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boxker 7/25/2012 5:41:28 AM

 Iconic? I don't know about that. Maybe Iconic in that they were really good movies. But the only real iconic performance ,I say, belongs to the Joker. Bale is a good actor and was great as Batman/Bruce. However, he seemed more like a guy wearing a the batsuit. He doesn't seem like batman to me. Not like the Batman in the cartoons, comics, and DVD movies seems like Batman. For me, I would say the Batman in the Nolan movies comes off like the Dread Priate Roberts from the Princess Bride. Someone feeling the role of a legend. Bale just happens to be the first one. There isn't a person that embodies Bruce Wayne/Batman like Christopher Reeves is the definitive Superman. At least not yet. 

Michael Caine, was good. However,  Hingle from the first set of Batman movies-Now he is the definitive Alfred. I guess Gordon was cool. I like him. And in this case I like him better than he seems in the comics or cartoon. As for the other characters I'm not sure. 

macthorn 7/25/2012 6:34:42 AM

I agree with cinemaman72 

"First off I'm going to start with the glaring mistake of your article. In the next Batman reboot, NO JOKER, NO CATWOMAN, NO TWO FACE, NO BANE! They have all been in the last seven films and quiet frankly Batman as enough villians that we really could actually make 10 films before we get around to any of them. "

Throw stones at me if you want, but that's why I've only just now (this past weekend) seen The Dark Night. I know, I know Heath Ledger is the god of all Jokers. But I felt BM has enough villians I don't need to see the Joker again. Same goes for you Kal-El I'm tired of Lex Luther and General Zod. Would love to see Doomsday, Darkseid or Braniac done right.

monkeyfoot 7/25/2012 7:12:55 AM

Excellent well thought out choices, Rob. You are on a roll with Batty articles.

1) I'm on the DON'T USE THE CHARACTERS JUST USED IN THE LAST TRILOGY bandwagon. But I understand why you did it. They are the ones fresh in everyone's mind so naturally we think who could reprise the roles.

2) Yes, on an actual kid as Robin please! It would make the role that must more dramatic. Movies like The Exorcist, Goonies, and Super 8 were so much better, IMHO because we saw actual kids of that age doing the parts and not youngish adults.

3) Adrien Brody as The Joker. I've wanted him to do some comic book movie for a long time either as Dr. Strange, Bruce Banner - or The Joker. I mean look at his face. Put white makeup and green hair on him and he looks exactly how the Joker is drawn in comics.

4) Batman - I just don't know. I've enjoyed most of the actors who've done the role but since we are talking about our dream wish list of casting I have characteristics from my fantasy director's chair that I haven't had fulfilled. Batman-TAS has come the closest. A deadly serious Batman who is menacing in actions, meticulous in planning, has trained to expert level in everything you can imagine, a master detective, but as Bruce Wayne is actually a suave billionaire bachelor who can be well-rounded and enjoy this part of his life without losing track of his real life's work. He wouldn't be play acting as the playboy as Bale's Bats did. I always thought a younger George Clooney cast in a better production of the Caped Crusader than he got could do it.

CaptAmerica04 7/25/2012 7:41:32 AM

 Well, since the last two incarnations of Catwoman pretty much sucked (yes, hate if you will, but I did NOT like Anne Hathaway), I think the role needs to be cast very carefully.  And while Eva Green has the dark haunting eyes... she's become almost a little TOO dark, and never has appeared playful enough, IMHO, to be Catwoman.  (And let's be honest, she also lacks certain other... assets.)

Rhona Mitra or Morena Baccarin would both be FAR better choices, I think.

Other than that, VERY solid list.  I especially like Cranston as Gordon and Bettany as Joker (though I seriously doubt that they'd do Joker again so soon.  Hollywood is too squeamish about treading on the roles of recently deceased actors.

I think the next Batman villain should be the Ventriloquist.  Done right, it could be VERY dark.  Or Zsasz or Hush.  Someone who is twisted and will make Batman use his detective skills.  So far, we've see several incarnations of Batman on the big screen, but only the animated series portrayed him as the world's greatest detective.

redhairs99 7/25/2012 7:44:59 AM

 "Hingle was the definitive Alfred"?  Seriously?  

Hingle was Commissioner Gordon!  Michael Gough was Alfred, and yes he was the definitive Alfred!

redhairs99 7/25/2012 7:47:45 AM

 I also am in the camp that says stay away from the recently used characters.  I love Joker, but Batman has so many rogues in his gallery that there's plenty to choose from.  Even though used in previous Batman's from the 90's, I wouldn't mind seeing some serious takes on Riddler or Penguin.  Harley would be great but only works if you use Joker.

ddiaz28 7/25/2012 8:20:50 AM

Same here, don't use the same villains, although I wouldn't mind seeing another Joker w/ Harley at some point since he is Batman's arch nemesis.  And I hope they don't reboot.  Just change actors and continue on.  Even if the continuity changes and the world is presented a bit differently, I just don't want to see another origin story.  I just want to jump in the middle and keep going with new stories and new villains. Pretty good casting choices though. 

creamygnome 7/25/2012 8:48:07 AM

What?  No Fassbender?  Doesn't everyone fantasy cast him in EVERY role these days?

Hugh Laurie as The Riddler.

Put Jon Hamm in there too.  I don't care what role, he should just be in every movie.

death4sale 7/25/2012 9:46:27 AM

 I would like to see a slight continuation of this current series with a few recastings. I think it's logical that Jonathan Nolan continue the series himself as writer and director. Chris has been lobbying for his brother to get a chance at directing and I think it could be with a new trilogy of Batman films. He tried to suggest Jonathan for the Man of Steel job but the execs didn't want someone with no experience. I would like to see a trilogy of Batman films featuring an older Bruce Wayne who returns to Gotham after being gone for years. Perhaps a villain shows up in Gotham that neither the police nor Nightwing can deal with. I don't think Bruce could ever turn his back on Gotham if the situation was dire enough. They don't even have to make any real references to Chris Nolan movies, but keep JGL as Nightwing because he's simply an awesome actor. For those who have seen the Jonathan Nolan created series Person of Interest, Jim Caviezel basically plays Batman without a suit on and I think he could be a pretty badass older Batman/Bruce Wayne. He has the looks and he doesn't have to alter his voice. I wouldn't mind Jon Hamm in the role either. They could actually call the film The Dark Knight Returns and base parts of it off the book. The Bryan Cranston suggestion is excellent. I've always wanted a smoldering woman to play Catwoman. My first choice has always been Kate Beckinsale. She always has a great physical presence. We know she looks hot in leather and judging from the Total Recall trailers, she can play a bad girl with a little playfulness. For Harley Quinn, I have always thought that Rachel McAdams looks just like her. She is underrated as an actress. She does a fine job as the queen biatch in Mean Girls. Lets put a villain that has never been seen before such as Killer Croc with Mickey Rourke as Croc. A great thespian that would make a fine Alfred would be Christopher Plummer. Lets go with the younger Robin. Kodi Smit Mcphee would be a fine choice for the younger Robin. He's actually 16 but still looks like he's 12 or 13. He's also a fine actor who has been asked to be in some very mature roles for a kid. Anyone see The Road? I've always seen Guy Pearce as a better choice for a serious version of the Riddler. He has a creepy look to him.

MrEt 7/25/2012 9:51:10 AM

Actors may be important, but even more so will be the script, heck for a batman movie I don't care if they cast 2 people for the role one for the Bat one for Bruce, but a pore script could spell doom. I'm also of the same mind of avoiding some of the more recent villians, and I prefer just one main villian but the cameos of others are always well recieved.

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