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Clannad Movie Licensed, After Story To Be Dubbed

Anime distributor Sentai Filmworks announces spring 2011 plans

By Chris Beveridge     November 14, 2010
Source: AnimeOnDVD Forums

© Sentai Filmworks

Some Clannad news has come out this weekend via direct confirmation and the Sentai Filmworks panel at Izumicon. David Williams has informed fans that they will be doing a dub for Clannad After Story which will also feature an exchange program similar to what they've done before such as with the first season of Clannad. The plans are to bring this out in April of next year so we'll likely see information in another month on the release and then sometime afterward for the exchange itself. Sentai Filmworks has also announced that they've picked up the license for the Clannad movie which will be released bilingual right out of the gate in March of next year. David Williams will be doing the ADR directing with it along with Janice Williams. Sentai Filmworks recently announced their February slate of titles, just a week ago in fact, so it'll be around the beginning of December that we'll see information on their March plans.



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insaneben 11/14/2010 9:04:01 AM

YES! Finally!

METR0lD 11/14/2010 12:38:48 PM

About freaking time! Just knowing that After Story is officially being dubbed, has gained Sentai some major points from me. It took them long enough, but thank god they decided to follow through with it. Not only have they made a sale with me for Clannad After Story, but I will also buy more of their other dubbed titles as a direct result of this. When you do things to make fans happy, you reap the benefits across the board.

Hectotane 11/14/2010 8:34:22 PM

I'd rather respect a company that can dub anime 99% of the time, as oppose to 9% of the time.

And even then:  Something that's beautiful on the outside and horrible on the inside...

Whatever.  Sacred Blacksmith and Regios are coming in the spring.  Enjoy your CLANNAIDS.

OtakuGirl85 11/16/2010 6:52:38 PM

 Hope The Anime Network streams the dubb soon.



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