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Christian Bale talks about exorcising bat-demons in 'Dark Knight'

    July 14, 2007
Source: interviews Christian bale and touches on his bat-work:

Q: You got raves for playing Batman in "Batman Begins." How has being in such a high-profile project affected your life?

Bale:It doesn't make any difference. I'm doing other roles, so I don't get pigeonholed as Batman. I've been very surprised and thankful that occasionally I get some bloody polite people come up and say they enjoy the work and what we've done with it. I do not find myself radically altering my life, thank God.

Q: What can we expect from the new Batman film?

Bale: It's now the question of the burden and toll of what he's doing, the question can this be a finite endeavor. Is this something that has an end? Can he quit and have an ordinary life? The kind of manic intensity someone has to have to maintain the passion and the anger that they felt as a child, takes an effort after awhile, to keep doing that. At some point, you have to exorcise your demons. That's what I love about Batman. There's so much that is about character.


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