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Mania Grade: B+

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  • Audio Rating: A-
  • Video Rating: A-
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Menus Rating: A-
  • Extras Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 12 & Up
  • Region: 2 - Europe
  • Released By: ADV Films UK
  • MSRP: £19.99
  • Running time: 75
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade Vol. #6

By Christopher Homer     March 17, 2008
Release Date: June 16, 2006

Chrono Crusade Vol. #6
© ADV Films UK

What They Say
Nothing has prepared Rosette for what happens as the jaws of Aion's trap finally close. Torn apart and tortured, Rosette's dark rite of passage leads her to a place she is unready to go. In the embrace of a demon, she must make her decision to fulfil the destiny which has been preordained. Allies die, friends betray, and the hopes of mankind revolve around a young girl whose strength is at it's end...

The Review!
Siblings reunite, demons die and the truth for Rosette is something even she couldn't have imagined...

For this review, I listened to the Japanese track. The audio wasn't a problem - again very clear and concise regarding effects, especially during the battle scenes with no problems or distortions throughout the 3 episodes. I switched over to the English Track as well for half an episode and there was no problems with the 5.1 Track either, the voices comes through clear without losing any of the music and sound effects from the transfer either. I was particularly impressed with many of the battle scenes background noises coming through remarkably strong during some of the ritual scenes and the battle between Chrono and Joshua - good stuff.

Chrono Crusade continuing to be visually pleasing and artistic, as mentioned above there are some rather intense scenes, and the animation is very clear even during some of the dark scenes with some great backgrounds shining through. With the Ritual of Atonement in particular, I was wondering just how well this was animated so fluidly. There was no indication of any distortions at all and the change of colours throughout the episode from the darkness of the demon battles to the golden scenery scenes with Mary and Chrono show how well the video transfers here - another top quality release.

The cover for this volume again focuses on Rosette, but she does a rather trademark 'girls with guns' pose sitting seductively holding her gun high in the air, like something out of a James Bond movie whilst Chrono smiles in the background. The design is very pleasing as always, as on the back of the disc, another background piece involving the watch (this time looking like it's ready to be electrocuted) on the sign of the cross whilst the summary is shown about 12 small shots from the episodes. On the inside is a slip with another picture of Chrono and Rosette, and here Rosette is in another pose with gun, doing somewhat of what could constitute of fanservice - as Greg Ayres said on the first disc, it's the 'bloomer shot - not quite the fanservice the fans will be expecting...' It's still very bright and colourful as we get summaries of each of the episodes as well as a brief summary of Azmaria's extra classes. The real beauty of this disc's packaging is the right cover of Mary of Magdalene, in an angelic pose in prayer, flowing blonde hair and all smiles. It's a beautiful cover on a star lit background that lights up the covers - wonderful stuff.

A very poetic and good looking menu as the main sections are divided like a cross, with the episode list at the top, extras at the bottom, and set up and scenes selection to the left and right, whilst in the centre scenes from the disc show to some eerie background music. Selecting one of them also brings a unique twist depending what you've selected, from the rattling of machine guns in the set-up to the ending of each episode being shown in the background in the extras selection. Easy to go through and pleasant to look at.

General extras as per standard are the clean opening and ending animation however for this disc we get the continuation of Azmaria's Extra Classes - here, good old Az discusses the ritual of Atonement which is a big plot point in this volume and the reference to how Aion refers to himself as the Alpha and the Omega - there's a lot of expected religious iconography from this and the discuss of how this relates to the 'alternative' apocalypse that Aion is trying to create and how it references to both Pandemonium and Rosette.

We get the Chrono Crusade Chronicles once again, as we get a Joshua character study, some discussion of the past between Chrono and Magdalene, how Fiore relates in the story and more discussion of the Ritual of Atonement, and lastly we get more character sketches, which include along with the usual suspects, we get some of Sister Kate and the Elder, and Rosette's 'new look' at the end of the volume...

With the cliffhanger last volume, we get some fireworks...literally and figuratively.

