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Mania Grade: B

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  • Audio Rating: B
  • Artwork Rating: C+
  • Packaging Rating: N/A
  • Menus Rating: B+
  • Text/Translation: C-
  • Age Rating: 18 and Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: JAST USA
  • MSRP: 34.98
  • Series:

Cat Girl Alliance PC Game Review


By Kelly Edgecomb     March 02, 2010

Cat Girl Alliance

A variety of fetishes and enthusiastic consent make this one after-class sex club you'd want to join!

What They Say
I'm Eiji, an average transfer student just trying to fit in at my new college. I thought I'd make some friends by finding an after school club, but when I stumble on an orgy in progress in the health office, I can't help but watch as my futanari (hermaphrodite) class president Rumi and her slavishly devoted friend Natsuki get down and dirty right in front of me!

I go a bit too far and am discovered... but instead of facing expulsion I get invited to join the hedonistic world of their kinky afternoon delights - beginning a saga of 'training' that introduces me to a world of amazing fetishes I'd never known before.

The Review!
Unfortunately, the art for Cat Girl Alliance is its biggest weakness. In keeping with its light theme, characters have a very cute, almost moe style. Proportions are entirely unrealistic, and the heroines have giant heads, eyes, and breasts. Because the character designs are so simplified and stylized, anatomical details such as the characters' ribs stand out and look awkwardly out of place. The "paper doll" characters are limited to school uniform, swimsuit, casual wear, and nude designs, with a few different poses for each. Backgrounds are also somewhat limited at around 20 different locations, since the action primarily takes place at the school infirmary. There are 55 main cinematic sequences for sex scenes and other important moments in the story. These sequences showcase the best art Cat Girl Alliance has to offer, and naughty bits are uncensored and quite detailed. There are also additional screens of superdeformed character antics for humorous moments, but their style is amateurish and they look to have been drawn with a basic paint program.

The translation is basic but it works fine for Cat Girl Alliance's barely-there story. I noticed a few typos and grammatical errors, and in one scene, one of the characters appeared to be talking in strings of random characters. I'm happy to report there are no laughable sexual metaphors used, and all action is described matter of factly. 

The three main girls and their male friend each have voice actors that suits their characters very well. There are no particularly standout performances, but all "iya"s and "hazukashii"s are shouted with feeling. All naughty slang terms are bleeped out in the audio track with a ridiculous chirping sound. There are eight music tracks that aren't particularly memorable, but they do communicate the mood of the scenes well. Most importantly, they do not grow tiresome upon repeated listening. I am partial to the pop industrial music tracks used during the sex scenes, which are amusingly evocative of powerful machines with grinding gears and pistons pounding.

As I was provided with a download key, I do not have any packaging to review for this release.

Menus and the interface are well designed and almost entirely self-explanatory. The game can be set up to skip all previously viewed dialogue. This allows you to jump ahead to story branches you haven't yet explored for repeated playthroughs. Music tracks, artwork, and sex scenes, once discovered, are accessible at any time through the extras menu.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When reviewing hentai, I often wonder if I give unexceptional material a pass just because it's not horrifyingly misogynistic and disgusting. I then remember that I am, in fact, reviewing hentai, and when it comes to hentai, not being disgusting is somewhat exceptional. It is therefore a great pleasure when I come across a game like Cat Girl Alliance, which presents sex as something to be enjoyed rather than to be endured.

Cat Girl Alliance takes place at a junior college to which our protagonist, Eiji, has just transferred. In order to make friends, he decides to join a student council committee. The committee he decides to join is the Health Committee, which meets after school in the Nurse's Office. As Eiji walks into the Nurse's office, he hears moaning coming from behind a curtain in the back of the room. He takes a peek, and discovers class representative and futanari girl Rumi having her way with another student. He is discovered enjoying what he saw, so Rumi decides to invite him to join the Heath Committee to indulge in sexual training. For all intents and purposes, this is the extent of the story: After school sex club. There is no deep narrative to serve as an excuse for playing this specific visual novel. Therefore, I shall dispense with all other formalities, and get to the characters and the sex. 

There are only five characters of any importance in Cat Girl Alliance. Eiji is your protagonist and alter-ego. He is your average 18 year old male with otaku proclivities, with all of the chauvanism and homophobia that implies. Regardless, he is a pleasure to play, if for no other reason than he is not a complete sociopath who lies and manipulates other people. Rumi, the maroon-haired girl, is your average futanari catgirl and ringleader of the sex club. Her archetype is the playful, mischevious tomboy who knows what she wants and likes bossing people around. Naturally, it is important to note that she is not a biological catgirl, but merely a girl who likes dressing up and playing as a cat. She is, however, biologically futanari, and adorably so at that. Second is Natsuki, the quiet, grey-haired girl, who is designed to take care of your lolicon and moe needs. Quiet and uncommunicative, Natsuki is nonetheless devoted to her "Master", Rumi, and does whatever the Master requests. Third is Shizuko, the large-breasted childhood friend type. She is a straight-laced straight-A student that Rumi decides to corrupt with pleasures of the flesh. Last is Masayoshi, the bishonen stepbrother of Rumi, who appears to exist only to serve as a second, non-threatening male organ to round out the orgies. While he is beautiful, and apparently quite smitten with Eiji, shonen-ai fans will be disappointed to discover that it does not appear possible to select him as a partner. Eiji steadfastly refuses to accept any feelings he might have toward Masayoshi, and the game ends rather abruptly if you choose to spend most of your time with him.

Sex in Cat Girl Alliance is nicely varied, as Rumi plans out different activities catering to a broad selection of common fetishes. The types of play are roughly associated with one of the girls, so by picking a specific partner you can somewhat control the kind of content you see. Natsuki's scenes primarily deal with bondage, humiliation, masochism, and various bodily functions. If those types of scenes do not appeal to you, you'll want to avoid selecting her. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to determine which specific path in the story will lead to which kind of sex scene. While this increases the replay value, some of the choices seem somewhat random. Why, for instance, does telling Rumi her food is good lead to a scene with Natsuki, while saying it's bad leads to one with Shizuko? I played through long enough to get four different endings, and there was a great deal of variety in the sexual scenarios. All sex scenes save for one are enthusiastically consensual, and there is no torture or cruelty. The one scene in question has Shizuko drugged and stripped by Rumi in an odd attempt to make Shizuko more comfortable with her sexuality. Shizuko quickly begins to enjoy herself, so it is not a long, uncomfortable scene, but it does stand apart from the others. The largest shortcoming is the game's reluctance to fight Eiji's (and, presumably, the intended audience's) gay panic. Not only does the game wrap up rather quickly if Eiji finds himself getting too close to Masayoshi, but Eiji also flatly refuses to service Rumi's male organ. Besides the fact that this makes Eiji a huge jerk, it also wastes a lot of the potential a futanari character brings to the table. 

In Summary:
Cat Girl Alliance is a solid release for those looking for an eroge focused entirely on sex. There is no nuance and no real drama in the story. While you can choose a girl to date and marry, the characters remain flat and stick to the standard fetish archetypes. The game also could have been greatly improved with a more detailed, less stylized art style. However, Cat Girl Alliance has a lot of sex, a lot of variety, and should last 10 to 20 hours depending on how quickly you read and how many endings and scenes you collect. Because it can appeal to a wide variety of tastes, and because of its fun and playful atmosphere, Cat Girl Alliance is easy to recommend to eroge fans.

Age Rating: Adults Only (18+)
Images: Fully Uncensored
OS Required: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7/RAM: 300 MHz+ / 128MB+





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