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Catching up with Actor Michael Pare'

After years of shying away from the limelight, Michael Pare' is back in a new syndicated series

By Eric Moro & Sue Schneider     December 10, 2002

While covering the recent Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, CINESCAPE photographer Sue Schneider caught up with actor Michael Pare', self-proclaimed Hollywood hermit and star of the syndicated television series STARHUNTER. Perhaps best known as Eddie from EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS, Pare's other credits include the feature films STREETS OF FIRE, THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT and VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, as well as the television series' HOUSTON KNIGHTS and THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO.

Set in the year 2275, STARHUNTER is the story of bounty hunters traveling the cosmos onboard the spaceship Tulip in search of criminals and fugitives in the lawless frontiers of space. In its first season here in the U.S., the series has recently started its second season in Canada without Michael in the lead.

You mentioned earlier that you took this role because of your friendship with Roland Emerlich?

Roland really had nothing to do with it, but the special effects company was bought from Roland. Das Werk is a very powerful effects house and you need that for science fiction. What I bought was the pitch that this was a bounty hunter in outer space and his wife is killed by these Viking Hell's Angels and I'm searching for my son.

And there's only the three of you onboard the ship?

Yes. I had a 14-year-old niece Percy (Tanya Allen) and this 20-year-old action star Lucretia Scott (Claudette Roche). I said, 'OK. I'll do that that sounds great!' That's one of the things I loved about the concept of STARHUNTER was that it was a Western in outer space. Simple plots. These are the bad guys. You have your conflict and you have your resolution and then you have your epilogue.

Have you seen FIREFLY?


It's Joss Whedon's new cowboy science fiction show. STARHUNTER and FIREFLY are somewhat alike. They are not bounty hunters they do jobs for people, sometimes stealing things.

Michael Pare' Starhunter's Dante Montana courtesy of SSA Public Relations

That would have been another way to go. They told me it was going to be like Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon all those things would of worked.

With first season just starting up here in the U.S., I understand the second season is just starting in Canada.

From what I gather, yeah. They haven't spoken to me.
They won't talk to my agent. They won't talk to me. They won't talk to anybody to do with me and why, I don't know. When we finished shooting, I met them at the American Film Market and they gave me the second season jacket. They introduced me to the new show runner and it was this big rushing ahead to do the second season. The next thing I heard they saw my agent in Las Vegas at one of those syndicated television conventions and they said, 'We are not going to go with Michael. We don't want to use him.' He said, 'That is a surprise.' Of course, it's there choice.

Do you have any other projects lined up?

I start shooting a picture in November in Atlanta by this guy Ash Smith. It's a thriller.

What direction would you like to see your career take now that you're back in Hollywood?

I'm going to be auditioning and meeting with the studios and the major networks. When I was over in Europe, I was basically doing what was offered to me instead of being here pursuing stuff. I'm just going to say that I'm here looking for opportunities with the big boys again.

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