Cinescape Rises Again -

Editorial Premature Articulation

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Cinescape Rises Again

The crossroads of genre entertainment are open once again

By Anthony C. Ferrante     July 03, 2001

The May/June 2001 issue of CINESCAPE
© 2001 Mania Entertainment LLC.

Welcome readers, both veteran and novice, to the new CINESCAPE. I'm sure many of you have been wondering what has happened to your beloved magazine over the past two months and hopefully, I can shed some light on the subject.

CINESCAPE was about to fall victim to the Fandom Inc. bankruptcy nearly two months ago when the company I'm involved with -- Mania Entertainment -- stepped in to purchase the magazine.

As the former editor-in-chief of EON MAGAZINE and MOTHERSHIP.COM, I have been a fan of genre entertainment for years (contributing to such diverse publications as FANGORIA, iF MAGAZINE, SCR(i)PT and the now defunct SCI-FI UNIVERSE). Couple my experience with a solid staff composed of some of the best genre journalists out there and you get a site that looks to provide one-stop shopping for sci-fi news, reviews and features.

Now that we have the CINESCAPE brand, we've created a new design to act as more of a companion piece to the print publication. Before, you only were able to get news from CINESCAPE ONLINE, but now you'll be able to get more in-depth features, reviews and opinion. This doesn't mean that we've skimped on the news, however. Former INSIDER editor Frank Kurtz joins CINESCAPE once again as News Editor and will be providing the same coverage you came to expect from the website in past. We're listening to reader response and trying our best to reformat the news section to look as similar to the old site as possible. Most of the archival material is currently being sorted through and hopefully within a month we'll have most of the data back online (this includes the movie development slate feature).

Editor in Chief Anthony C. Ferrante sets up shop in the new Cinescape offices searching for publishing equipment that doesn't pre-date World War II

There are other great features that are part of the new CINESCAPE too. We've included a FanSpeak section that contains six of the best fansites on the web devoted to specific topics. They include Monster Zero (Godzilla), 007 Forever (Bond), Batman: Defender of Gotham, T-Bone's Star Wars Universe, X-Fan (X-Men) and The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex.

We also felt that many people have different interests, so we wanted to turn each section (NEWS, MOVIES, TV, GAMES, etc.) into its own unique area. While you can get a bigger overview from the home page, there's more to be found on the individual pages once you dig deeper into them.

Through this initial period (and beyond), we welcome all feedback (good and bad). This new site may be a bit different to some expecting to get just the news, but if you start to check everything out, I'm positive you won't be disappointed. This new CINESCAPE will allow us to cover more material on a regular basis and ensure that we get the best and most up-to-date scoops around.

As for the print version of the magazine there will be a one-issue gap, but then we'll be back on track (look for our first issue this fall).

Hopefully, I've answered many of your questions, if not, feel free to contact me through the feedback button down below.

Otherwise, welcome back to "the crossroads of genre entertainment." CINESCAPE is once again back online and ready to serve you.

Your "hyperbole enhanced" Editor In Chief

Anthony C. Ferrante



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