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SarcasticCaveman 4/17/2012 11:02:18 AM

Okay, I will spell out why I think Avatar IS Dances With Wolves rather than simply formulaic:

John Dunbar is about to lose his foot before a colonel sends him to his private surgeon to save his foot, ensuring his ability to walk - Corporal Wheels is given an Avatar body which restores his ability to use legs.

John Dunbar's love interest is a white woman who was raised by the native population - Wheels' love interest is a native who had prior exposure to English speaking newcomers, so they still have something in common despite being wildly different.

John Dunbar has run-ins with one of the natives who really doesn't like him, yet they become great friends - Wheels and Angry Blue Man, everybody.

John Dunbar proves himself a Sioux warrior by completing Native American rites of passage - Wheels does the same with the Na'vi, but I gotta admit, jumping onto the back of a dragon in 3D was pretty awesome eye candy.

John Dunbar goes native and turns against the white oppressors - Wheels goes blue and never looks back.

Sorry, just too many specifics here to make me admit it's only formulaic.

violator14 4/17/2012 11:22:13 AM

Caveman- I too could find 1000's of specifics in the 100's of movie types i mentioned and call it "not formulaic"

hmm... let's try Daredevil vs. Batman.

Daredevil has a secret identity. Batman has a secret identity.

Daredevil's father was killed by bad guys. Batman's parents killed by bad guys.

Daredevil beats up bad guys and brings them to justice. Batman beats up bad guys and brings them to justice.

Daredevil wears a costume. Batman wears a costume.

Daredevil uses a rope/billyclub to climb buildings. Batman uses ropes to climb buildings.

Daredevil uses a scary voice and stalks the bad guys at night. Batman uses a scary voice and stalks bad guys at night....

Silly Conclusion: "...... OMG Daredevil STOLE his story from Batman!!! OMG!!!!!! the travesty!!!!!!!!"

I can do the same for action movies, spy movies, vampire movies, ninja movies etc etc etc.

violator14 4/17/2012 11:32:43 AM

OH and from what I remember, Dances with Wolves, didn't have crazy ass creatures, giant robot suits, amazing glowing plant and wildlife that can communicate with each other, floating mountains, riding flying dragons, spaceships, other crazy sci-fi stuff, and a GIANT EPIC battle in the end........ well from what i remember. So ya, to me, the 2 movies were pretty different. haha

SarcasticCaveman 4/17/2012 11:32:49 AM

 Touche, Violator...you have left me with no other recourse than the "I'm right and you're a poopy pants" defense.  :P

zipahead 4/17/2012 12:20:12 PM

What's annoying about the superhero reboots is the re-hashing of the ORIGIN that everbody knows already... superhero stories are already sooo predictable. Like Conan..they insisted on re-hashing this revenge origin that has nothing to do with the books or comics..and Batman Begins... what Batman trained by NINJAS....What's sad is that there are so many stories(comics, novels) out there that could be adapted to cinema that we will never see because Hollywood is so gutless.

EagleManiac 4/17/2012 12:38:39 PM

You all who know me know where I stand on Remakes, Re-imagining, re-whatevering movies. I don;t mind the occasional remake, if it is done right, like with Invasion of the Body Snatchers done in 1978. THAT is an example of a remake that is done CORRECTLY and faithfully to the original, yet bringing new elements to the story without compromising it.

Now, we not only get tons of remakes, but most completely SUCK!!! Doing remakes before the "original" has even had a chance to become part of history is even worse, and it's getting more and more prolific today!


hanso 4/17/2012 6:11:29 PM

 Avatar is Dances With Wolves, bla bla bla.  Notice they never/almost never bring up or hate on The Last Samurai which is also similar to Dances With Wolves, or Pocahontas or any other movie where the white guy goes native.  Some mofo brings up Dances with Wolves and then everybody be yapping their mouths parroting the same BS don't even stop to think about WTF they making noise on.

Hating on Avatar is fu.cking retarded, same thing with The Dark Knight btw but that shi.t is even more played out than the Avatar hate so I won't go into it.

Avatar was a HUGE box office monster hit WORLDWIDE.  Oh what's that you say, box office don't mean nothing?  Ok, try critically acclaimed.  Oh critics don't know shi.t?  Well how about the industry which nominated it for Best Picture, and it was one of the front runners, not some of the BS entries that make it since they upped the film category to 8-10 entries.  Oh that's right, the industry people don't know sh.it either.  Fact, any way you slice it, Avatar OWNED.  You don't like it that's cool beans but recognize truth before you start popping off.

Oh Avatar its so unoriginal, boo hoo, boo hoo.  Most of the mofos out there be paying for remakes, sequels, reboots left and right and then got the nerve to say Avatar is unoriginal?  STFU with that BS.

hanso 4/17/2012 6:27:02 PM

And to Wise's point about mofos not rewarding original stuff, yeah I agree with that sh.it which makes the Avatar hate even more retarded.

For fu.ck's sake, The 3 Stooges made more money than Cabin n the Woods this weekend, and mofos be talking about wanting to watch all this original content?  Titanic rerelease is making more money than lot of flicks out there too and people out there hating on Avatar for being unoriginal?  Mofos be paying to see the same sh.it they saw 14 years ago!

Now I ain't saying just go pay to see original stuff, everyone got their own tastes and can support whatever they want, I ain't sweating your coin but if you hating on Avatar for being Dances With Wolves, you fu.cked up.


And to address this article since I got sidetracked: Reboots are good, remakes suck balls imo.  With Titanic, Lion King and other rerelease making money, they should just do that instead of remakes.  


jsmulligan 4/17/2012 8:20:56 PM

 I think the thing that bugs me the most about the spidey reboot is how quickly it's happening.  Especially after the first two movies were so highly praised.  One dud and you wipe out the whole franchise?  Eventually the actors are going to have to be replaced in all these movies.  As awesome as RDJ is as Stark, he's only going to be able to do it so long before A.) he gets sick of the role and/or B.) he's too old to play the part.  Are we going to reboot every franchise whenever main characters have to be replaced?  That's just going to stick you in a creative loop with dimishining returns.

As for Trek... I can't see a Trek that is relegated to movies every fully pleasing Trek fans, because you don't have the time to explore issues in a two hour movie every few years as you do with a weekly one hour show.  In the time between JJ Trek one and JJ Trek two, a series would have told 50 stories.  You will never have the same level of depth to the characters, their relationships, or to the universe itself, simply because there isn't time.  As someone who grew up with Trek, I enjoyed the movie, loved the new take on Kirk and McCoy, but wish there was an ongoing series.

jsmulligan 4/17/2012 8:25:44 PM

Oh, and regarding why people go on about Avatar being Dances with Wolves but not The Last Samuri or any others... success.  Avatar was praised over and over, and made huge amounts of cash.  A lot of people feel it didn't deserve the praises due to it's derivative story, so it will constantly be brought out to try to drag the movie down a peg.

Plus, I don't recall hearing about people getting suicidal after watching TLS because feudal Japan was just so much more beautiful than our old, used up planet.

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