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Casting CONAN


By Rob M. Worley     October 27, 2009
Source: Various

Comics2Film: CONAN by Frank Frazetta
© Mania

Actors, alert your agents: the 'Conan' movie is casting. Plus: Millar circling 'Superman' again? Reitman endorses 'Scott Pilgrim'. 'Doc Savage' correction and more! There's a little black spot on the sun today, it's your Comics2Film 9.10.27!



Fabio's THOR!

Mania cross-link: Comics2Film gives you exclusive insights into the Fabio 'Thor' movie poster that's making the rounds this week in a special Flashback report!




Mania cross-link: in case you missed it Mania has posted a video clip from this Friday's episode of 'Smallville'. We've also got the synopsis of next week's episode which features Jor-El. And we've got the scoop on the episode that airs two weeks from now, which introduces the Wonder Twins!



CROW 15 Years of Devils Night

With excitement building over the new relaunch of 'The Crow', MTV Splash Page is taking a look back at the film that started it all. Check out their retrospective.



Paramount Explains Early G.I.JOE Release

A few weeks back it was reported that theater owners were upset that Paramount had decided to to release 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra' some 12 and a half weeks after it's theatrical run ended. This is an unusually short time frame in what is apparently a trend of shortening time frames in the industry. Theater owners, of course, feel that the quick release of films into the home video market will deter audiences from going to see the film in the movie house.

Now, according to Variety, Paramount has assured exhibitors that this is a one-time deal and the reason for it is part of their contractual obligations to Hasbro, who is rolling out a new toy line for the holiday season.

In a bit of deal trading that could be seen as comedic, Paramount is agreeing to delay the release of Jeremy Piven's recent box office bomb 'The Goods'. That should make everything Ohhhh-Kay! Hug it out, bitches.



Correction: FURIOUS Boys Taking on DOC SAVAGE

Ain't it Cool posted a correction to yesterday's story that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are producing the 'Doc Savage' movie.

The correction comes from screenwriter Shane Black's people. To recap, AICN got the scoop directly from Black, who they bumped into at a bar. AICN feels pretty certain that they heard Black right when he said Orci and Kurtzman are involved.

However, the story is now that Neal Moritz and Ori Marmur are producing the film for Sony. Moriz is, of course, famous for the 'Fast & Furious' franchise, as well as numerous other films.

Blacks people have, however, confirmed that their screenwriter is writing the script for the film.



I SAW YOU Make A Comic-To-Film Deal

Variety reports that State Street Pictures have nabbed the rights to the rom-com comics by Julia Wertz called 'I Saw You: Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections'. Wertz based her strip on the missed romantic connection ads one finds on Craigslist (you know: "I saw you a Starbucks. You were wearing a black sweater. I was too afraid to talk to you...").

State Street partners George Tillman and Bob Teitel acquired the rights. Tillman is set to direct while Teitel serves as producer. Plans are to get a script together and the seen studio financing.

'I Saw You' is available from the Random House imprint Three Rivers Press.



Interview: Michael Bell, the Voice of PLASTIC MAN

Fans of the old 'Plastic Man' animated series will be happy to learn it's slated for re-release on the home entertainment market. Xum Yukinori over at has a chat with actor Michael Bell, who voiced the character on the show. Check it out!

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.



Jason Reitman saw SCOTT PILGRIM

Young director Jason Reitman, who sat behind the camera for 'Juno' and who seems to be a physical doppelganger for director Edgar Wright, was treated to some 30 minutes of footage from Wright's comic-based 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'. Reitman is tweeting all about it:

# In London, @edgarwright showed me 30min of Scott Pilgrim. While sworn to secrecy (so much, surprised blood wasn't demanded) I will say this:

# It is a game changer for Edgar and the genre. It moves the speed of light and carries more unadulterated joy than Ive seen in recent cinema.

# [Scott Pilgrim] does what everyone our age has been dreaming about: achieves the first all encompassing film of the joystick generation.

# I'm in awe of the sheer control in the filmmaking. It feels like a "Matrix" for love and how willing we are to fight for it.

# If I had a movie coming out next year, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near it. Hats off my friend. Can't get it out of my head.

Regular readers know that Comics2Film is already on board for this movie. This only makes us level-up with excitement bonus +100



Mark Millar Circling SUPERMAN Again?

