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monkeyfoot 10/14/2009 6:58:00 AM

I haven't a clue who should be Cap. Nobody on this list seems quite right. What's this fascination with Nathan Fillion? I don't get it. He's a fine actor but next people will want him to play Nelson Mandela or something.

What I would see most in a Captain America besides the obvious physicality is that he shoud have a commanding charisma and humble confidence. He's the type of guy who if he says we all have to march into the jaws of death and probably not come back, but it will save the world, you would do it in a heartbeat.

I also think it has to be an American cast in the role. If you think casting Will Smith would be controversial, think about the flack of putting a foreigner into a US Flag costume as the living American symbol. Think of what Stephen Colbert alone would say. "300 Million Americans and you can't find one who could play Captain America!?! They didn't even call me!!!"

Boombatty 10/14/2009 7:05:17 AM

John Cena would be great in a sequel. And I mean a sequel where Capt. loses his position as was in the comics and a replacement is brought in. Thus John Cena = John Walker = US Agent. Could even end up in a spin-off movie ala Venom.

Walker is supposed to be a bigger more menacing looking Cap with less brains. More of a grunt who follows orders and talks less. Cena would shine in that role.

As for Cap himself, I'd throw the Blond Vampire dude (Saarsgard?) from True Blood into the ring. He was up for Thor but if you saw his Military role you'd see he could easily fit Cap with a little bulk. Brad Pitt could do it but he is also getting on in the years now.

As fo Bucky...Seth Green.

Oh and what about Mr. Deadpool/Green Lantern himself (Ryan whatever his name is)?  He might be in a lot of Superhero movies these days but A) he can act B) he can get big and C) he is funny

theHeadCase 10/14/2009 7:14:08 AM

I actually think where the actor's from plays a big part in how the movie will be seen. I'm ok with Batman being from the UK cause Christian Bale's an awesome actor, and a Canadian Jack Bauer's cool cause Sutherland's a badass but if Sam Worthington got the part for Cap I think it would take away from the movie, just like if they heard a megastar like Will Smith or Chris Pine.

Wiseguy 10/14/2009 7:18:46 AM

I agree withy Darkknight also, if only Cena had some acting skills or even Tatum. The rest I think are a bit too old for the role but I guess they can use the same effect used for X-Men to make them look younger.

I never really thought of Eckhart but the more I think about it the more I like it

I know the guy from Mad Men, Jon Hamm has been getting a lot of nods from people for the role. Don't know him but he got my attention also

And again, Cap has or needs to be American, period. I don't care who looks better or whatever reason, there are enough quality American actors to fill the role. I'll see the film either way but if they cast a foreigner, that includes Canadian, I'll watch it a frown on my face

silversurfer 10/14/2009 7:21:05 AM

I would go for Matt Damon as Cap, but something says that he wouldn't feel comfortable in the tights, but hey Ben Affleck was Daredevil, so maybe?

John Cena as Captain America would make the most sense, but the verdict is out on whether or not he can play Steve Rogers....that's the big deal to me with him...he would be believable as Cap, it's Steve that would cause a problem.

If Aaron Eckhart were younger, I think this wouldn't be debated...he would be Captain America hands down....

Nathan Fillion is probably somewhere on the net as we speak getting someone to make another You Tube video to sell his point to everyone...he should be Zemo...that way we don't have to look at his face.

You will need a big name to be Captain America simply because the character is larger than life, and even though there will be some that disagree....can the guy be American?

Bradley Cooper? I think there could be a part in this for him, but not Cap...

shadowprime 10/14/2009 7:23:04 AM


I can't see Walz as the Skull because I suspect he doesn't want to end up as the "Nazi of the Month" when it comes to casting... but that is one inspired, great choice. Granted, I don't see the Skull as the kind of cultured (on the surface), cheerful (on the surface) sort but Iove the idea of seeing what he could do with the role.

Of the guys on the list above, for Cap , I like the Eckhart choice. He has the right basic "look", he has the acting chops... I think he could pull it off.  How about John Hamm from MAD MEN? Not blonde, granted, but think he has the right "retro" look. Although maybe he is more the Superman type? Bradd Pitt - or is he too recognizable, breaks the movie plane too much?...



Apropos 10/14/2009 7:34:01 AM

I personally thought Joesph Gordon Levit would make a great Bucky

As for Cap not appealing to a more "Liberal" crowd I want to point out that the only superhero who swings farther left is Green Arrow think about it

created in the Roosevelt administration

revived in Kennedys

became Nomad and a Cop in Nixions

replaced by USAgent in Reagans

Killed in W. Bushs

Revived again in Obamas

Wiseguy 10/14/2009 7:35:35 AM

Bradley Cooper? Are you effing kidding, this guy can't even hope to pull off a manly role, if it isn't some sort of metro-sexual it isn't for him

I'd like to know how old a Cap are they going for. In the comics he's in his early to mid twenties when he volunteers but I suspect they're aiming older to fit better with IronMan.

Anyway now that Disney's buy out seems like a done deal I don't think they have to stick with an unknown although that was my first option (an unknown, barely known or new comer) maybe they can afford Matt Damon now

indianawerewolf 10/14/2009 7:37:58 AM

As far as looks cut of body n so forth John Cena is a good cap pick ,, but he would ne a great actor for the red skull to help him rise to the part ithink he could learn to act better give him samuel jackson as fury , william defoe as the skull n i think he could pull it off then get himinto the avengers movie with a trove of good acting n i think he would step up greatly

Hobbs 10/14/2009 7:39:32 AM

I agree Monkey, I don't like any of these guys for Cap. I think he should be an unknown blonde air, blue eyed athletic boy just like Steve Rogers is...or was. Have they risen him from the dead in comics yet btw? 

I like some of the choices for the bad guy.

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