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vagabondster 3/7/2013 7:41:52 AM

 aw comeon! Carrie isn't THAT bad looking is she???

kinetoscope 3/7/2013 8:28:32 AM

She's doing Jenny Craig... She'll look great in a few months. I can't wait to see her in the slave costume again... Or maybe they should just ask my wife?

axia777 3/7/2013 8:58:47 AM

Jenny Craig?  She mostr likely has a person trainer that fixes her meals and sets her work out program.  All three do most likely.  It is the Hollywood way.  

Do you all thin guys like Brad Pitt look cut up and awesome ALL the time?  Hell no.  Pitt says he hates working out and trying to stay fit all the time.  They all slack off between movies but work out to look good for the movie.

millean 3/7/2013 9:41:33 AM

Carrie is looking much better these days.  I wouldn't call her Jabba, but then again I'm not as mean as Violator.  ;)

I actually heard Carrie mention in an interview somewhere that she was on Jenn Craig.  But I suppose she may have a trainer to boot.

I won't believe anything regarding Episode VII until it comes from the studio or Abrams.  When are they supposed to start shooting, anyway?  I suspect it may be a while, as they need to get the script done first.

axia777 3/7/2013 9:56:07 AM

Bleeding cool is reporting this:  George Lucas Had "Signed" Hamill, Fisher And Ford For New Star Wars Before Disney Became Involved.

It seems the deal may have been made before the deal with Disney was made. If this is true then Lucas did right my his friends.


ElBaz13 3/7/2013 11:03:26 AM

I don't get the knock on Carrie. She is 57 and it's not like she is doing action movie roles that require her to have a steady workour regime. I think she looks great for a woman her age. Maybe it's the crush I still have on her for the past 30 years speaking but yeah, I still have the hots for her besides her loopyness and pack a day voice.

I'm almost positive if you would meet her at a Con and she said "hey, want to meet me at my hotel for a drink", all of you would say yes. :)

@axia. I just read the same article from a different source. So the man himself GL, reveals the actors signing. Can't go wrong with that one since he wrote the story for the new movie and had already sat down with Mark and Carrie.

Wouldn't it be cool to have Ewan MacGregor (with makeup) be the spirit of Obiwan?


LadyBrowncoat 3/7/2013 11:38:09 AM

 I like the idea of having them do cameos of themselves at their actual age, and any flashbacks would be new actors.

Bryzarro 3/7/2013 11:39:16 AM

I have no qualms about their fitness.  Not as mean as others.  

I just think their age at this point and general look at the age they are now will not fit this continuation of the film.  there is no story or anything out there other than the next episode will be out.  But my guess is they will need an actor to tie the original trilogy into the new episodes.  MacGregor was our Obi-Wan in epidose 1-3.  

I don't see Hamil, Ford, or Fisher in that role going forward.  I would look to cast as close as possible some more mature 35-40 something adults to fill their roles so story wise there won't have to be such a jump in years.  

Just thinking of Ford as Han will not do justice to his legacy.  Plus its going to be catered to this whole new Generation of kids who follow the Clone Wars and lets be honest the Lego Star Wars games.  The vast majority will not care if they recast.  Just the hardcore followers.

invisioner 3/7/2013 11:43:16 AM

Apparently, Carrie's rep just said she hasn't had any negotiations yet, so the article overstated the facts. 



CalamityJohnson 3/7/2013 12:06:20 PM

For me some of the worst parts of the prequels were the forced cameos of old favorites from the originals: C3PO, R2D2 (although he was serviceable in RotS), Chewbacca. I would rather just some really original stories that take place in the ST universe.

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