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SMALLVILLE - 9.9 - "Pandora" Review (Article) - 11/23/2009 11:23:36 AM

A little someone who has seen all but one episode in the series run, I thought it was about a C.

What bothered me in the whole show was why no one would just tell Lois about Clark.  The world has gone to the crapper, you're in the future, why not?  And why the hell couldn't she possibly figure it out?

I thought the set up for the rest of the season was good, but we'll have to wait till January to see

New Moon Movie Review (Article) - 11/20/2009 3:36:11 PM

How is she a selfish bytch?  Does this girl ever think about anyone other then her or Eddie?  Let me rephrase that, does she ever do anything for someone other then herself or Eddie?  Sure, she cooks for her dad (in the book), but why does she do it...for him or to keep him off her case?  Twlight didn't get in to enough detail about it, but the girl uses Jacob's crush to get info out of him, knowing full well what she is doing, without thinking twice about it.  Throughout New Moon, she knows he has a major thing for her, but allows him to hang on just in case Eddie the Hair never really comes back.

She does well in school and reads a lot, I will give her that.  I wish more youngins read more.  However, as I read these books, I keep thinking about how she treats her poor father, her friends that don't have powers (how convienent...I'll go to the movies with this chick to get my dad off my back), and how deluded most 14 year oldds are when it comes to men. 

 What's the message for girls out there?  Throw everyone away for some pretty stiff who left you?

New Moon Movie Review (Article) - 11/19/2009 5:41:57 PM

I couldn't agree more about Bella.  I've read the first three books...she is the selfish-bytch you knew (or know) from high school. 


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