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Christopher Nolan ditching Dark Knight?


By Rob M. Worley     June 17, 2009
Source: Various

Rumors of the day say Christopher Nolan is far from a done deal on the next 'Batman'. Plus: 'Thor' talk. 'Transformers' hype. 'We3' comments. 'Priest'  postulating. 'Human Target' annotated and more! Not since the beginning of time has the world known a terror like this...your Comics2Film 9.6.17!



Don Murphy on WE3

'Transformers' producer Don Murphy updated SCI FI Wire on the status of the filmed version of 'We3'. For fans who don't know the excellent Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely mini-series, 'We3' features the improbable mating of 'Homeward Bound' with 'Robocop' for a heart-warming story of three domesticated animals (a dog, a cat and a rabbit) transformed into cyborg killing machines by the government, who go on the lam when their inventor realizes they are slated to be destroyed.

'Kung Fu Panda' co-director John Stevenson has been on board to direct the film.

"Don't be confused, though. Even though he directed 'Kung Fu Panda', the movie's going to be live action," Murphy told SCI FI. "It's going to be a combination CG, puppetry [and] real animals. We have a great script, a great director, and we're trying to figure out who's going to pay for it in this marketplace, but we're looking."

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.






Quesada sold on Kenneth Branagh's THOR Vision

Joe Quesada is enjoying his new Cup O' Joe mini-site at CBR. Yesterday he dished on the upcoming Marvel movies, including his meetup with 'Thor' director Kenneth Branagh. Here's an excerpt: was one of the highlights of my time here at Marvel because not only did Branagh sit there and give you the story beat for beat, he and [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige formed a great team. It was performance art. Kevin would give us the establishment of the shot and the situation: "Here we are. We're in (take your pick of location). And here's Odin and he’s coming up to (pick a character)." And then Kenneth would come in and give you the color commentary. "Odin has an air of majesty to him" and he'd act out the Odin part or the Thor part. So we sat there and literally got a three-hour one-man show from Kenneth Branagh. It was fantastic. People pay a lot of money for that kind of performance by one of the world’s greatest living actors.

And of course, he's got that great, charming British accent, so it makes it all go down easy too. [laughs] He could have said anything, and we would have said, "Yeah. Make that." He has such a passion for the material, and he's sitting there describing things from the Kirby run and things from the Simonson run, citing places where the mythology conflicted in Marvel history and how we're going to streamline it. It was just fascinating to watch.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.







Gigandet talks more about PRIEST

Actor Cam Gigandet is making the rounds promoting 'The Roommate'. SCI FI Wire took the opportunity to talk more  about the manga-to-film 'Priest'. Gigandet once again tries to clarify whether or not there are vampires int the story.

"If you wanted to call them something, they would be vampires, but not in the terms that we think vampires are," Gigandet said. "They don't like sun, and that's kind of the main similarity. Other than that, they don't look like humans, and they move differently. When people think of vampires now, they think of Twilight, but it's not like that at all."

The actor says he'll be filming the horror/action pic in August of this year. Actor Paul Bettany is cast in the title role.






HUMAN  TARGET Script Previewed

Bleeding Cool took a look at the script for the 'Human Target' TV Pilot, which has since been picked up as a series by Fox TV.

The mini-review discusses the show's deviation from the concepts core hook: In the comic Christopher Chance impersonates people to protect them, making himself the target. In the show he does not, but rather inserts himself into their lives, staying close to the target.

"As the script shows, that embedding can approach almost superhuman levels on the way he perceives his environment, with a visual/audio trick that should become a synonymous with the show as the cross-section autopsy like scenes in CSI, shifting perspective from object to object in the room," writes Rich Johnston.

He also says the plotting of the pilot is reminscent of '24' crossed with a 80s era disaster a good way. The take also incorporates some of the elements of Peter Milligan's Vertigo series of the character, primarily the fact that Chance is a tortured sould, somewhat suicidal, hence the need to always be in the line of fire.




Thanks to fft5305 for the submission.



Nolan not sold on BATMAN 3?

Well, this rumor has come and gone since 'The Dark Knight' but Batman-on-Film is floating it again, citing new info from unnamed, independent sources.

Their sources claim that Nolan, who is currently at work on 'Inception' has not committed to a new Bat-Film and seems uninterested in doing so. Contributing factors are said to be Nolan's continuing upset over the death of Heath Ledger as well as the loss of The Joker as a potential villain for the third installment which disrupts the story that Nolan had been building towards.

Same sources admit that Nolan may still come around, but if he does, we won't likely see a new 'Batman' until 2012 or 2013.

What do you think, Bat-Maniacs? Can anyone fill the shoes of Christopher Nolan? How long should Batman wait? Post your comments below...



And, as usual, we've whipped up an installment of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

A couple of blips from the Twittersphere yesterday...

# Mickey rocking the whips. Noon, June 16

# More helicopters spying on the set. 4pm, June 16


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ddiaz28 6/17/2009 7:46:37 AM

Not sure what to think about the Nolan rumor but I think it would be a big mistake not to at least finish a trilogy.  It's too bad that he planned on having the joker be the villain again in the 3rd because it would have been amazing to see Heath do it again.  But unfortunately he's gone, and I think with the team Nolan has for Batman, they could come up with another great story with a different villain.  I just hope he comes around.

Wiseguy 6/17/2009 7:49:46 AM

Love the description of Branagh describing Thor to Marvel's crew. Love that he has passion and is totally into it. I can't wait for this and have total confidence that it'll be a kick-ass film. 3 hours doing play by play of the movie, that's a guy committed

The Transformes bonus clip is all we needed. Can Megan get any hotter, man she's effing hot. I wonder if she can act, not that it matters yet.

