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Rockne S. O'Bannon talks about SCI FI's plan to re-air FARSCAPE in its intended order.

By Anna L. Kaplan     August 27, 2001

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Starting tonight, Monday August 27th at 8 p.m. (check local listings), the SCI FI Channel will be running FARSCAPE starting with its first episode. Every Monday through Thursday, viewers can catch FARSCAPE episodes in their original, intended viewing order, some of which haven't been shown in quite some time.

First up tonight is "Premiere", followed by "I, ET" on Tuesday the 28th, "Exodus From Genesis" on the 29th, and "Throne For A Loss" on the 30th. Those of you who have been watching the show have probably noticved that this is not the order in which the episodes first aired, but it is the way series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon intended them.

O'Bannon recently sat down with CINESCAPE's Anna L. Kaplan to discuss the correct order of the episodes.

"It will be interesting to see if they actually now have the confidence in the show to play them in the original production order, and intended order," says O'Bannon. "The first DVD came out with the right order, with 'Premiere' and then 'I, ET.' 'I, ET,' as I have said before, was in some ways a funky episode. Episode one and three were shot simultaneously, with Andrew Prowse who got it right from the beginning, and Brian Henson at the same time shooting three ['Exodus From Genesis']. Two ['I, ET'] and four ['Throne For A Loss'] were the first ones to shoot with one director [Pino Amenta] shooting the two episodes simultaneously, that block system that did not work for us. So there are things in 'I, ET,' that are terrific, and I am still very proud of it. But there are aspects to it that are kind of funky. That's why the SCI FI Channel chose to put it not in second place, wanted to put the more finished shows up front. Now looking at the two of them side-by-side on the DVD, they really play well together. It's the perfect number two episode following the premiere."

The SCI FI Channel is indeed showing the episodes in O'Bannon's order this time. Plans are to continue this schedule until they have played straight through all the FARSCAPE episodes. The last new, season three episode aired Friday August 24th. During the coming months there will be the occasional chain reaction on Friday nights and also repeats of season three episodes. The last new season three episodes will probably not air until early next year, as in previous seasons.

Check the SCI FI Channel schedule for airdates. Check back here later this week for Kaplan's interview with O'Bannon.


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