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Chris Sarandon Appearing in Fright Night Remake

The original Jerry Dandridge has a role in the new film

By Rob Vaux     October 01, 2010

Chris Sarandon as the vamp Jerry Dandridge in the cult classic FRIGHT NIGHT(1985).
© Columbia Pictures


Chris Sarandon has a role in the new version of Fright Night, a source close to the production has confirmed. The producers and stars had been very tight-lipped about the presence of any original cast members in the remake. 
Early reports had Sarandon playing Peter Vincent—the would be vampire killer who reluctantly aids a local teenager in battling a creature of the night—but those rumors were soon shot down.
Dr. Who’s David Tennant will be playing Vincent. However, producers have definitely secured a part for Sarandon, providing the first concrete casting link between the old film and the new. The exact nature of the role—and whether it’s just a cameo or something more substantive—have yet to be revealed.
The Fright Night remake is scheduled for release in 2011.


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ElBaz13 10/1/2010 6:20:27 AM

Good news!

I've always liked Sarandon. His memorable roles were Jerry and Fright Night and Prince Humperdinck in Princess Bride. Of course, he's also the voice of Jack Skellington. I can't believe he's 68 years old.

Nice to hear he will be in the movie. So will William Ragsdale and Amanda Bearse appear? They don't seem too busy. :)

redvector 10/1/2010 6:26:25 AM

I hope that he plays a cop that Charle goes to report what he saw. Who laughs at him and threatens to lock him up for filing a false police report. I think that would be cool.

krathwardroid 10/1/2010 6:31:02 AM

Good to see Sarandon back in Fright Night. 

DeeJay4ADay 10/1/2010 6:46:41 AM

This is a good nod to tradition, and I like where this movie seems to be going (even though I'd prefer they make part III, instead)

Nice find, Rob!

DeeJay4ADay 10/1/2010 6:54:48 AM

Redvector... they could also use the some of the office from the first one (he's an actor, as well)...

monkeyfoot 10/1/2010 6:57:31 AM

As much as I think this can sometimes tamper with the flow of a film, I always get a giddy thrill when they have cameos from original cast members in remakes. Enjoyed seeing Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz in the A-Team movie, even though it came after the credits.

They ought to have a picture of Roddy McDowall hanging up somewhere on a wall. Maybe as the new Peter Vincent's father.

samurai1138 10/1/2010 7:19:55 AM

Yet one more remake that should never have happened.

lracors 10/1/2010 7:50:26 AM

Sarandon was one of the best vampires to ever be on the screen.  I hope this is a worthy role and not just a cheap cameo.

phantomx69 10/1/2010 8:01:51 AM

chris sarandon is from my home state  west virginia, glad to see he will be in the remake..

silversurfer 10/1/2010 8:50:45 AM

Excellent...he was cool in the first one! 

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