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wrrlykam 4/29/2010 9:20:27 AM


Enough to get me out and buying a BD player. Glad to hear about the audio revisions too.

Mark T. 4/30/2010 8:18:06 AM

Man, I'd love that, but unfortunately there's no BD release of this just yet. They reissued this, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service to coincide with the DVD and BD release of Ponyo, but they only put them back out on DVD. But I'm with you, BD for them all!

JTurner 5/13/2010 6:06:18 PM

I'm probably one of the few who is less than thrilled with the audio revisions.  Sure, this brings it closer to the Japanese version, but why bother doing so just to appeal to the fans who wouldn't listen to the dub in the first place?  That and I thought the new score Joe Hisaishi wrote was magnificent and really added to the picture.  I am very disappointed that it's gone.  As for the extra lines, I'm 50-50 about them; I like most of them (the pirates' banter, Sheeta taking "pirate" talking lessons), but others definitely seemed a little overdone.  Still it wasn't enough for me to take away from my overall entertainment value of the dub.  Even so, I'm holding onto my 2003 DVD copy.



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