I'd like Nolan to finish his trilogy just to not feel that it was something left undone but I'm not a big fan of this Batman anyway. Recast the Joker and let's stop all this Heath talk already, I didn't think his Joker was that great. Nicholson still rules IMO, he was just ahead of his time and begrudged beacuse of the amount of money he made at the time otherwise he may have been an Oscar winner for the Joker role.

Bryzarro 6/17/2009 7:54:06 AM

The Megan Fox thing was lame.  As hot as she is.  But whatever.  I can't view the other video's.

Human Target sounds like a good premise.  I'll give it a chance....don't know if Fox will.

And as for Mr. Nolan.  I can respect his decision not to do the next film.  After directing Heath and seeing what he did to become that character and have it tragically taken away would affect anyone that close.  The selfish fan wants another director to come in.  But the loyalist in me says let the franchise end with the 2 films.  Wait about 6 years and do the Dark Knight Returns as an older Batman cleaning up as chaos reigns (although the timeline in the film would have to be accelerated about 10 years in the future).  Probably won't work but just my thought.

SgtTechCom 6/17/2009 8:06:36 AM

I hate that the reviews are saying Transformers 2 is too long. Who cares? Give me more and more i'll take a 2 hour and 30 minute movie for all i care. It's never enough and at least i get my money's worth. It's better then buying the stupid special addtion dvd with the cut footage.

Yeah Nolan knows that he won't be able to Top The Dark Knight. I mean how can they? Ledger was the best comic adaption of a villian on screen ever. Plus the rest of the villians left for batman sort of suck lets face facts. Riddler? Catwoman? Penguin ? LOL Booooring ! I still think Two Face should be revived i mean a lil fall kills em? Nah not buying it. If you recast Joker then you run into the whole comparison thing. Kinda like the Crow ya got Brandon Lee with his amazing performance then you get these other guys in the other Crow movies they kinda are shite compared. I mean even tho they are potraying different " crow" characters not draven they still dont compare to Lee.

Heck bring in Tim Drake as Robin and that would definately ensure Nolan wont return haha. I wouldn' mind a Drake Style Robin in the next movie cause he was kick ass in the comics.

But i totally respect Nolan on the way he feels i mean it's tough and weigh's heavily on your mind.

oberonqa 6/17/2009 8:18:40 AM

 I can appreciate how Nolan feels.  But I also see the catch-22 he is currently stuck in.  If he recasts the Joker and finishes out his trilogy as he envisioned, there will be a lot of pressure put on whoever plays the role to put out a Heath Ledger performance, which isn't what most actors would probably want to do (most actors would want to put their own slant on a character to give it their own personal touch rather than mimicing a previous actor's performance).

But on the other hand, if Nolan ditches his original vision and goes with a different set of villians and a different story, there will always be a nagging "what the trilogy should have been if Ledger hadn't died" feeling to it.  There isn't a very good way out of this catch 22 and Nolan should (and probably does) realize this.  Any Batman 3 film will be dogged by the what-if feeling and no actor would want to take another actor's role and copy that actor's performance 100%.

swisshammer 6/17/2009 8:20:02 AM

Yeah, the Joker is definitely out as a possibility. Ledger won an Oscar for the performance. I don't see anyone trying to take up the responsibility of trying to portray the Joker after that.

The rest of the villains look kinda lame, in my opinion. After Nolan established the Joker as the epitome of evil, where does he go from there? He runs into the problem that the next movie will seem small and dull in comparison. Ugh! I wish Ledger were still with us! That would've made a GREAT 3rd film!!!

That being said, The Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and the rest of the characters aren't that appealing to me. But here's hoping Nolan can pull it off!

todd890 6/17/2009 8:45:31 AM

I know it's only a rumor but it still can be done, Nolan needs to get over this and time will help him but the 3rd Batman film is still possible.

Just have the voice of Heath and have Harley Quinn as the main villian. Voice overs do tend to help and focusing on her and her antics would be a change, seeing Joker is one thing but hearing him is another.

Anything is possible now a days.

Joker :  There's a difference between us Batsy, you ware a mask to hide your true identity. Mine on the other hand shows you what defines  I do best. He hehe

Batman: That is where you're wrong Joker, this is my identy pure and simple.

Joker laughs in his evil way : I want you to meet someone special, Harley please come in.

She enters from behind, she giggles in her own way.,Batman turns to face her.

Harley Quinn: Hi Bats, it's a pleasure to meet you. You know I have been helpin him since the beginning.

middlerealm 6/17/2009 8:54:09 AM

I think the Riddler as a serial killer, an idea thats been talked about alot, would be kinda cool. And would bring out the 'gumshoe' side of Batmans character better.

As much as Ledger was amazing as Joker, there is a little room for change. In the comics he was psychotic/schitzoid enough to act/react differently in every story. The very nature of the Joker is unstable and unpredictable. In TDK he gave various versions of his facial scars history, so it's not unreasonable to recast and have a different slant to the character (removing the pressure of a copy Ledgers performance)  as he remoulds his persona to suit himself in the comics anyway.

miket@jartrealestate.com_home 6/17/2009 9:25:35 AM

I think maybe Nolan should let this version of Batman go. Maybe DC should do what Marvel is doing and make movies of individual characters that can eventually be brought together in one movie. Marvel is working towards the Avengers movie and DC could work to a Justice League movie.

 I could be wrong but I don't think Nolan's Batman wouldn't fit in a DC Universe with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman or Superman.


galaga51 6/17/2009 9:49:44 AM

Thor: Passion is a good thing and Branagh seems to have it in spades.  I still don't know how he's going to do it, but here's to him trying.

Joker: I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a very good likeness to Heath and could do a darn good job.

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