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gammenon 11/12/2013 9:50:29 AM

LOL..."That's classifed."  I saw that coming.

SeriousYelder 11/12/2013 11:28:55 PM

 Am I the only person no longer watching this show after the FZZZTTT episode?

Dazzler 11/13/2013 3:40:47 AM

Well they pulled two charaters from comics finally.  Sitwell and Victoria Hand.  Maybe they are starting to listen?  Hand is interesting since she started in bed with Osbourn.  Looks like Sitwell is in Cap A 2 also from images I searched.  And they are saying Thor 2 tie in for next week. 

lusiphur 11/13/2013 6:02:04 AM

Hopefully they keep their momentum going.  The past 4 episodes have gotten progressively better, with FZZT being the strongest yet, in my opinion.  So, SeriousYelder, I would hope you are.  I'm curious as to why you bailed after FZZT.  What was the straw that broke the camel's back?

makabriel 11/13/2013 8:39:24 AM

 Great.. I'm going to have to watch Thor2 again.  For the life of me I can't remember a staff being dropped somewhere..



TALIS 11/13/2013 11:23:25 AM

I am a fan of the avengers and of the marvel movies.... so I was excited to see this. But after watching 5 episodes, i'm sorry to say but this show is horrible. And honestly, I don't think I was expecting anything in particular, just a good tv show with some cool marvel tie ins. This feels more like a paranormal cop show. There is no drama, the comedy doesn't make me laugh. And some of the accents are so thick that I don't always follow what they are saying. I think this was targeting college or high school age which is totally fine, but I can't imagine that it will continue on a prime time spot. The older crowd likes modern family level humor and drama that actually feels like drama. I have yet to find one character interesting after 5 episodes. Sadly the only reason I like Clark Gregg's character is because I was more attached to his portrayal of agent Coulson in the movies than I am of the one in this show.  I have the show dvr'd but i'm not sure I can take much more. I wish that were not the case cause I was rooting for it.

Flyincloud 11/16/2013 2:18:23 PM

 Really trying to like this show, but i don't know.



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