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A reworking of the classic cop series.

By Jarrod Sarafin     August 12, 2008
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Jack Lord played Steve McGarrett in the original HAWAII FIVE-O(1968-80).
CBS is developing a new installment of the "Hawaii Five-O" franchise from "Criminal Minds" executive producer/showrunner Ed Bernero, says The Hollywood Reporter. Bernero is writing the project, based around the Leonard Freeman cop series that aired on CBS from 1968-80.

Plot Concept: Like the original series, it is a procedural chronicling the workings of the fictional Hawaiian state police department. In the original, the unit was headed by Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord. In the new series, McGarrett's son Chris will be the top cop.

While the characters, storytelling and pacing will be updated, "we will try to keep as much of the original show as possible," Bernero said. "I'm not trying to reinvent it."

As an example, the famous opening music will be back but may also get a face-lift.


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laforcer69@yahoo.com_home 8/12/2008 1:52:52 AM
Well, being from Hawaii it will be nice to see another production working here especially when Lost is finally finished and over with...Of course the pilot has to do good in order for shows to be ordered so we'll see...
monkeyfoot 8/12/2008 6:32:32 AM
They better keep the same theme song.
fft5305 8/12/2008 8:59:38 AM
Surprise surprise. Another remake of an old TV show.
sharpe95th 8/12/2008 10:44:55 AM
Living in Honolulu I'll be interested to see how they portray this city and island. Unlike that god-awful short-lived "Hawaii" tv show by the same guy who created "Shasta McNasty" I hope this one has more plot. And more character arcs than "Dog the Mullet-headed Bounty Hunter". I wonder if McGarrett's son's hair will also be Aqua-Net to death so that not a single strand of hair moves when he dives and rolls to take cover from gunfire.
noahbody 8/12/2008 12:14:33 PM
They better say "Book em Dano" or I'm not watchin!
Dazzler 8/14/2008 4:44:27 AM
I can't remember one storyline from old show. Only the theme.
domino2008 8/14/2008 11:23:48 PM
man , i was waiting for a movie not a tv show . too bad it will be a cheesy show now . ya book um Dano
ElvisGump 8/22/2008 12:14:26 PM
So now the main character will be Steve McGarrett's son Chris? I wonder if Chris' arch-enemy will be the son of Wo-Fat? "Put out an APB on Wai-Fat!" (Cue the theme music!) Personally I think it would better as a send up, perhaps with some parodying Jack Lord's performance. Perhaps David Ducovney or Ben Stiller or some such? But maybe it's impossible because how can you replace Chin Ho or Dano?


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