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Charles Roven on 'Justice League' vs. 'The Dark Knight' and more

    January 24, 2008

IESB chatted with producer Chuck Roven who talked candidly about the percieved conflict between Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise and the postponed 'Justice League' feature.

First up, Roven said he's hopeful that another superhero movie on his watch can move forward swiftly after the WGA strike is settled.

""The Flash' is one project where we’ve got a really great director and a really great writer with a great take on the material."

Roven then talked extensively about 'The Dark Knight', a movie that he's a producer on, and about how that franchise may or may not conflict with the planned 'Justice League' movie.

"The thing about [director Christopher Nolan] is that he just makes his films one at a time. When we were doing 'The Dark Knight' and everyone was hoping will there be another one? A sequel or another installment or whatever, Chris was just saying do this one, finish this one and get this one. Then we’ll see," Roven said.

"The [Joker] card at the ending of the first one notwithstanding, the story was worked out while he was in pre-production on 'The Prestige'. He worked it out with David Goyer and then Jonathan Nolan wrote the script while he was filming 'The Prestige'. He didn’t even read the script until he was in post-production on 'The Prestige'. So while I’m sure there’s definitely interest in being involved in a third one somehow, he’s not thinking about it."

Roven goes on to talk more about the two films in this extensive interview.


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