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Ceres, Celestial Legend

Aya Mikage and her twin brother Aki thought they were two normal teenagers until one incredible day turned their lives around forever.

According to legend, in the village of Miho there lived a fisherman who found a beautiful feathered robe of tennyo (celestial maiden or angel) hanging on a pine tree. This tennyo, named Ceres, was tricked into marrying fisherman and bearing his children, eventually forming the Mikage Clan.

Although age eventually claimed the Ceres, her will and vengeance have lived on in a select few of her female descendants. One of who just happens to be Aya Mikage. And now Ceres wants her revenge!

With Ceres? incredible power about to manifest itself, Aya has become a liability to her influential family?s interests. Will Aya prevail over the influence of Ceres, or will her family mark her for death?