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  • Series: Chu-Bra

Chu-Bra Episode #09

Chu-Bra Episode #09 Review

By Chris Beveridge     March 01, 2010
Release Date: March 01, 2010

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The girls in the society continue to mature in many, many ways...

What They Say
Nayu is a twelve-year old girl who enters a private school at the top of her class. Her classmates are quickly shocked to discover that on the first day of school, she announces to the whole school everything there is to know about adult lingerie.

Now, it is time for the panty revolution to begin...

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As the series has gone on, it's definitely been a decent show in allowing the characters to grow and change somewhat noticeably. There's a blunt moment towards the end here as Keigo is walking behind everyone and realizing just how much Nayu has changed and the friends she has now as well as her general comfort level with so many people. It's a pivotal time for a lot of kids as this age is where they define themselves more and a lot of that comes from how other people look at them. With very good friends at her side, Nayu's discovering who she can really be.

As are other people in the group as this episode so plainly point out. Interactions with other people is one of the bigger themes as it starts off with Yako being oblivious to her childhood friend Kota and the changes they're all going through. After a sports competition, she ends up using the boys changing room along with him because something is wrong with the girls one and she doesn't even really register him as a boy. Part of it also comes from all the Underwear Society things as she doesn't view a sports bra as real underwear, or at least the sexy kind that could cause problems with a boy. But as Komachi reminded everyone recently, for most guys all underwear is erotic and that must be kept in mind. The discussion about it is interesting but it's Nayu's comments that she's found it easier to talk to boys because of Komachi that's the big point of it. They're all gaining new comfort levels because of the interactions with each other.

What's really surprising about this episode is the blatant aspect of one of the interactions. I'll easily admit that the feelings Haruka has towards Nayu have been cute, though I've been expecting it to shift towards more of a sisterly admiration kind of thing depending on how they want to play it out. With this episode though, it's becoming apparent that it's more than just that. When Haruka sees Nayu talking with Komachi or even talking about Komachi, her chest starts to hurt. There's a really fun scene in the park at a fireworks festival at night where Nayu is helping to re-do Haruka's yukata and she practically fondles her innocently the whole time and you can see Haruka ready to burst with emotion and affection. I'm definitely curious as to how far they'll take it as Id actually like to see the show try to do something unexpected by going further with it than a lot of shows do. But I also won't be surprised if they don't really go anywhere with it. For what it is, it's fun and entirely cute to watch.

In Summary:
The ninth installment of Chu-Bra does a nice job of being clear about how everyone has changed. There are more potential changes in the air by the end of the episode due to Keigo but the bulk of the episode deals with the girls. Even Komachi has a couple of good wise-sage moments where he gets to impart things on others. The show seems to be ratcheting up the fanservice a bit more with this episode but it's partially because the characters seem to be a little more... hands on this time around. Guilty pleasure, oh such a guilty pleasure, but that's what you need sometimes. This is a fun show that is better than it should be.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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