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jppintar326 4/19/2011 1:03:19 PM

I stopped watching this silly episode before the halfway mark and watched Family Guy reruns instead.  This is an episode that Peter Griffin would associate with "A Tina Yothers episode of Family Ties."  He simply got out of his chair and said he would see the Keaton family next week.  I simply changed the channel and said I would see Chuck next week.

GreatOne 4/22/2011 9:50:45 AM

I was disappointed at how they filmed the reunion of Casey and his wife.  She thought he was dead for years, I think her reaction at discovering that he was alive, and her anger at him for essentially abandoning her to raise a child by herself, should have come through more.  That's the problem with this show - it's made itself a comedy with dramatic elements instead of the reverse.  Remember the first episode where Casey shot people in cold blood, and had no qualms about killing Sarah?  That's the show I want to watch.  Not "Jeffster" crap, which I fastforward the moment either of those two idiots appears on the screen.



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