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Cat Girl Alliance Lands in America

A new visual novel game chock full of catgirls

By Chris Beveridge     February 17, 2010

Cat Girl Alliance

JAST USA announced that its dating simulation game Cat Girl Alliance is now available for purchase in both package and download versions. The latest game in the G-Collections brand lineup that includes recent best-sellers such as Cosplay Fetish Academy and Lightning Warrior Raidy, Cat Girl Alliance stands out as a particularly ‘ecchi’ and exciting entry in the genre of multi-ending erotic interactive simulations uncensored and pioneered in English by JAST USA.

In Cat Girl Alliance you take the role of Eiji, a recent transfer student to a prestigious junior college. Looking around the school after class one day, you stumble upon the most unlikely of activities - a sexual training session taking place in the college infirmary, hosted by none other than the class president, Rumi. Your presence is discovered, and you’re given a choice: join Rumi’s ‘Alliance’ of afternoon delights, or face expulsion!

Should you choose to participate in the Cat Girl Alliance days of amazingly deviant delight will follow, starting with the seduction of fellow prim and proper classmate Shizuko, the training of the mysterious, quiet Natsuki, and bouts with the mischievous Rumi herself, a girl gifted as a futanari with both male and female endowments. Exploring the kinky story paths will take you down one of 8 possible endings with these beautiful girls, as you get to know them in more ways than ever seemed possible. The game provides hours of gameplay and allows you to revisit your favorite scenes anytime once you’ve unlocked them. All characters aged 18 or older.
The game is available for purchase now at the JAST USA website as well as other fine anime retailers. The official game site with full character profiles, sample graphics and voices, plot summaries and more is available at


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