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Chris Carter Comments On THE X-FILES

Series creator touches upon season 8 and 9.

By Frank Kurtz     July 19, 2001
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

THE X-FILES' Chris Carter looks happy to be at the A.I. premiere gathering.
© 2001 Sue Schneider

Chris Carter, who wasn't able to attend the TCA gathering in L.A. did get in his take on signing on to another season of THE X-FILES via a letter to Fox.

The letter, which was distributed to the press had Carter addressing his signing, saying, "The decision to return was a difficult one."

Regarding the last season and his own plans, Carter revealed, "I felt we ended last season just right. With David Duchovny's announcement that he wouldn't be returning, it created the opportunity for a natural exit."

Perhaps suggesting Gillian Anderson's impending exit from the series after the ninth season, Carter adds, "If I may steal a little bit from STAR TREK, I'm looking forward to the NEXT GENERATION of THE X-FILES."


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