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Celebs: Leave 'Em Alone Already

6/30/2009 8:52:45 AM permalink

Thanks to Jarrod for his encouraging words, I decided to post this here in my mania blog. I haven't posted anything here in quite a while, but what the heck. Here it is. It was originally posted the day after the new of Michael Jackson's passing, and starting with the idea of posting such tragic news on bulletin boards...

I remember, just a few short years ago, when a celeb passed away, some would rush to be the first to call FIRST! with a post here at the boards to say who had died.

I was at the cusp of doing so, then stopped myself yesterday after learning from a friend the news of MJ being pronounced dead.

And I stopped from saying anything yesterday for several reasons that piled up in my heart. For one, I really dug his music, despite all the words I have spoken against him at the boards for the last 8 years. I derided his character, in how he viewed himself, and what he was accused of during his trial years. And as a Dad, I doubt seriously I could ever change my opinions on that.

However, I have to say that I stopped myself from posting in here "Michael Jackson - Dead at 50" because I also felt that wasn't so much in vogue anymore here as it used to be. Plus, and this next reason is a strong one with me, I didn't want to be labeled, at least to my own conscience, a despicable and soulless media junkie like TMZ. They were the first to call it, and you could almost here the pride in the words they put out that they called it before anyone else, complete with heartbreaking news of MJ's sister's reaction, describing her shock of sudden horror and grief. No soul. No consolation. No heart. Just what happened and, hey look!, she's crying! Isn't that a hoot? Wow.

Damn them. Damn them to hell.

I used to rant about the Hollywood execs for not getting the public's idea of what really good entertainment was, and finding more importance in filling their bank accounts than in what the people really wanted.

I have long since tired of such things. They can hang their checkbooks out to dry in the hot L.A. sun for all I care. In my heart, they are a lost cause and done for.

But the new villain I see now, more than ever, are the paparazzi junkets.

They disgust me to such a degree, that I regard them as nothing more than the bottom barrel scrapings of fly turds. They are all like tin men without the desire, no, none at all, to look for a heart to place in their chests. Gleefully wallowing like pigs in the deep and fertilized mud of their collective heartlessness, they snap endless photos for that Rose Boy money shot, or for that one quirk that could give them money at the expense of the rich, famous, and now, sad.

Thanks to the paparazzi, the joy and luster of what it was to be famous is gone. You become famous for being beautiful or for putting out a string of popular films, and you are guaranteed to be cursed. Sure the money is great, and the food at the finest restaurants is like nothing else in the world, but is that to say it's enough?

Being wealthy will forever have its perks, but unless you have strong family ties and good relationships, it's damn lonely up there. It's akin to the fairytales of princesses locked up in towers from the public eye. But instead of a witch holding you up from the rest of the world, it's your fame, or the media, or the paparazzi, or the Hollywood system that continues to show it's cracks and ruinous crumbles of breaking down.

It's a system that has more than wore out its welcome. And frankly, it just doesn't work anymore. I feel sympathy for Megan Fox more than for anything else. Not adoration. So much will be demanded from her, it will be a miracle if she can survive it after a few years. And, I don't think she really gets what she has found herself caught up in. She has yet to earn the stripes as an icon that has been made by so many others before her. But Hollywood is desperate to treat her as one worthy of our attention, and it sickens me. As icons go, she's no Michael Jackson. No Elizabeth Taylor, or Farrah Fawcett. Heck. She's not even close to Angelina Jolie. Not even by a long shot.

Megan Fox comes across to me as one that is still trying to figure out what the heck she wants to do with her life. She also looks like one trying to figure out how to deal with where her life is now. And having a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm is not a charm of good luck in my book. It's an omen.

She's the new design of fireworks to look at, and right now, her rise is just beginning to go up across the horizon. It's only a matter of time before the magnificent explosion that makes us all go "Ooh" and "Aah"
blazes up the night sky, until it ultimately fizzles, leaving a legacy of nothing but a faint memory of something wonderful, and a bad smell of acrid smoke in the air.

Michael Jackson, for all his King of Pop-weirdness, put out a LOT of amazing fireworks, until the smell got so bad, no one dared to look up anymore. Instead, we were content to remember how good he was, than what he ended up as. Being famous isn't worth the blank celluloid on a paparazzi's camera from hell.

Roger Ebert posted his take on MJ, marked with honesty and grace, which in a lot of ways, is more than what some would be willing to give him. Being objective has its worth for the sake of seeing the big picture, after all. But there is something to be said for those that are subjective to the experience MJ left for so many in their radios and CD players.

The crimes he was charged with, yes, curdle my own blood, enough to make me curse the ground he walked. But the mixed emotions in me will never deny that he did something nobody else did better, and that was make us want to sing and dance in this crazy world.

Megan Fox is still taking her small steps on the yellow brick road, one that MJ danced on so many times over. She has yet to fully make the trek, yet people talk like she's already made it to the Emerald City. Such lies are what TMZ love to spill out to the world like a bad mixture of false witness, blood, piss and refuse. And their pride in such ventures are, to my heart, the very seeds Satan would love to plant and bloom in this world.

They are not worth our attention. Yet because so many listen, they do what they do, as heartless as they can, and with as evil a relish as they can muster. Damn them.

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