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Chatting with Kerry Washington and James Franco

    December 23, 2006

"I knew. That me and my team's idea. We knew that Fantastic Four was being made. I know [Fantastic Four director] Tim Story. My manager and agents discussed it, we said 'Let's ask them if they will go black for Alicia.' We went to the studio and asked them if they were open to the idea and they said 'Yeah that might be kind of neat.' It was exciting," says actress Kerry Washington, who plays Alicia Masters (a character who is white in the comics) in 'Fantastic Four 2'."My dad actually called me a month ago to tell me that he was with some of my cousins and they were watching cartoons and they saw that Alicia Masters in the Fantastic Four cartoon is now black. I think that is so cool."Meanwhile actor James Franco comments on 'Spider-Man 3':"I don't know if it is the final piece but I think it is rare in an action genre to have that kind of storyline through three pictures. Usually you'll have a main character that the audience likes and goes through an adventure in the first film. Then in the second one it is completely separate that doesn't have anything to do with the first one. The great thing about Spider-Man is that the arc of my character, the arc of Tobey and Kirsten's character have progressed through all three films and a lot of things will be tied up in the third film."


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