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Chris Evans the latest among THE LOSERS

Actor in talks for Jensen role

By Rob M. Worley     April 20, 2009

Chris Evans in THE LOSERS (slideshow)
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Comics2Film at can report exclusively that Chris Evans is likely to be the next addition to the cast of the film version of the DC Comics/Vertigo comic 'The Losers'.

The film focuses on a elite group of special forces operatives who are betrayed by their handlers and left for dead. Surviving the setup, they embark on a series of wildcat ops designed to clear their own names and bring down the government agency that sold them out. The fast-paced, critically-acclaimed comic was created by writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock.

Sources tell us that Evans is in negotiations for the role of Jensen, the fast-talking tech whiz of the team. Seems a perfect match for Evans who has established himself both a compelling action star and a comedic presence as well.

Evans is no stranger to comic-based fare. He's known to fans as Johnny Storm, the sole bright spot in the 'Fantastic Four' movies, and voiced Casey Jones in the 'TMNT' revamp. He plays a role in the currently-filming 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' and most recently starred in the comic-related 'Push'.

Evans would join Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('Watchmen') who stars as Clay, the leader of the team. Also recent cast are Idris Elba ('The Wire') as Roque and Zoe Saldana ('Star Trek') as Aisha. Sylvain White is directing, with production set to start later this year.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is THE LOSERS shaping up to be an exciting movie? Post your comments below...


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guygardner1 4/20/2009 2:50:48 AM

Chris Evans  ... the first actor to play a comic book character from two rival companies.

Marvel and now DC !

Dazzler 4/20/2009 4:38:39 AM

Sounds like an A-team ripoff.  I will see it of course.  But it sounds like a one time viewing weekend movie. 

mbeckham1 4/20/2009 6:15:08 AM

Sound cool.  Evans owned in Sunshine.

Whiskeymovie 4/20/2009 7:45:28 AM

I have always liked Evans. The dude has proven he can do comedy (Not another teen Movie), Action ( Celluar, FF) and Drama (Sunshine). That is pretty good. I really wanted to see Push. I am sure it is not amazing, but it looked fun. Hope this dude finally hits the bigtime.

rvaux16 4/20/2009 8:13:29 AM

 Hate to burst your bubble there, guygardner, but Evans isn't the first. Halle Berry played Storm for Marvel and Catwoman for DC. I know, it's easy to blot out memory of Catwoman--one's sanity may depend on it--but there it is.

Matador 4/20/2009 11:30:31 AM

Dude that was uncalled for......... Halle Berry in Catwoman is a dreadful way to tell little kids about monsters when they go to bed. Kids in Burma are shedding tears of the mention of this movie.  I still think Angela Basset would have been a better Storm and she had some guns on her.                        

AMiSHPiRATE 4/20/2009 11:53:22 AM

and don't forget about James Marsden as both Cyclops and the future stepfather of Superman's bastard son.

TheScriber 4/20/2009 9:39:35 PM

Agreed good thread. I love Sunshine. Evans had a great supporting role. Have'nt read the comic but will. Sounds good. Halle Berry part cracked me up what a JOKE! :)



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