As the shot of fireworks overhead comes down at the reunion between brother and sister, Rosette's jubilation is quickly turned to despair when it's apparent that Joshua doesn't recognise her as his sister - actually he seems to fear her as the pain from his horns activate again. The players begin to manifest as a brief but tragic altercation with a devil leaves Satella's faithful servant Steiner dead and Azmaria is kidnapped to complete the ritual of Atonement. In a fantastic sequence, Aion summons the Miosina, creating chasms for the Ritual to take the lives of the Apostles to cause his apocalypse. Whilst Satella and Chrono arrive, Rosette gets caught in the summoning just like Aion wanted - and more revelations are shown as Joshua/Rosette isn't the only sibling reunion as it's revealed that Fiore is actually Satella's long lost sister, unfortunately her memory of Satella is also vanished which leads to some awkwardness for Satella - however, the big story is that Rosette has been confirmed as a catalyst for becoming Mary of Magdalene...and an apostle herself. With Aion kissing Rosette, Chrono remembers a past memory...and goes ballistic.

Joshua and Chrono fight in the air, which leads to Chrono being stabbed by Joshua which causes him to petrify. However, before he does, he rips Joshua's horns out of him. The purpose of Aion's pawns now becomes apparent as all the Apostles bar Azmaria are killed, and then Gennai and Shader are killed by Duffau and Remington respectively, which was a bit of an anti-climax to be honest, so I was slightly disappointed in that. However, it's apparent that now Rosette is his, Aion doesn't need anything else, including Joshua and Fiore as they are taken back to the Order's HQ. Aion begins to brainwash Rosette, that the city has been destroyed due to her love for Chrono and Joshua. His words are really twisted as he continues to showcase what a good villain he is - and as defiant as Rosette tries to be, it seems hopeless. However, the petrified Chrono sees a vision of the past...

With everyone looking for the kidnapped Rosette, Fiore not recognising Satella and Joshua not remembering anything, it's chaos around, and during this chaos, we get a vision of a woman in front of the petrified Chrono, as we have a flashback to 1870 of a powered Chrono meeting a girl who looks awfully similar to Rosette - we learn this is the original and true Mary of Magdalene, who has visions of the future and knew Chrono would come to take her way from being a caged bird as she put it. We learn that the holy woman was going to be used with the demons as a way to get Astral power without the horns - Mary warns Chrono to not trust Aion...but also knows that he would take her life. On Aion's request to kill her, he doesn't...and instead, another way that the future is confirmed is made. Suddenly, we understand more than ever why Chrono hates having to rely on the watch and it's quite a touching scene when Mary reappears before Chrono to tell him to escape his prison to rescue his true love. Whilst Chrono emerging from his petrified state was obvious, what happened with Rosette immediately afterwards certainly wasn't, as one of Duffau's henchmen Gario warns Chrono that Duffau is dead...and the one who killed him was Rosette...

Another cliffhanger and a lot of little points through these episodes begin to link together the whole story. Little things such as the truth about Remington's power is briefly hinted at for example which you have to wonder if that's going to come into play as the search for Rosette continues, whilst the tie in with Rosette/Mary, the watch and how Rosette is a apostle was heart-warming and indeed, heart wrenching at times. One minor complaint was how a lot of the secondary characters were suddenly discarded just like that - Duffau in particular was becoming a presence in the series as a devil's point of view of working with humans, and suddenly, he's gone - Shader's death was also very anti-climatic considering she was the comic relief, and in her own moment of being a demon, she is killed easily, not to mention the death of Satella's butler Steiner just like that - with very little remorse which I felt odd considering he has been Satella's aide for how many years. I can see why considering Aion didn't need any of them anymore, but it still felt a bit rushed. However, the main story continues to draw you in, and with things still unresolved such as the relationship between Fiore and Satella, as well as Joshua, means with the remaining 3 episodes to go, there is a lot to still wrap up - I just hope it doesn't get rushed because overall so far this has been a top series.

In Summary:
As this volume comes to a close and just one to go, we have more questions and not as many answers. All the players have come to together, relationships connected, pasts discovered, and a future to be recognised. Rosette becoming the holy woman with the flashback of the original holy woman came from a stunning chain of events which leads into the final act rather appropriately. Whilst to compensate this a lot of characters fell by the wayside, it still manages to build the anticipation of a grand finale to a pulsating climax. With Rosette now on the other side, we look forward to how Chrono, Azmaria and Satella can get themselves out of this fix. Combined with some thrilling action sequences and animation, Chrono Crusade gets ready to draw to a conclusion which I hope will do justice to this great series. Very recommended.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English 5.1 Language,English Subtitles,Azmaria's Extra Classes,Clean open and ending animation,Chrono Crusade Chronicle,Production sketches

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