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Chuck Austen Writes ULTIMATE X-MEN

Writer brings on new version of Gambit.

By Rob Allstetter     October 03, 2001

Cover art to ULTIMATE X-MEN #13
© 2001 Marvel

Chuck Austen, writer/artist of U.S. WAR MACHINE and artist of ELEKTRA, is writing two issues of ULTIMATE X-MEN.

"It's the introduction of Gambit to the Ultimate Universe, it's a 2 part story arc, and it also introduces some other underworld badmen besides Kingpin and Bullseye," Austen says.

The two issues, ULTIMATE X-MEN #13-14, will be drawn by Essad Ribic.

Regular ULTIMATE X-MEN writer Mark Millar and artist Adam Kubert will return with #15.

"Basically, I came down with a massive infection at the beginning of summer and it kind of floored me for a few months," Millar says.

"Unlike most comic pros, this was nothing to do with personal cleanliness, but the result of food poisoning from a trip to Portugal and the bug kind of multiplied in my system.

"Anyway, was in hospital for a bit and they're in the process of nuking the infection right now. Two issues off for me and Adam will provide a much needed breather, prevent any more late issues and give me a chance to get a little ahead on the back after falling behind a little while sick."

Millar says he is already working on his third story arc.


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