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SMALLVILLE - 10.6 - Harvest Review (Article) - 11/1/2010 3:51:57 PM

Not a fan of this episode.  Just dragging out the season

AVENGERS: EMH - Some Assembly Required Review (Article) - 10/30/2010 7:06:47 AM

Seems like a less campy Super Hero Squad

Harry Potter 3D Axed (Article) - 10/8/2010 5:59:37 PM

Amen...while I'm sure partsof it would be cool in 3D, it's not necessary.  Kind of like Toy Story 3...did that really need to be in 3D?

BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD - "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster" Review (Article) - 10/6/2010 5:41:32 PM

A fun show.  My daughter (6) loves it and it has opened up some interesting discussions, like when manbeast "died." 

Fox Grabs Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Article) - 10/6/2010 5:37:27 PM

it is a good read and, except for the vampire stuff, pretty accurate.  The first few chapters are a little slow, but it picks up nicely.

I've always admired Lincoln (being from IL will do that to a guy) and I have read a few bios of his life.  The author does a nice job taking some of the losses in his life and putting a vampire spin on them.  Worth checking out of a library or picking up a paperback

SMALLVILLE - 10.1 - "Lazarus" Review (Article) - 9/27/2010 2:40:11 PM

Lots of promise, though don't expect to see the suit anytime soon.  I imagine a January after December cliff hanger will be the first time he wears the suit and the first time we see the 'real' Lex.  I'd also bet that the Darkseid stuff wraps up before than so that Clark and Lex can really battle it out second half of the season.

I must be the only one who doesn't find Chloe that annoying. I think her character has some issues, but I'll take her any day of the week over Lana or Supergirl (who I know is coming back for an episode or two). 

15 Pieces of Credit Card Art We Don't Want to See (Article) - 8/24/2010 11:06:31 AM

#8 had me laughing out loud

THOR Cast Provides a Glimpse of Asgard (Article) - 8/16/2010 12:02:40 PM

Glad to see this.  Looks promising.  Now how about some Cap info

AVENGERS To Assemble in February (Article) - 8/11/2010 10:54:51 AM

Sick of Scott....not looking all that interesting.

I am excited for the Avengers....but nervous. 

10 Great Costume Makeovers (Article) - 8/10/2010 1:59:36 PM

I like the Red Robin look, except the cowl looks like he cut the ears off of Batman's.   I also like the mostly red Robin costume he used before Red Robin.

If we're talking worst costumes ever, what about the Blue/Red energy Superman?  Or the current Red Hood.


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