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CINESCAPE's Best Games of E3

We rank the best of the Electronic Entertainment Expo

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     June 04, 2002

Steel Battalion
© Capcom

Many people consider the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to be the event that gamers live for. For journalists, it's purely hell. It means running back and forth from different halls to try to make appointment times, all the while trying to see and get hands on time on the newest games. One good thing about the show is that we see the best, and worst, that gaming companies have to offer. So, now we present CINESCAPE's Best Games of E3.

Biggest Surprise: DAVE MIRRA PRO BMX XXX

Acclaim must've decided that Dave couldn't compete with Mat Hoffman, either that or they couldn't figure out anywhere new to take the series... except for straight into the toilet humor. DAVE MIRRA XXX features dogs that crap everywhere, kids that pee in the pool, sex jokes, nude riders, and tons of foul language. Heck, you can even collect coins to go the infamous strip club Scores and see video of real strippers. Our jaws were on the floor in the demo and we're sure that the Electronics Software Rating Board had a similar reaction. The biggest question about this game: will it be on, or behind, store shelves?


PC Game of the Show: DOOM III

The announcement of DOOM III got many people excited. Seeing the 11-minute presentation got many more people excited. Those people spreading the word got everyone at E3 excited. Activision showed the game in a small theater and there was a constant line on the floor to see the game. Simply put, DOOM III was one of the best-looking and scariest games on the showfloor. In some ways, it felt like an odd, but very good, mix of DOOM and RESIDENT EVIL. Even with us being giant STAR WARS fans, this one quickly jumped GALAXIES on our "PC most wanted" list.

Honorable Mention: STAR WARS GALAXIESM

PlayStation 2 Game of the Show: RED DEAD REVOLVER


Red Dead Revolver

is a spaghetti-western action game that just oozes with style points. The game has a very unique targeting system called "Revolver" that forces you to paint targets on enemies and then blast them. It's very cool and has great visuals and some of the catchiest game music we've heard in years; RED DEAD is looking to be a giant hit on the PS2.

Honorable Mention: RATCHET AND CLANK

GameCube Game of the Show: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

While I

Steel Battalion

for one don't care too much for the cel-shading graphics Nintendo opted with for the newest incarnation in THE LEGEND OF ZELDA series, there is no mistaking that this was the best looking GameCube game at the show. And that's a tough feat considering the tough opposition the game had; STAR FOX ADVENTURES, METROID PRIME, and MARIO SUNSHINE all looked and played great. But at the end, ZELDA stood above the others with its great control and beautiful graphics.


Game Boy Advance Game of the Show: METROID FUSION

What can

Steel Battalion controller

we say about this one? A new METROID game for the Game Boy Advance, done in the style of the older games for the Super Nintendo and Game Boy. METROID FUSION was the best looking Game Boy Advance game at the show, and Nintendo has improved upon the game since last year's Spaceworld. The game comes out November 18, so be prepared to either fight for this game or reserve it early, because it'll sell.

Honorable Mention: GOLDEN SUN 2: THE LOST AGE

Xbox Game of the Show: STEEL BATALLION

Any game

The Legend of Zelda

that uses it's own propriety controller is immediately on our "must see" list. STEEL BATALLION easily scaled up onto our "must own" list after just seeing a demo by the producer of the game. The 40-button, two-joystick controller/foot pedals totally blew us away. What other videogame has a specific button for windshield wipers, a dial for radio control, and a plastic cover over the escape button? But it wasn't just a controller demo, STEEL BATALLION also had some slick graphics, and the gameplay, while easy at this point, should be pretty tight by the time the game releases. Even with its high-price point, this game should sell well.


Overall Game of the Show: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

Well, since ZELDA was the best game of the GameCube lineup, and Nintendo really had the best lineup, it makes perfect sense for ZELDA to be the game of the show. Nothing against Microsoft or Sony, because they both had great lineups, but ZELDA was the best looking and best playing game at E3 this year. While it won't be out until about eight months from now (February 2003), THE LEGEND OF ZELDA is already the most anticipated game of next year. -TR

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA has always been a fantastic series. The GameCube game will only continue that tradition. The graphics are very stylish and you won't find anything like it anywhere else. Some of the effects in the game just look fantastic and of course, the classic gameplay remains intact. This was a tough call to make, for all of Nintendo's other titles made a really strong impression on me (as well as all the other games mentioned in this article), but ZELDA is probably what I am most excited about playing. - JS

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