Comics and film phenom Mark Millar spent the better part of the past 18 months teasing out his alleged involvement with a plot to reboot the 'Superman' franchise. Millar had pitched a three film epic with the attachment of a mysterious A-list director (later revealed to be his 'Kick-Ass' partner Matthew Vaughn).

Most recently, Millar revealed that talks on the film had run aground and he and Vaughn had moved on. Or have they?

This week on his message boards, the comics creator teased that there my still be something happening with him and the Man of Steel. In a message board topic titled "DC Just Gave Me Superman" he wrote:

Superman Red Son, that is. They just gave me a brand new hardback of the issues collected a few years back with lotsa extras, includign the secret Alex Ross stuff nobody's seen.

But this looks AMAZING! I didn't even know it was out. Have I got some kind of advance copy? Dc pretty good like that.

PS WB been talking to me about Superman again too, btw. Heh heh heh. More later...

'Superman: Red Son' is, of course, Millar's buzzed-about Elseworlds graphic novel in which Kal-El's ship crash lands in soviet Russia rather than the heartland of the U.S. and the world of DC Comics is completely changed. The book is apparently due for a deluxe hardcover edition. But it's that post-script is the point of intrigue here.

If we presume WB is "Warner Bros" what does this really mean? Are they talking about a Superman movie? The live action movie? Or perhaps and animated film? Or maybe they're just seeking Millar out for a graphic novel or comics series (although I think he's exclusive to Marvel at this point).

Millar's tease may be nothing at all. But he did offer another little come-on in a follow up ost in the same thread:

There's a lot of good stuff in this hardcover. It not only looks beautiful (DC has great designers), but there's stuff you don't know about like the Alex Ross costume designs and so on. Some stuff even I hadn't seen myself. It's worth checking out and should give you a littl taste of what I have planned for a very secret and special project...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



SMALLVILLE Producer Reveals The Future

Daemon's TV has posted an exclusive interview with 'Smallville' executive producer Brian Peterson who reveals some interesting things about the future of the show.

Peterson summarized last week's "Roulette" episode before moving on. "Then we bring in the Wonder Twins and so Clark gets to mentor two somewhat ragged Wonder Twins. Then we actually quickly start to pay off the visions that Lois is having from her time in the future. That's going to be in episode nine called 'Pandora' which is the final episode of our Fall run.

"And then we bring in somebody from Oliver Queen's past and we introduce one of his sidekicks Mia Dearden, Speedy or the newest version of Speedy. So that'll be a fun arc that we have for her. We bring some old favorites back in like Zatanna and Martian ManHunter. So he's in the thick of the universe that he's going to be in when he's Superman this season."

Peterson reveals much more so click through for the complete, extensive Q & A.

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.



Casting CONAN

Actors, alert your agents: the 'Conan' movie is casting.

In an exclusive scoop, has published complete casting breakdowns for the planned relaunch of Robert E. Howard's barbarian king.

Here's what they're looking for for the leading man:

[ CONAN ] He's in his 20s to early 30s, Caucasian, powerfully built, broad-shouldered, sun browned skin lined with scars. Piercing blue eyes and square-cut black mane, tall. He is a savage killer that has matured into the refinement his father tried to teach him when he was young. Conan is very smart, almost inhumanly strong, and very cunning. His entire life, from the moment of his birth, has been shaped by violence. Being the last of his tribe and having to watch his father die a cruel death, he is determined avenge his peoples slaughter by killing all those who led the attack on the Cimmerians, including the all-powerful Khalar Singh. He is prepared to die in order to accomplish his goal. What Conan did not expect, was to find a reason to live? LEAD

Other prominent characters include:

  • TAMARA -18 to 24 years old, Caucasian or Middle Eastern, female. Out to rescue Queen Ilira. Ally of Conan.
  • KHALAR SINGH - Male. 40s to 50s, Asian or Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Mongol, Turkish, or Persian. Arch-rival of Conan. Seems to be the primary villain.

The casting breakdowns list 18 supporting roles. Click through for complete casting info and, If you're an actor, have your agent get you an addition.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry and Matador for the submission.



And finally...

