it would have made it very crowded.

This volume opens with Sakura and her family and friends at the school festival. This gives Sakura a chance to show off some of her athletic abilities and Yukito the chance to show off his eating skills! As they're having lunch, Sakura and Tomoyo notice that there's a lot of flower petals falling. But, they're distracted with the arrival of Sakura's father, Fujitaka, and Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi. Sonomi is ecstatic to see Sakura until her eyes fall on Fujitaka. She had no idea that Fujitaka was Sakura's father and proceeds to get upset.

The parents go off to talk and Sonomi informs Fujitaka that she will never forgive him for taking away her precious Nadeshiko. We find out that Sakura's mother and father married when Nadeshiko was 16 and that she died at age 27. Fujitaka remains calm about all of this, but Sonomi insists she won't forgive him for Nadeshiko's death.

Sakura and her father go off to participate in the family race with Tomoyo and her mother and Toya tells Yukito that Nadeshiko and Sonomi were cousins. The race gets into gear, with both Sonomi and Fujitaka proving they're very fast runners. However, the flower petals that were around before keep falling even faster. The girls realize it's a Clow Card and Sakura uses FLY to get her and Tomoyo out of there. They make their way to the roof, where they find a girl creating flowers. After dancing with her, Sakura turns the girl back into a card and they discover it's the FLOWER card. Meanwhile, Fujitaka barely beats Sonomi in the race.

The parents go behind the school where Sonomi continues to argue with Fujitaka. Distressed at seeing this, Sakura uses the FLOWER card to have a shower of Nadeshiko flowers fall on them. Fujitaka takes this chance to remind Sonomi that Nadeshiko still loved her after her marriage. As Fujitaka comforts Sonomi, Tomoyo tells Sakura that she loves her. But, it's a different kind of love from what Sakura believes that it is. And then we get the reason behind why Tomoyo blushes when she sees Toya - it's because he reminds her of Sakura.

The next two chapters deal with the arrival of Sakura's rival, Shaoran Li. Li transfer to the school from Hong Kong in the middle of December and spends the majority of his first day staring at Sakura. He finally gets her alone and, using an incantation, reveals that she holds the Clow Cards. He demands she hands them over and she refuses. Li tries to take them from her, but is stopped by Toya and Tomoyo. Then Yukito comes running on the scene. Li takes a look at him, blushes, then runs away.

Sakura goes home to tell Kero-chan what happened, but finds him dreaming about someone named Yue. Kero tells Sakura more about Clow's magic and that Li is a distant relative of Clow. Just then, the doorbell rings and Sakura opens it to find a possessed Rika. Kero-chan realizes that Rika is being controlled by the SWORD card. Rika tries to attack Sakura and nearly succeeds, but Li arrives in time to save her. Sakura uses the ILLUSION card to get Rika to drop the sword long enough for her to capture the card.

The next day, Sakura gives Rika her favorite brooch and we get a very nice scene between Rika and Terada-sensei. Meanwhile, Sakura gives Yukito a birthday present while Li flusters, then gives Yukito a box of Pocky.

The final chapter in the volume opens with Sakura capturing the THUNDER card, following that, she goes shopping for Valentine's Day and must fend off Li trying to capture the SHADOW card while finding a present for Yukito at the same time.

At first glance, it doesn't seem like a lot happens in this volume, but it really does. We find out that it's getting pretty close to a year since Sakura first became a Cardcaptor (nine months at Christmas and 11 months at Valentine's Day), yet it's slow going capturing all of the cards.

A lot of the relationships are developing further here. It's really neat to see how the younger generation is mirroring the relationships in the older - especially the Sakura/Tomoyo relationship that mirrors the Nadeshiko/Sonomi one and the Rika/Terada that mirrors the Nadeshiko/Fujitaka one. There's also some close moments between Yukito and Toya that will make the fans of that couple very happy.

I'm not quite sure what to make of Li yet. Other than him demanding the Clow cards and having a crush on Yukito, there's not a lot to say about him. Most of the action is still focused on Sakura. Yet, plenty of pages are devoted to the secondary relationships too, which I vastly enjoyed - especially the scenes between Sonomi and Fujitaka.

The relationships, moreso than the cards themselves, make up the bulk of the series and that's what makes Cardcaptor Sakura a lot of fun. As time passes, you see how the characters grow to care for each other very much. However, there is still a lack of an overall goal other than collecting the cards. There's not much insight as to what will happen if Sakura fails to collect them all, as we're still being introduced to core cast in this volume. But with that out of the way, the final pages of volume two hint that more plot regarding the cards themselves is about to come to light. We're moving at a quick pace here, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in volume three. Highly recommended.


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