BATMAN: The Vanishing

Props to for digging up this College Humor bit lampooning a certain improbable habit of THE DARK KNIGHT


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monkeyfoot 10/27/2009 8:45:26 AM

 Doc Savage: The change of producers on this fills me with dread. I don't know what else these guys have done but the F&F franchise has only been action fluff to me. Not movies I consider well done or of great substance. If they have a similar attitude for the Doc I'm fearful of how they might dumb down the material to make it like GI Joe or the original Phantom film. Still hoping for something good. Might hinge on a good director.  

Millar & Superman: Guess we'll have to see what he's hinting at. From what he's said about his approach to Supes (a trilogy dealing with his origin, middle of his life, and his end), it doesn't lend itself to making it an on-going franchise or teaming him up with the Justice League.

Batman: The Vanishing: Funny!

Flint521466 10/27/2009 9:15:21 AM

Millar is one of these guys who loves to hear himself talk.  I so sick of hearing him talk about Supes.  Hey Mark: Do it, don't do it I don't give a fuck.

Batman: The Vanishing is pretty damn funny!  I can already hear Wiseguy lobbying for Bale to be replaced by the guy in this vid.  Actually I liked his bat-voice better.

Two "Smallville" articles?  Really? 

Wiseguy 10/27/2009 9:20:27 AM

lol Flint but he sounds too much like Bale. The Batman clip was hilarious. Is the Commish the same guy from the Fios commercial?

Doc Savage change of producers doesn't really bother me. Hopefully they won't be too hands on and as long as they get the right director it should all work out.

Millar is such a self-promoter I don't trust anything he says, especially regarding Superman. Agree b100% with Flint

So now we have 2 people interestred in Scott Pilgrim, Rob and Jason Reitman. I need a good trailer to pique my interest cause none of Rob's updates have done the trick yet

I can't wait to see who who'll get the Conan role, that's the one I'm nervous about and really hope they don't eff it up.

Ozymandas 10/27/2009 9:55:51 AM

"In a bit of deal trading that could be seen as comedic, Paramount is agreeing to delay the release of Jeremy Piven's recent box office bomb 'The Goods'. That should make everything Ohhhh-Kay!"

Really? Yeah, being that this movie is no longer in theatres, I don't see how a DVD delay will get anybody to go out & see it in a theatre now. It's not like they advertise a DVD delay, either. The concern is the trend, dopes.

Mark Millar/Red Son:

C'mon, does anybody really think a live Red Son movie is something that would ever be made? Animated, if anything, for sure.

Flint521466 10/27/2009 10:04:05 AM

It is indeed the cable guy from the FiOS commercials

hanso 10/27/2009 10:14:38 AM

Man I hope they don't delay The Goods, that movie is suppose to be out like in 2 weeks according to Netflix and I wanna see it.  Delay Sommer's craptastic GI Joe Paramount, delay GI Joe!!  BTW, Gi Joe: Resolute is gonna be released Nov 3 incase anyone is interested in seeing some good Gi Joe and not the cinematic abortion unleashed into this world by the one called Stephen Sommers.

littlemikey979 10/27/2009 10:27:21 AM

Sooo..... Smallville, nothing really new to reveal..... ok, still not excited

Red Son would be cool as a DC animated flick, they are putting out some good stuff lately, no reason to stop

The Vanishing was pretty funny

I hope they don't do another Superman origin story, everyone knows it, and if someone doesn't, well too bad for them, they can just do like in the opening credits of Spiderman2 and use art from Alex Ross again

Matador 10/27/2009 10:49:25 AM

Yo Hanso thanks for the good news on G.I Joe Resolute been wondering when they were going to release that on dvd and I will be getting that on Bluray!

napoleonsolo 10/27/2009 10:59:06 AM

 I received an e-mail from my casting agency yesterday about Conan. 

hanso 10/27/2009 11:19:18 AM

No prob Matador but I don't think it's going to be released on blu ray.  You may want to check on that cause I'm not 100% sure.  The dvd is suppose to sell for $12-13 I believe.

In an unrelated subject, Best Buy is having a sale this week where you buy 2 PS3/Wii/360 games and get a third free.  Preorders don't count so dont go thinking you can get Modern Warfare 2 free.  That game will own all!  Anyway, just thought the gaming crowd of this site may be interested.  There are a couple of good games out right now so it's a pretty good deal.  I recommend Uncharted 2 for anyone that has the PS3.

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